Oxford, Bodleian Library, Tanner 201

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Repository: Bodleian Library
Idno:Tanner 201
AltName:SC 10027
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Date and Language
Date:s. xv2
Language: English
Dialect:Scribe of ff. 7r-86v and Scribe of ff. 87r-end: Scribal Dialect: Herefordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 350 240, LP 7391 (McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin 1986, p. 199).
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A late fifteenth-century manuscript of the Memoriale Credencium, a sophisticated manual of religious instruction, with shorter theological prose treatises.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:210 x 145 mm.
Collation: 16, ff. 1r-6v; 216, ff. 7r-22v, catchword; 316, ff. 23r-38v, catchword; 48, ff. 39r-46v, catchword; 58, ff. 47r-54v, catchword; 68, ff. 55r-62v, catchword; 78, ff. 63r-70v, catchword; 88, ff. 71r-78v, catchword; 98, ff. 79r-86v, catchword; 1010, ff. 87r-96v, catchword in large well-drawn scroll; 1110, ff. 97r-106v end of text; 128 (wants ii), ff. 107r-113v.
Layout:Pricking: Round holes visible on edge of fore edge, some cropped off. Writing space: Texts 1-3 - 160 x 100 mm. Text 4 - c. 150 x 100 mm. Columns: single. Lines: Texts 1-3 - c. 32 lines. Text 4 - c. 23/24. Ruling not visible.
Writing: Scribe 1 (ff. 2r-6r) writing in a small cursive hand. Characteristics: double compartment g; 2-shaped r; B-shaped w; double compartment a. Body height: 1 mm. Scribe 2 (ff. 7r-86r) writing in a cursive hand. Characteristics: B-shaped w; double compartment a; B-shaped s in final position; long s in medial position; 2-shaped r; double compartment g; hooked l, h; frequent use of ž. Body height: 2-3mm. Scribe 3 (ff. 87r-end) writing in a large Anglicana Formata hand with Textura influences. Characteristics: double compartment a; open B-shaped w with small feet at the top of the backstrokes; rounded s in initial and final position, in final position alternates with the B-shape variant; long s in medial and initial position; 2-shaped and short r used regularly with the short form also in final position; rounded open and closed 8-shaped g used regularly; rounded d with oblique upper stroke, with a variant terminating with a looped ascender; frequent use of ? and ž; descenders extend in otiose hairlines but not much below the line of writing. Body height: 2mm.
Decoration: Memoriale text only: illuminated initial for Memoriale credencium f. 7r. Four-line capital M in gold on a quartered ground of rose and blue with white line decoration. Sprays of feathering grow from the three corners sporting green tinted oval lobes with pairs of gold balls and terminating in a gold elongated cone with spikes and a green tinted 'feather'. Two-line blue initials with red pen-work flourishing forming a border. Three-line blue initials with red pen-work flourishing forming a border. Later drawings: Inside front cover on pastedown - crude drawing of a knight in armour and side view of leg of armour.
Binding: Medieval binding, 1450-1500. Size: 210 x 145 mm. Undecorated white leather, mitred and pasted on 5 mm thick oak boards with 10 mm bevelled edge, cushion bevel. Boards cut flush with quires. Original sewing. Six double thongs across the spine. Remains of two leather straps on fore edge attached by round headed 'proud' nails. Pewter catches remain on the back cover. Inside back board is visible.
Foliation:Modern pencil foliation replacing earlier erroneous foliation. Ff. 1-113. Really i + 105 + vii. i and i-vii are flyleaves. F. 113 (vii) is the back pastedown.
Additions:F. 1r - 6 lines of text c. fifteenth century. Very small hand c. 1mm. Short devotional tract regarding sin. F. 112r - 4 lines of Latin in ?two later hands.
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Provenance:F. 2r: '' written on top fore edge. F. 107r: wrote 'Iohannes Robinsonus me possidet' in a c. sixteenth/seventeenth-century hand. F. 107r: various inscriptions by - 'Thys ys Rycharde ____ ys boke', 'Thys ys Rychard Horne/ Boke ____' in a sixteenth-century hand.
Acquisition:For information on Tanner see Madan 1895, p. 81.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003. Script described by Orietta DaRold, University of Birmingham, June 2004. Manuscript consulted.
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Related Manuscripts and other documents Textual Other copies of the Memoriale credencium copied in similar scribal dialect are London, British Library, Sloane 1009 (unmapped but South Herefordshire), London, British Library, Harley 535, and London, British Library, Harley 2398 (area of Mitcheldean) (see Hanna 1989, p. 903).
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