Chapters and Contents.xxxiv

Chapters and Contents.

Containing a particular Inspection into the Thirteen Wards on the East side of WALBROOKE.

The Contents of the Chapters of the Second Book.

CHAP. I. The Division of the City into Wards and Aldermanries. p. 1.

CHAP. II. PORTSOKEN Ward: the first Ward in the East Part. Knighten Guild. The Bounds. Trinity Church and Canons. St. Katharines. East Smithfield. The New Abby. The Minoress. Goodman's Fields. St. Botolph Aldgate. Benefactors. The modern State of the Ward. p. 3.

CHAP. III. TOWER STREET Ward. Towerhil. The Liberties of the Tower. Alhallows Barking. St. Olaves Hartstreet. Trinity House. St. Dunstans in the East. Wharfs and Keys. Custom House. The modern Estate of this Ward. p. 29.

CHAP. IV. ALDGATE Ward. The Priory of the Holy Trinity. Christ's Church, now St. James's. The Consecration thereof. Duke's Place. St Katharine Creechurch. St. Andrew Undershaft. St. Mary Axe. The House of the Crutched Friars. Two Fraternities of Dutch Men here founded. St. Katharine Coleman. Blanch Appleton. The present State of this Ward. p. 54.

CHAP. V. LIMESTREET Ward. The Bounds of it. The Manor of Leadenhal. Simon Eyre, a famous Citizen. The Bread Carts of Bow. St. Mary at Axe Parish. St. Augustine the Papey. The Parish of St. Augustine at the Wall. The present Estate of this Ward. p. 83.

CHAP. VI. BISHOPSGATE Ward. St. Botolph Church. A new Churchyard here. A Persian Merchant's Tomb. St. Mary of Bethlem. Fisher's Folly. St. Mary Spittle. Lolesworth or Spittle Fields. Urns found there; and other Strange Things. St. Ethelburgh. St. Helens Crosby Place. Sir Thomas Gresham's House. The modern State of the Ward. p. 90.

CHAP. VII. BROADSTREET Ward. The Bounds. Alhallow's the Wall. Paulet Place and Gardens. The Dutch Church St. Peter the Poor. Augustin Friars. Drapers Hall. St. Martin's Oteswich. Merchant Taylors Hall. St. Benet Fink. St. Anthonies. St. Bartholomew by the Exchange. St. Christophers. Kendrick of this Parish, his charitable last Will. The Modern State of this Ward. p. 109.

CHAP. VIII. CORNHILL Ward. The Market. The Standard. The Tun upon Corn- hill. The Conduit. The Royal Exchange. St. Peters Cornhill. The Antiquity of that Church. St. Michaels Cornhill. The Fripperers of Cornhill. The present State of this Ward. p. 133. CAAP. IX. LANGBORN Ward, and Fenny about. St. Gabriel Fenchurch. St. Dionys Backchurch. Alhallow's Grassechurch in Lombardstreet. St. Edmond the King. William de la Pole, the King's Merchant. The Bounds on the South. Alhallows Stanechurch. St. Nicolas Acon. St. Mary Woolnoth. The present State of this Ward. p. 151

CHAP. X. BELINGSGATE Ward. The Bounds thereof. A free Market for Fish here. St. Botolphs Church. St. Mary at Hill. The Corps of a Woman found whole, 170 Years after her Burial. St. Margaret Pattens. St. Andrew Hubbard. St. George Botolph-lane. The present State of this Ward. p. 165.

CHAP. XI. BRIDGE Ward within. St. Magnus. St. Margarets on Fishstreet Hill. St. Leonard Eastcheap. St. Benet Grassechurch. Grassechurch Market. The Fishmongers formerly two Companies. The Black Prince's House. The present State of this Ward. p. 174.

CHAP. XII. CANDLEWICKSTREET Ward. The Bounds thereof. Weavers Foreigners antiently in Candlewickstreet. St. Clement Eastcheap. St. Mary Abchurch. St. Michael Crooked-lane. Sir William Walworth's Story. The Arms of the City. St. Martins Orgars. St. Lawrence Poultney. Elizabeth Lucar qualified to a Wonder. The modern State of this Ward. p. 182.

CHAP. XIII. WALBROKE Ward. The Bounds. St. Swithen's Church. London Stone. Stocks Market. St. Mary Woolchurch. St. Stephen Walbrook. St. John's upon Walbrook. St. Mary Bothaw. Whether Henry Fitz Alwyn was buried there. The present State of this Ward. p. 191.

CHAP. XIV. DOWNGATE Ward. The Bounds. Tallowchandlers Hall. Skinners Hall. Inholders Hall. The Erber. The Steelyard: And the Merchants of the Hance. Alhallows the Great. Allhallows the Less. Cold Harbour. Merchant Taylors School in Suffolk-lane. The present State of this Ward. p. 201.