Michael is Director of The Digital Humanities Institute. He has over 25 years of experience in developing, managing and delivering large collaborative research projects in the humanities and heritage subject domains. He was Principal Investigator on the following projects: Connecting Shakespeare (HEIF), Dewdrop (Jisc), Reinventing Local Public Libraries (HEIF), and Manuscripts Online (Jisc); Co-Investigator on the following projects: Intoxicants and Early Modernity (ESRC/AHRC), Linguistic DNA (AHRC), Beyond the Multiplex (AHRC) and Ways of Being in the Digital Age (ESRC); and has been the technical lead on a wide number of projects such as Digital Panopticon (AHRC).

Michael oversees the work of the DHI which includes:

  • Responsibility for the development and delivery of its research projects.
  • Initiating and developing research funding proposals.
  • Developing the DHI’s operations and strategic objectives.
  • Managing the DHI’s relationship with its clients and stakeholders.
  • Developing new relationships and business opportunities.
  • Representing the DHI nationally and internationally as well as within the University more widely.
  • Overseeing the online resources which the DHI hosts on behalf of its partners.

Michael serves as the main point of contact for project partners undertaking a collaboration with the DHI and he bears responsibility for the DHI’s commitments to its projects.

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