Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 286

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Repository: Bodleian Library
Idno:Laud Misc. 286
AltName:SC 1151
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvin
Language: English
Dialect:McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin distinguish 7 hands but only analyse the dialect of 5. Scribe of ff. 2va-5vb - Scribal Dialect: Staffordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 406 330, LP 260 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, vol. 4, p. 237). Scribe of ff. 5vb-34vb - Scribal Dialect: Staffordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 407 338, LP 177. Scribe of ff. 35ra-36vb, 126ra-127va - Scribal Dialect: Derbyshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 418 387, LP 303. Scribe of ff. 36vb-125vb - Scribal Dialect: South Yorkshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: not given, LP 262. Scribe of ff. 38vb, 40ra - Scribal Dialect: not analysed. Scribe of ff. 127va-end - Scribal Dialect: Derbyshire (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, vol. 1, pp. 149-150).
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An early fifteenth-century manuscript containing Richard Rolle's English Psalter.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:340 x 240 mm
Collation: Catchwords: ff. 8v; 16v; 24v; 32v; 42v; 50v; 58v; 66v; 74v; 82v; 90v; 98v; 106v; 114v; 122v; 133v; 141v; 149v; 157v.
Layout:Pricking, where visible, of horizontal slits. Writing space of c. 255 x 90 mm with double columns and 42 lines. Frame and lines ruled in drypoint.
Writing: One scribe writing in black ink in an Anglicana hand. Characteristics: single compartment a in initial position; looped ascender on d; reversed circular e; single compartment g with pointed head; thorn; B-shaped final s. Body height: 2mm.
Decoration:F. 1r: three-line blue initial with red penwork flourishing. Other folios: three-line blue initials with red penwork extending into margins. One-line blue or red Lombardic initials. Latin underlining in red. Blue and red paraphs. Heraldic shields: f. 2v bottom margin: Bishop Laud's shield with bishop's hat on top. F. 161v: black cross with white fleur de lys on a shield that is white, shield surrounded by a wreath of gold/green leaves with flowers - a later addition? F. 17 v bottom margin: descender of g turns into a man's head with beard and red tinted hat.
Binding: Not medieval. Size: 360 x 255 mm. Cover of tan leather with blind tooled lines around edge and central gold stamped shield of Archbishop Laud. Five raised bands across the spine.
Foliation:ff. i (parchment flyleaf) + 164; f. 164 is a parchment flyleaf.
Additions:Heraldic illumination.
Condition:Good, but f. 2 shrunken and the first and last folios have wormholes.
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Provenance:First flyleaf, f. i, contains beginning of will of of Stone or Stoue, 1496. On the last page are the names 'Thomae peinton' and .
Acquisition:'Liber Guil: Laud Archiepi Cant: et Cancillar: Universit: Oxon 1638', f. 1r.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003.
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