The Hartlib Papers

Title:Title Page, In Hartlib'S Hand
Ref:15/1/5A-B: 5B BLANK

        The right teaching of
            Vseful knowledge
         to fit Scholars for some
            honest Profession.
Shewing so much skil as any man needeth (that is not a Teacher) in all knowledges in one Schoole in a shorter time in a more plain Way, and for much lesse expence that ever hath beene vsed, since of old the Arts were so taught in the Greeke and Roman Empire.
Dr Snel.
P. by W. du Gard and sold by Iohn Stephenson at the Signe of the Sun vpon Ludgate-hill.
                  1649.             in 8.    [d.?]
                                       [-0 -1 -0 -?]