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Repository: British Library
Idno:Royal 12 G.iv
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Date and Language
Date:s. xiii with material added until s. xvin
Language: English
Dialect:Scribe 1 (ff. 179v-181v, 185r, 187r, 188v-199v; 187v possibly in this hand) - Scribal Dialect: Warwickshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 435 280, LP 1306 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 244). Scribe 2 (ff. 200r-201va) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe 3 (ff. 201vb-202vb) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe 4 (ff. 203r-204v, 206r, 211r) - Scribal Dialect: Warwickshire, Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 435 280, LP 1307. Scribe 5 (ff. 205r-v, 212r-v, 215r-v) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe 6 (ff. 209r-210v) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe 7 (ff. 217r, 220v) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe 8 (ff. 220v-221r) - Scribal Dialect: not analysed.
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A manuscript of medical texts and recipes made up of one original book written c. 1300 (items 2-4) with various medical texts added later. An inscription tells us that after the book was bought for St. Mary's Priory, Coventry it was added to by Brother John of Grenborough. Various medical texts were then added over the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. Two separate books of the Practica are bound together one beginning at f. 188v the other at f. 203r although the beginning of the second text is missing.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:325 x 210 mm
Collation: 14, 2-168, 177, 182, 19-2012, 218, 2212, 2310, 2412, rest doubtful.
Layout: Layout varies eg. Item 1: double columns, no pricking or ruling, each column 265 x 80 mm, 64 lines. Item 2: frame ruled in drypoint for 2 columns, each column 245 x c. 75 mm, 82 lines. Items 3 and 4 - layout as above. Items 7.1, 7.2: 2 columns, frame ruled in drypoint, very faint, each column 270 x 75 mm. Items 12: double columns, frame and lines in drypoint, columns 255 x c. 75 mm. Items 14: double columns, 260 x 75-80 mm.
Writing: Various cursives.
Decoration: Item 1: red paraphs, some words tinted red. Item 2: red paraphs, two-line blue initials with red penwork; eight-line red initials with mauve penwork (faded), three-line red initials with mauve penwork; initial letter A red and blue nine-line, with red patterned infill and blue dots; red incipits. Item 3: red paraphs red underlining. Item 7: two-line red initial begins text; each item first word underlined in red and capital tinted red. Item 7.1: two-line red initial A begins text; some capitals tinted red. Item 8: incipit underlined; red paraphs, some initials tinted red. Item 13: red underlining, red paraphs. Item 14: three-line blue initial P with red penwork, red paraphs, red tinted initials. Item 15: text initial - three-line blue initial with red penwork, blue and red paraphs, some initials tinted red;
Binding: Not medieval. Date: 1757. Size: 340 x 230 mm. Cover of burgundy leather with external decoration of a gold stamp and the date 1757.
Foliation:ff. 226
Additions:On f. 133v is the couplet 'A prest pomme beue nul homme A prest poire cheschun doit boire'. The flyleaves (ff. 223-226) are from a late thirteenth-century civil law MS, containing the end of lib. xvi and beginning of lib. xvii of the Digest. On other flyleaves (ff. 1-4) are copies of recipes found in the book. A recipe in the margin of f. 142v is assigned to 'magister Cardinalis'. At f. 42v is a draft of the beginning of a letter in French, 'A sa chere mere dame Ysabele Bockerel'.
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Provenance:The original part of the manuscript, items 2-4, was written c. 1300 and contains two early pledgings: 'Caucio, Iohannis de Hauerton scilicent lilium medicine prec. vii s. iiii d.' (f. 131v), and 'Caucio Iohannis de Merton (?)...exposita in cista Wyntoniensi (?) pro tribus...anno dom. mccc. vicesimo quinto...' (f. 133r). An inscription on f. 187v records that the book was bought by (Grandborough, East Warwickshire) infirmerer at St. Mary's, Coventry for over thirty years. It also states that he added various medical material in 'new sections' (in nouis quaternis) to the book. The inscription reads, 'Frater iohannes de grenborough per xxx annos et plus nuper infirmarius emebat istum librum vocatum gilbertinum ad vtilitatem infirmorum in ecclesia couentre existentiu, et ea que in nouis quaternis sunt scripta compilauit a practicis phisicorum anglie hibernie iudeorum saracenorum lumbardorum et salernita[no]rum et expendebat multa in medicis circa compilationem illarum medicinarum. Multa in nouis quaternis suprascripta per practicam sunt vera, set plures phisici nolunt approbare ea, quia multi illorum ignorant practicam se multa verba et vacua in ventum seminant'. A further inscription, naming is written at the beginning on f. 219r and reads, 'Subscriptas practicas medicinarum Preperte fuerunt in quodam quaterno accommodato ricardo [crosby] priori couentrie anno regni regis henrici VIti octauo' (1429-1430). On f. 186v, a note on the cure of '' (Birmingham). At f. 42v is a draft of the beginning of a letter in French, 'A sa chere mere dame '. Afterwards belonged to Henry Fowler (notes on ff. 5, 132, 188v, 201v, in his hand) and to John Theyer. Theyer sale catalogue no. 28; CMA 6594.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003.
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