The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extract In Hand A, [William Rand?] To Hartlib
Ref:39/2/107A-B: 107B BLANK
Notes:Copy in British Library, Sloane MSS 427, fol. 67.

<H: Dr Rand.>
     Extract of a letter from Holland, to Mr. Hartlib.
     I must entreate you that you will be pleased to enqvire of your Learned Correspondents in what Nation[altered] soever, as your[altered from the] Conveniences may prompt you, what they can make out, touching the nature of good or bad Angells and how they worke[altered] vpon Men whether they may be thought to passe into their bodies, with their breath, or by their[altered] pores into the Skin, or by the Eies with the Light, or whether they worke all which they are able to effect vpon Men as externall[altered] Agents only, Mr. Hobs his reason why they enter not the bodies of Men because their veins[altered from reins] are full of bloud also the Arteries & soe the nerves &c. prevailes not with me, admitting they are subtill bodies, for the spirits of wine & other inebriating Liqvors yea & some sollid things too that abound with Spirit doe manifestly mix[altered] themselves with the Spirits of those that take them in, so as to worke those changes wee see in the Witts & Minds of drunken[altered] Men[altered], whether[altered] wine[altered] drunkken[altered] or brood drunken[altered] as the Dutch Man sayes, which for[altered] a time doth make man to bee in as strong a takeing as if the devill should posses them, yea some are in such a takeing as it seems hard to conceive[altered] how they could be more Outragious & Extravagant, if a Legion or as your Countrymen[altered] are wont[altered] to say, a hundred thousand devills, kept Court & plaid Rex in their Bowells.
     I conceive <this> Enqviry of very great concernment to mankind as well worth your paines to touch vpon, if you also thinke[altered] fitt.