Proceedings of the International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music

Proceedings of the International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music

R. Timmers, N. Dibben, Z. Eitan, R. Granot, T. Metcalfe, A. Schiavio, & V. Williamson (Eds.)


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Timmers, R., Dibben, N., Eitan, Z., Granot, R., Metcalfe, T., Schiavio, A., & Williamson, V. (Eds.). Proceedings of the International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music. Sheffield: The Digital Humanities Institute, 2015. Available online at: <>
Table of Contents

Introduction to the Proceedings of ICMEM 2015
Renee Timmers, Nicola Dibben, Zohar Eitan, Roni Granot, Tim Metcalfe, Andrea Schiavio, Victoria Williamson

Part 1: The multisensory basis of musical behavior

  1. The impact of idiopathic synaesthesia on musical abilities
    Solange Glasser
  2. An inter(en)active approach to musical agency and learning
    Andrea Schiavio, Fred Cummins
  3. The interaction of music and language in the ontogenesis of human communication: A multimodal parent-infant co-regulation system
    Martine Van Puyvelde, Fabia Franco

Part 2: Music and movement

  1. Assessing the contribution of different musical variables to the effect of background music on motor behaviour
    Tim Metcalfe
  2. Motor invariants in gestural responses to music
    Mats B. Küssner, Baptiste Caramiaux
  3. Music, doodles and the autonomic nervous system
    Beatrice Bretherton, Kia Ng, Luke Windsor, Roger Watt
  4. Action observation modulates both the desire to move and the perception of ‘groove’ while listening to percussive music
    Daniel Eaves, Emily Burridge, Noola Griffiths, Thomas Mcbain, Natalie Butcher
  5. Spatial representations of pitch: a comparison between pianists and flautists
    Shen Li, Renee Timmers

Part 3: New technology and multimedia

  1. Exploring the influence of cellists’ postural movements on musical expressivity
    Jocelyn Roze, Mitsuko Aramaki, Christophe Bourdin, Delphine Chadefaux, Marvin Dufrenne, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Thierry Voinier, Sølvi Ystad
  2. Inside-outside: 3D music through tissue conduction
    Ian Mckenzie, Peter Lennox, Bruce Wiggins
  3. Designing auditory-tactile perception of music
    Sebastian Merchel, M. Ercan Altinsoy
  4. The design of tactile musical devices for the deaf
    Robert Jack, Andrew Mcpherson, Tony Stockman
  5. The influence of image compression rate on perceived audio quality in music video-clips
    David Hammerschmidt, Clemens Wöllner
  6. Evaluating the cueing efficiency of sound icon designs in a multimodal system during acoustically chaotic events
    Tom Brophy, Flaithri Neff, Dónal Fitzpatrick, Ian Pitt, Chris Noonan, Tadhg Carroll

Part 4: Cross-modal associations in electroacoustic and contemporary music

  1. The effect of differing user interface presentation styles on audio mixing
    Josh Mycroft, Joshua. D. Reiss, Tony Stockman
  2. The effects of descriptive imagery on emotional responses to electroacoustic music
    Madeline Huberth, Ge Wang
  3. Cross-modality in multi-channel acousmatic music: the physical and virtual in music where there is ‘nothing to see’
    Adrian Moore
  4. Listen with your Eyes
    Damien Ricketson
  5. Types of interaction in the use of MotionComposer, a device that turns movement into sound
    Alicia Peñalba, María-José Valles, Elena Partesotti, Rosario Castañón, María-Ángeles Sevillano

Part 5: Theoretical perspectives on multimodal music

  1. Imagery in piano pedagogy: visualisation of musical texture in children’s cycle ‘Musical Toys’ by Sofia Gubaidulina
    Svetlana Rudenko
  2. Soundscape composition as a distinct music genre
    Zhiyong Deng, Jian Kang, Daiwei Wang
  3. ‘Song for Aberfan’ – A practice-led investigation of the interplay between musical performance, film and narrative
    Ben Eyes
  4. Hearing and visual complementation: a discussion of accent in Chinese opera
    Xuefeng Zhou
About the Publication

It is our pleasure to present to you the Proceedings of the International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music (ISBN 978-0-9571022-4-8), held from 23-25 March 2015 in Sheffield, UK. The conference was the first of its kind and brought together researchers from a diversity of disciplines with a shared interest in ways in which different modalities including vision, touch, hearing and kinematics interact when listening to, imagining, composing, editing or performing music.

The book was originally edited by R. Timmers, N. Dibben, Z. Eitan, R. Granot, T. Metcalfe, A. Schiavio, and V. Williamson. The current version has been prepared by Serena Dewar.

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