If you’ve found yourself here you’re probably interested in all things folk, or digital, or both…

This research project launched in November 2014, and officially drew to a close in February of 2018. But good research projects don’t just disappear… the Digital Folk report ended its formal existence with the launch of the Digital Folk Report—an industry-facing report intended to reveal useful findings for developers of digital resources and techniques—and the promise of a forthcoming academic book exploring what our broader findings reveal about the folk arts, the people who take part in them, and broader notions of tradition in the heavily-mediated, contemporary world.

Through this website you can get to know the project team, find out what we’ve been researching and why, and there are also some handy FAQs to explain some of the trickier aspects of the project.  Please let us know what you think on social media (you can find us on Facebook and Twitter), share the site and report with your friends, and look out for news of future publications and events.





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