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Search for a Place Name

This form allows you to search for any place name present in the database. You can also choose to include or exclude certain types of place name.

Search for a place name:

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Wildcards are supported. An asterisk (*) can be substituted for any part of the middle or end of a name. For example: "Oxf*d". Please note that you cannot use the asterisk as the first character of your search. For example: "*xford" is not supported.

  • Search Modern Names will include or exclude modern place names. These are usually place names as they appear on current OS maps (1:25,000 and / or 1:50,000).
  • Search Medieval Variant Names will include or exclude names of a churches, prebends or chapels as given in various medieval Taxatio manuscripts.
  • Search Taxatio Names will include or exclude names as given in the Record Commission 1802 edition of the Taxatio.
  • Search Other Names will include or exclude names from the database which are not the names of beneficed. For example, names of counties, archdeaconries, deaneries and dioceses.

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