Beyond the Multiplex

Beyond the Multiplex is a three year project that seeks to understand how to enable a wider range of audiences to participate in a more diverse film culture.

The project is driven by fundamental belief in the cultural value of the moving image, and a desire to help to support our industry partners to develop sustainable, diverse audiences for films beyond the mainstream.btmheader

Provision of mainstream film is good across England; however, provision of specialised films is low across the English regions outside London, which limits the opportunities for people to experience a more diverse film culture.
The aim of the project is to understand how to enable a wider range of audiences to participate in a more diverse film culture that embraces the wealth of films beyond the mainstream; and how to optimise the cultural value of engaging with those less familiar films.

  • We will do this by investigating how audiences engage with and form around ‘specialised’ films in four English regions, the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, North West/Greater Manchester and the South West.
  • Audience formation is the way in which people’s individual engagement with film becomes a shared, wider experience.
  • Drawing on industry definitions, ‘specialised films’ are understood as films outside the mainstream, including small scale UK films, foreign language, documentary, archive and hard-to-pigeonhole films, and films with unconventional narratives, themes or cinematic techniques.

Achieving these aims requires an holistic approach that addresses the details of consumption and the opportunities to consume, namely the provision of film at a regional level, including online. The goal is both to advance scholarship and to provide concrete recommendations about how UK audience policies can be improved.

Duration: 2017 – 2020


Project Team

  • Prof. Bridgette Wessels (Principal Investigator – University of Glasgow)
  • Michael Pidd (Co-Investigator – The Digital Humanities Institute)
  • Dr David Forrest (Co-Investigator – University of Sheffield)
  • Prof. Andrew Higson (Co-Investigator – University of York)
  • Prof. Simeon Yates (Co-Investigator – University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Peter Merrington (Research Associate – University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Matthew Henchard (Research Associate – University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Nathan Townsend (Research Associate – University of York)
  • Dr Roderik Smits (Research Associate – University of York)
  • Katherine Rogers (Developer – The Digital Humanities Institute)
  • Jamie McLaughlin (Developer – The Digital Humanities Institute)
  • Helen Rana (Interviewer)
  • Dr Sarah Hargreaves (Interviewer)
  • Dr Rosie Shute (Interviewer)