London, British Library, Sloane 1009 (vol. 1)

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Repository: British Library
Idno:Sloane 1009 (vol. 1)
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvex
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect (ff. 1-48): Herefordshire, 'Language probably S Herefords'. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: not mapped (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 200).
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A late fifteenth-century manuscript containing Chaucer's Tale of Melibeus and miscellaneous religious texts perhaps suggesting 'a religious origin' (Seymour 1995, p. 145). Manly and Rickert suggest a date of 1477-1496 (1940, p. 517) with the later date determined by a reference on f. 57v.

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Physical Description
Support: Paper. Watermarks: 1. Licorne, near Briquet 9997 (1477-78) or 9998 (1477-81), ff. 2-48. 2. Licorne, near Briquet 10024 (1474-77), ff. 49-57. 3. Fragmentary (Char?), ff. 58-61.
Extent:290 mm x 200 mm
Collation: Unable to collate as each folio is mounted separately on modern paper. No catchwords survive. 'From contents and watermarks apparently: 18 (wants 1); 28; 312; 4-510; 610(wants 1); four leaves of uncertain structure, ff. 58r-61v. One leaf lost after quire 5' (Seymour 1995, p. 144). Five booklets: ff. 2r-16v, ff. 17r-28v, ff. 29r-48v, ff. 49r-57v, ff. 58r-61v.
Layout:Writing space of 220 x 140 mm. Single columns with 28-30 lines. Not ruled, margined in dry point. Trimmed unevenly and mounted on modern paper.
Writing: Scribe of ff. 2-57 copying between 1475-1496. Characteristics: Secretary script.
Decoration: Seymour notes of the decoration, 'none in ff. 17-28, 49-57. Other items variously and lightly rubricated by one hand (except ff. 58-61). The Chaucer item has an initial capital A, marginal names, paraph signs, and space-filling ampersand-like designs (also found in section 1) in red. Marginalia of other items in script ink.' (Seymour 1995, p. 145).
Binding: Modern. Nineteenth century.
Foliation:Foliation: triple: present ff. 2-43 (i = flyleaf) in older pencil and 41 in red ink (both nineteenth century).
Condition:First folio of Melibeus torn and stained and lower outer corner of every leaf gone; otherwise in good condition.
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Provenance:Among other scribbles on f. 28v are 'John Huntyndyne' [?] and 'J H' (fifteenth century); also 'R. Wermestr'' and 'John Wyalke'. On f. 57v is a short account (fifteenth century) of monies paid, usually 4 d., to 'the Coll' of Lodelowe', the 'Collec' of ames..[?]', '...Kenel[?]', 'S Anton'...', 'Thom Canterbur', '...Trinite et Tof...', 'the frers of Hereford', 'Tybsford', 'burton lasar'. On f. 57r is a very illiterate scribble (fifteenth century): 'I had of myele [?] ys wyeff ij boschele and pecc' of hot' and a wyekys bord.'. In a sixteenth-century hand is '[?]'.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003.
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