A List of the Subscribers.[2]

A List of the Subscribers.
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William Lewis Le Grand, Esq;
Edward Lloyd, of the Inner-Temple, Esq;.
John Lethiullier, of Aldersbrook in Essex, Esq;,
William Lethiullier, Esq;.
Charles Longevile, Esq;.
Peter le Neve, Esq; Norroy King at Arms.
Mr. Thomas Langton, Merchant.
Mr. William Lamb.
Mr. Edward Lascells, of London, Salter.
Mr. John Langton, Merchant.
Narcissus Lutterell, of Little Chelsea, Esq;.
Edward Leigh, Esq;.
Francis Lewis, Esq; of Sandford-Hall.
The Hon. Robert Middleton, of Chirk-Castle, Denbigshire, Esq;.

SIr Peter Meyer, Kt.
John Manley, of London, Esq;.
Henry Mestermen, Esq;.
Mr. John Machin, Astronomy Professor in Gresham College, and Secretary to the Royal Society.
Mr. Nathaniel May.
Mr. Joseph Manning.
The Reverend Mr. John Maxwell.
Mr. Thomas Matthews, in Walbroke.
Manchester College, for the Library.
The Honourable Coll. John Mitchell.
D'Oyly Michell, Esq;.
Mr. George Mortlock, of London, Bookseller.
Mr. Benjamin Motte, Printer.
Mr. Hugh Meeres, Printer,
Reginald Marriot, Esq;.
Mr. William Mears, of London, Bookseller.

RIchard Noyes, Esq; of Trinity-House.
Mr. John Neal, Scarlett-Dyer.

JOhn Olmus, Esq;,
Herman Olmus, Esq;.
Mr. Isaac Olley, Clerk to theCity Works, in Shoreditch.
Mr. Christopher Oxley.
Mr. Thomas Oldfield.

THomas Palmer, of Fairfield in Somersetshire, Esq;.
Sir Charles Peers. Kt. and Alderman of London.
The Reverend Mr. Polhill, Vicar of Bishop Stortford.
Mr. James Pitts, Salter in Thames-Street.
Mr. Thomas Prime, Attorney at Law.
Mr. William Pettey, Surgeon.
Mr. Thomas Preston, Salter.
Mr. John Poddy, of Lime-house.
Mr. Edward Periam.
Mr. Edmund Pack, M.D.
Pembroke-Hall, in Cambridge for the Library.
Elias de Paz, Merchant.
Mr. John Paton, Bookseller in Edinburgh.
Edmund Prideaux, Esq;.
Mr. Thomas Pestell, Jeweller.
David Pugh, Esq;.

QUeen's College, in Oxford, for the Library.

THomas Reeve, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;.
William Rutty, M.D.
John Roberts, of Lincolns-Inn, Esq;.
John Rice, of Furnival's-Inn, Esq;.
Mr. Robert Rawlins, Draper.
Mr. Thomas Richardson, Apothecary.
Mr. Stephen Ram, of London, Goldsmith.
Mr. James Roberts, Printer.
Sir Robert Rich, Bart. of Sunning in the County of Berks.
Mr. John Richardson, of London Bookseller.
Thomas Robinson, of Pickering in Yorkshire, Esq;.
Moses Raper, of Thorley-Hall Hertfordshire, Esq;.

PHilip Sydenham, of Brimpton D'Every in Somersetshire, Bart.
Jacob Sawbridge, of Hackney, Esq;.
Temple Stanyan, Esq;.
Edmund Sawyer, of Lincolns-Inn, Esq;.
Sir Simeon Stuart, Bart.
Robert Slaney, of the Inner-Temple, Esq;.
The Honourable Edward Sutton, of Barbadoes, Esq;.
William Shaw, of St. James's-Street, Esq;.
William Stuart, D.D. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Exeter.
Mr. John Smart, of Guild-Hall.
Mr. Richard Symond, Oylman in Thames-Street.
Mr. Thomas Speed, of Exchange-Alley, Broker.
Mr. John Spackman in Lombard-Street.
Mr. Skinner, one of the City Attorneys.
Mr. Edward Strong.
Mr. John Stisted.
Mr. Joseph Studley, Attorney at Law.
Thomas Serjeant, Esq; of the Tower of London.
Mr. John Shipston.
Mr. William Sheppard.
Mr. William Snell, Attorney at Law in Queen's-Street.
John Sewell, Esq; at the Custom-House in Chester.
Mr. George Sayer, Surgeon.
Mr. Ralph Smith, Bookseller in London.
Mr. George Strahan, of London Bookseller.
Mr Edward Symon, of London Bookseller.
Mr. Joell Stephens, of London Bookseller.
Southerby, of Hatton-Gardon, Esq;.
Mr Richard Sare, of London, Bookseller.

NIcholas Trott, LL.D. Chief Judge of Carolina in the West Indies.
John Temple, Esq;.
Thomas Tanner, D.D. Chancellor of Norwich.
Andrew Tooke, A.M. Geom. Professor in Gresham College.
Capt. Edward Tysack.
William Tillard, Esq;.
Mr. William Tompson.
Mr. Christopher Tosepken, Merchant.
Mr. Richard Tyson, M.D.
Mr. Abraham Taylor.
Joseph Tailor, Esq;.
Mr. Jacob Tonson, of the Strand, Bookseller.
Mr. Jonathan Tailor, Bookseller in Whitchurch and Namptwich.
Henry Temple, Esq;.
Septem. Taylor, Esq;.

SImon Urlin, of the Middle-Temple, Esq; and Judge of the Sheriffs-Court in London.

THe Right Reverend Sir Jonathan Trelawney, Bart. Lord Bishop of Winchester.
Sir John Ward, Kt. and Alderman of London.
Sir Thomas Webster.
Thomas Woodford, Esq;.
Brown Willis, of Whaddon-Hall in the County of Berks, Esq;.
John Ward, of Hackney, Esq;.
Lee Warner, Esq;.
William Whitchurch, Esq;.
Edward Whitaker, Esq; Serjeant at Law.
Matthew Wymondesolde, Esq;.
Mr. Thomas Williams, Merchant.
Mr. Samuel Waters.
Mr. Broughton Wright, Merchant.
The Reverend Mr. Thomas Wroughton, A. M.
Mr. John Wingfield, of Limehouse.
Mr. John Winne, in Lemon-Street Goodman's Fields.
Mountague Wood, A M. Rector of St. Michael Royal.
Edward Waddington, D.D. Rector of Allhallows the Great, and Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty.
Mr. Jeremiah Woolley, Apothecary in Philpot-Lane.
Mr. John Ward, Rhetorick Professor in Gresham College.
Mr. Richard Wilkin, Bookseller in London.
Mrs. Watson, Bookseller in Bury.
Mr. Roger Warn, Bookseller in Chippenham, Wilts.
Mr. John Wyatt, Bookseller in London.
Mr. Thomas Wood, Printer.
Mr. Thomas Woodward, of London Bookseller.
Mr. Thomas Wotton, of London Bookseller.

WIlliam Young Esq; of Brynyorkin.