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The Formation of Film Audiences: Conference Proceedings

Edited by Lito Tsitsou, Helen Rana and Bridgette Wessels


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Tsitsou, L., Rana, H., and Wessels, B. The Formation of Film Audiences: Conference Proceedings. University of Sheffield: The Digital Humanities Institute, 2022. Available online at: <>
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The Formation of Film Audiences conference proceedings address many aspects that feature in the ways in which film audiences form. They are a selection of the papers presented at the final conference of the ‘Beyond the Multiplex: Audiences for specialised film in English regions’ project (BtM) in February 2021. The BtM project focused on the formation of film audiences for specialised and mainstream films, and examined: (1) how to enable a wider range of audiences to participate in a more diverse film culture that embraces the wealth of films beyond the mainstream; and (2) how to optimise the cultural value of engaging with specialised as well as mainstream films. BtM’s central research question was: How do audiences engage with, and form in diverse ways, around specialised and mainstream films? It sought to explore how audiences form around film in particular instances, as well as identifying some general patterns that occur in various places. The audience was at the heart of this inquiry and is therefore central to the papers in the Formation of Audiences conference proceedings. 

The principal output of the BtM project is the Film Audience Data Platform which can be accessed here:

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