A LIST of the Subscribers Names.

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EDw. Alexander, Esq; Register to the Lord Bishop of London.
Anth. Allen of the Middle-Temple, Esq;.
Nath. Axtell of the Inner-Temple, Esq;.
The Reverend Mr. Matth. Audley, A. M.
Mr. James Alexander, Mercer in Covent Garden.
Simon Aris of the Inner-Temple, Esq;.

HEnry Beeston, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;.
Thomas Bacon, of Queen's-Square, Esq;.
John Bettesworth, LL.D. Dean of the Arches.
William Branthwait, Esq; Serjeant at Law.
The Reverend Theodorus Bolten, Minister of the Dutch Church in Austin Fryars.
John Du-Bois, Esq;.
Daniel Baker, of Pen in Buckinghamshire, Esq;.
William Beyer, of Richmond in Surrey, Esq;.
John Bains, of the Inner-Temple, Esq;.
John Bridges, Esq; Bencher of Lincoln's-Inn.
John Busby, Esq;.
Thomas Bennet, D.D. Vicar of St. Giles's Cripplegate.
Mr. J. Barham, Apothecary in Bishopsgate Street.
Mr. Edward Berry, Attorney in Milkstreet.
Dr. John Beale, of the College of Physicians.
Mr. Martin Bedwell.
Mr. Thomas Bridgwater.
Mr. Robert Burchall.
The Reverend Mr. James Barham.
Mr. William Besley, Attorney at Law.
Mr. J. Brotherton, and Mr. W. Meadows, Booksellers in London.
Mr. John Beresford, Bookbinder.
Mr. William Bryan, of Bury.
Mr. Button, Bookseller in Newcastle.
Mr. Boddington.
Samuel Buckley, Esq;.
Mr William Bowyer, Printer.
Mr. Daniel Brown, of London, Bookseller.
Mr. Jonah Bowyer, of London, Bookseller.
Mr. Christopher Bateman, of London, Bookseller.
Mr Arthur Bettesworth, of London, Bookseller.
Mr. Jerom Battely, of London, Bookseller.

THE Right Honourable James Craggs, Esq;. One of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State.
Sir Charles Cook, Kt. and Alderman of London.
Sir Thomas Clarges, Bart.
John Conyers, of Walthamstow in Essex, Esq;.
Sir Gerard Conyers, Kt. and Alderman of London.
Robert Chester, Esq;.
Nicholas Carey, of Hackney, Esq;.
Anthony Collins, Esq;.
Peter Courthope, of Danny in Sussex, Esq;.
Francis Colston, Esq;.
John Coddrington, Esq;.
Thomas Copleston, of Bowden in Devonshire, Esq;.
Thomas Chambers, of Hanworth in Middlesex, Esq;.
Gilbert Clarke, Esq;.
Johnshall Crosse, Esq;.
William Cocke, Esq;.
Mr. John Caswall, Merchant.
Mr. Richard Chase, Merchant.
Mr. Thomas Carpenter, Goldsmith.
Mr. Joseph Clark, of the Minories.
Mr. William Clayton, Bookseller in Manchester.
Anthony Cracherode, Esq;.
Mr. Timothy Child, of London Bookseller.
Robert Coulston, of Lincolns-Inn, Esq;.
Mr. Samuel Clarke, of London Bookseller.
Mr. Thomas Corbett, of London Bookseller.
Mr. Francis Clay, of London, Bookseller.

SIr Peter Delme, Kt. and Alderman of London.
Thomas Duncomb, of Middle-Temple, Esq;.
Mr. Edward Dawson.
Darnell, Esq; Serjeant at Law.
Mr. Richard Dawson.
Mr. John Dobbyns.
Mr. George Dottin, Druggist.
Mr. William Downing, Printer.
Mr. Ralph Davison, of London, Gent.

SIr John Evelyn, Bart.
John Ecton, Esq;.
John Ellis, of Pall-Mall, Esq;.

SIr John Fortescue Aland, Kt. one of his Majesties Justices of the Court of King's Bench.
Sir John Fellowes, Bar.
Sir Francis Forbes, Kt. and Alderman of London.
Richard Foley, Esq; Prothonotary of the Court of Common-Pleas.
John Fountain, of Melton in Norfok, Esq;.
The Reverend Mr. George Fage, Prebendary of Litchfield.
John Fleetwood, Esq;.
Mr. John de Fonvive, Gent.
Mr. Lawrence Fashions, of London, Gent.
Mr. Abraham Fowler, Goldsmith.

THE Right Honourable the Lord Guilford.
Roger Gale Esq;.
David Gansell, of Low-Leyton in Essex, Esq;.
Mr. Samuel Gale.
Charles Gostlin, Esq;.
William Gosselin, Esq;.
Robert Gray, Esq;.
Mr. Brampton Gorden, A. M.
The Reverend Mr. George Goodwin.
Mr. Fletcher Gyles, of London Bookseller.
Mr Robert Gosstlin, of London Bookseller.

THe Right Honourable the Lord Harley.
Charles Hyett, Esq;.
Humphrey Henchman, LL.D. Chancellor to the Lord Bishop of London.
Sir James How, Bart.
James Hunter, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;
Jeffery Hetherington, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;
Thomas Harris, Esq;.
James Herbert, Esq;.
Mr. Matthew Howard, of Hackney, Gent.
Thomas Hussey, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;.
Mr. Thomas Hudson.
Mr. John Heptinstall.
Mr. Robert Hinde.
Mr. Aaron Harrington.
Mr. John Hasel, Jun. of Ludgate-Hill.
Mr. Thomas Hayter, Merchant.
Mr. Ralph Harrison, Gent.
Mr. Robert Harper, of Lincoln's-Inn, Gent.
Mr. William Hinchliffe, of London Bookseller.
Mr. Francis Hillyard, Bookseller in York.
Mr. William Harrison, of Greenwich.

MR. Nicholas Jefferies of the Inner-Temple, Gent.
Benedict Ithell, of Temple-Dinsley in Hertford, Esq;.
Robert Jenkin, D.D. Master of St. John's College Cambridge.
Mr. Jacob Henrique Julian, Merchant.
Mr. Fisher Jackson, Merchant.
Messieurs William and John Innys, Booksellers.
Mr. Thomas Ilive, Printer.
Mr. Michael Johnson, Bookseller in Litchfeild.

ABel Kettleby, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;.
Mr. John Kellaway.

THe Right Rev. Father in God John Lord Bishop of London.
The Right Reverend Father in God Edmund Lord Bishop of Lincoln.
Dr. Henry Levett.