The Hartlib Papers


You can search the archive using the contents of the transcriptions, their dating and their titles. You can also choose to include or exclude collections.

All the text fields can also be searched using advanced syntax.

Phrase Search. Wrapping your search in quotation marks (") will allow you to search for phrases. For example, searching for "Tower of London" will return all documents where that phrase appears in its entirety.

Wild Cards. You can use an asterisk (*) and question mark (?) to search for words with alternate endings or variant spellings.

The question mark (?) can be used in place of a single unknown character. For example, a search for "t?nt" will return documents containing words such as "test", "text" and "tent".

The asterisk (*) can be used in place of any number of unknown characters, including zero. So, a search for "Oxford*" will return documents containing the words "Oxford", "Oxforde" and "Oxfordshire".

Both wild cards can be used in the middle of words, so a search for "bro*ge" would be allowed. Neither wild card can be used at the start of a word. For example, you cannot search for "*shire".


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