Materializing Sheffield

Materializing Sheffield: Place, Culture, Identity

Edited by Sharon MacDonald


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How has Sheffield’s cityscape been formed and what bearing does it have upon the ways in which the city is seen and experienced by those who live there or those who visit? Which of the city’s histories have been crystallised into material form – as buildings, museum objects, art works, or personal possessions – and which have not?

The aim of Materializing Sheffield is to explore Sheffield’s identity in relation to its material culture and physical presence. Materializing Sheffield explores the interrelationship between materiality and memory by looking at the ways in which histories and identities are variously remembered and forgotten, and the extent to which they can be retrieved through exploration of material remains. It also addresses the ways in which Sheffield’s material culture and cityscape are variously perceived and experienced by different social groups, and how this in turn may affect their identities and senses of belonging. Importantly, Materializing Sheffield also looks at how the city’s material culture might be re-presented and re-shaped in the future.

The current version has been prepared by Serena Dewar.

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Table of Contents

Ann Gosse

Sharon Macdonald

Part 1: Forging the cityscape
Sharon Macdonald

  1. Steel City: an Archaeology of Sheffield’s Industrial Past
    James Symonds
  2. Recreating Nineteenth Century Sheffield: The Sheffield Urban Study Project
    Peter Blundell Jones
  3. “Designer Shopping”: The development of the department store in nineteenth century Sheffield
    Jo Lintonbon
  4. Materialising the domestic interior. Sheffield’s nineteenth-century furniture industry
    Julie Banham
  5. A Filecutter’s Hammer from the Hawley Collection
    Joan Unwin

Part 2: Experiencing Place
Sharon Macdonald

  1. First Impressions: arriving and reading the City
    Bridgette Wessels
  2. Found Landscape, Sheffield Rivers
    Cathy Dee
  3. Commemorating Coal Mining in the Home: Material Culture and Domestic Space in Dodworth, South Yorkshire
    Cathrine Degnen
  4. Rwanda in Sheffield: the global/local distinctiveness of greenspace
    Clare Rishbeth
  5. Place and Identity: the view from environmental psychology
    Christopher Spencer

Part 3: Rebuilding, recycling, re-imagining…
Sharon Macdonald

  1. Cultural Regeneration for Local Residents? The Case of the Millennium Galleries and the Winter Garden
    Kirsten Holmes
  2. Materializing Identities Bricks coming out of the ground: Reconstructing Norfolk Park
    Simone Abram
  3. Sheffield Life & Times @ Weston Park Museum
    Kim Streets
  4. Weston park Museum Exhibitions and Projects
    Kim Streets
  5. Re-imagining the City of Sheffield
    Prue Chiles
  6. Appendix to “Re-imagining the City of Sheffield”
    Prue Chiles