The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, Sir Thomas Roe To [Dury]
Dating:2 July 1640
Ref:6/4/74A-B: 74B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p221) says to Dury.

[Dury's hand:]
 A Copie of Sir Thomas Rowes letter sent by Basin.
[scribal hand:]
The publique distractions & my privat troubles, haue so confounded mee, that I haue not gathered up my Spirits, nor had any rest in my thoughts. So that if I haue slowly answered your Letters, hauing written but once to you since my returne, you will excuse my impotencie, that I doe not what I desire. I will send you no part of our newes: for I know not where to beginne, nor where to ende. Ill men will spread ill newes fast enough; I would write you somewhat of publicque or privat comfort: But in the Last I cannot say much: for though I cannot disapprooue your Resolution to stay in Germanye, yet if you sawe our great neede at home, both of Civill & Spirituall peace, you would conclude with mee that all labour is lost abroade. And so many other distasts followe one another, that I see no man charitable to himselfe: & I feare there will bee very little extended to maintaine you as were requisite for the honnour of the worke. In this point I must referre you to Mr Harliebs information, & deliuer my opinion clearly, that untill wee settle at home, no man can thinke beyond himselfe; as when I haue the Gout, both my minde and my fingers are onely fixed upon the place of paine. All I can say is for myselfe, that I will not forsake you in any thing, wherein I may giue you constant testimonies, that I will euer bee.               Saint Martinslane 2. Iuly. 1640.
                                   Your most affection.
                                           Thomas Rowe.
[left margin, Dury?: P. S.]
Concerning that thought of seruing the Cure,
I confesse it is so humble, that there is in that more
sayd then proiect to helpe you, but it is not practicable
heere: & if I should moue it to his Grace hee
would not approoue it, but thinke very lowe of you.
I leaue it to your better consideration.