San Marino, CA., Huntington Library, HM 126

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Country:United States
Settlement:San Marino, CA.
Repository:Huntington Library
Idno:HM 126
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Date and Language
Date:s. xivex
Dialect:Scribal Dialect: Gloucestershire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 377 204, LP 7060 (McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin 1986, p. 196).
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A late fourteenth-century copy of Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle.

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Physical Description
Extent:271 x 182 mm
Collation: '1-17 (8), 18(4) (-3; flyleaves)' (Dutschke 1989, p. 158). Catchwords: ff. 8v; 16v; 24v; 32v; 40v; 48v; 56v; 64v; 72v; 80v; 88v; 96v; 104v; 112v; 120v; 128v.
Layout:Single columns ruled for 40 lines.
Writing: One scribe writing in an Anglicana script. Characteristics: 8-shaped s in final position; almost flat topped t; double compartment/diamond shaped g; e with pointed head; double compartment a with rounded head in initial position; reversed circular e in final position; ; ?; cross-shaped ampersand. Body height: not ascertained.
Decoration: Initial page, f. 1r - three-sided bar border composed of a seven-line pink and blue initial E infilled with vines and leaves with corner roundels of vines and leaves extending along the top margin and along the left-hand margin. The left-hand corner carries a cluster of leaves which extend along the bottom margin into an elongated vine carrying alternate leaves with white dots and pen squiggles. Other textual divisions: five-line blue initials with extended red penwork extending into the left margin e.g. ff. 21v; 52v, Dutschke (1989, p. 158) refers to these as 'parted red and blue initials with void leaf infilling and flourished extensions'; two/three-line blue initials with red penwork flourishing.
Binding: Not medieval. Late seventeenth-century rebacked in 1974 (See Dutschke 1989, p. 158).
Foliation:ff. i + 136 + iii+i
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Provenance:F. 136r: birth notices of members of the family, 1550-1621. Back flyleaf i: in a sixteenth-century hand ''; 'Thomas Bannester'; 'Your Loueing Harlow of Rochester' and '' and again on back flyleaf iii 'by your Loueing and assured Edward harlowe Anno domini 1576'. Back flyleaf ii, in sixteenth-century hands: ' Genttellman dede borro this bok of Mr. alldermane of the Sette of Rochester 1573'. Bookplate of the Earls of Essex dated 1701 no longer extant.
Acquisition:Unknown when acquired by Henry E. Huntington.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003. Manuscript consulted on microfilm. Described with reference to Dutschke 1989. Owing to the Huntington Library's stipulations on the web publication of images, it has unfortunately not been possible to include images of this manuscript in the Catalogue.
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