Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Congress 2022

Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Congress 2022

Edited by Serena Dewar


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Dewar, Serena (Ed.). Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Congress 2022. Sheffield: The Digital Humanities Institute, 2023. Available online at: <>
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Deborah Leem, Julianne Nyhan and Antonis Bikakis. Decoding the Past: Leveraging Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Markup for Data Analysis in Early Modern Documents

Kajetan Mojsak. Digital “ATLAS of the HOLOCAUST LITERATURE”: topography of experience, experience of topography in Jewish Ghettos

Ian Styler. Using GIS to Illustrate and Understand the Influence of St Æthelthryth of Ely

Andrea Kocsis and Bernard Ogden. Uncertainty in Visualising Crowdsourced History: Mapping the Operation War Diary Data

Bartłomiej Szleszyński. How to Tell Scholarly Stories in Digital Environment Using Real Spaces? The Case Study of Postmodern Sienkiewicz Digital Collection at New Panorama of Polish Literature Platform and the Oblęgorek Palace

Seul Lee. Understanding the Intricacies of Academic Search Engines

Simon Mahony and Yaming Fu. Digital Humanities and the Library: Research Partners?

Bingjun Liu, Oliver Duke-Williams, Adam Crymble and Simon Mahony. Digital Initiatives in Online Service Delivery: Case Study of London Art Museums During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Dawn Kanter. Collecting and Connecting Portrait Sittings: A Re-Evaluation of Experiential Feedback in Enhancing Knowledge and Understanding of British Portraiture 1900-1960

Katherine Howells. Exploring Early British Photography and the Impact of the 1862 Fine Arts Copyright Act through the Application of Digital Methods of Analysis to Archival Catalogue Data

About the Publication

The Digital Humanities Congress was held in Sheffield from 8-10th September 2022. The conference was intended to promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas and techniques within the digital humanities and we had a varied programme comprising 45 international speakers from disciplines across the arts, humanities and heritage domains. This digital edition of the conference proceedings presents a selection of the papers.

The keynote speakers were: Professor Ruth Anhert (Professor of Literary History & Digital Humanities, Queen Mary University of London); Professor Marc Alexander (Professor of English Linguistics, University of Glasgow); Dr Nanna Bonde Thylstrup (Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media, Copenhagen Business School).

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