The Hartlib Papers

Title:Memorandum On Exiled Protestants In Dury'S Hand
Ref:15/7/16A-B: 16B BLANK

[Dury's hand:]
                A Memorandum
       Concerning the Collection to bee granted,
       for the relief of the distressed Protestants
             in Silesia, driuen out of Poland.
Concerning this Collection
It is humbly suggested that the Collection may not <it may not alone> bee intended alone for the exiled of Poland; but for other also who make <haue made> their application to his Highnes in the like case <manner> in Germanie: where the Papists haue in the Late warres, made it their <made it all along their great> designe to ruine the Churches & Seminaries of Religion among Protestants: which to uphold is a worke of no lesse Charitie then to relieue the exiled. upon this account those of Hanaw haue heretofore supplicated his Highnes by a letter which I haue presented unto his Highnes <him> at my arriuall: The Ecclesiasticall Senat of Hessen also haue <hath also> put the like supplication into my hand to intreat his Highnes for the like favour. Besides these I haue beene sollicited by those of Deux-ponts & of Anhalt for the like assistance to helpe them in Restoring their Seminaries; & if I can (by permission) giue them any hope; that their case will bee considered at such an occasion; I am assured that their Princes will appeare in the[altered from this?] request <busines> towards his Highnes. This kind of Charitie for <towards> the Seminaries of Religion will bee of great use <is of eminent use for posteritie> to uphold the Protestant Cause & spread the truth in those parts; & will redound more to the credit of our affaires amongst the Germane states; & to his Highnes reputation; & will bee more acceptable to God; then if an armie were sent ouer <to any of the Princes> to defend them: & the more freely it will appeare to bee <is> done[,?] the more it will bee <acceptable to God> commendable & praise worthy <amongst men> & obliging to them <who receiue it chiefly where by a small thing> & a small thing will bee a great relief in their occasions may bee relieued