Catalogue of

Catalogue of Authors.

Parochial Aniquities. By Dr. White Kennet; now Lord Bishop of Peterborough.
Relation of the Entertainment of Q. Elizabeth at Kenelworth by the Earl of Leicester.
The Bowmans Glory.
Order of my Lord Maior, Aldermen and Sheriffs, for their Meeting and wearing their Apparel, &c.
City Records. A. B. C. &c.
Sermons of Tho. Lever, An. 1550.
K. Edward 6. Warrant Book. int. MSS. in Dom. Petrens. Lond. nuper reposit.
The Miroir.
Treatise of the Nobility of the Realm.
A full Acount of the Rise, Progress, and of the Proposal, for Widows of 30l. a Year for Subscription of an 100l. By Dr. Assheton.
The XII. Worshipful Companies. A MS. by W. Smith, Rouge Dragon.
Orders and Ordinances for St. Bartholomew's.
Political State.
Revenil, Clerk of the Grocers Comapny; His Account of the Debts of that Company. Pr. 1682.
Records in the Chapel of the Rolls.
English Voyages by Hackluit.
Brief Conceit of English Poesy.
Visitation Book, An.1634 in the Heralds Office.
Register of Scholars entred in Merchant-Taylors School. By Mr. Dugard Master.
Hall Bp. of Norwich, his Spittal Sermon.
Parish Clarks Guide. Pr. 1698.
Constitution of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen. Pr. 1708.
Record called Doomsday, in Saxon. sometime kept in Guildhal: Being a Register of the Laws of London; and of the Portgreves. Liber Statutor. Eccles. St. Pauli.
Chartæ Libertat. ejusd. Ecclesiæ.
Cities Advocate. Print. 1628.
Lex London.
Lib. St. Augustin. Papey.
Origines Anglican. by Dr. Innis.
Selden De Synedrijs.
Britannia Antiquis. by Samms. Book of Assize of Bread in Q. Elizabeth's Time by J. Powel, Clerk of the Market.
Laws and Orders for Bakers in Edw. IV. his Reign, MS. of Rob. Brook and Tho. West, Clerks of the Market.
Manley's Interpreter.
Rog. Aschams Schoolmaster.
Brief Discourse of the Customs of London. Pr. 1652.
Speculum de antiquis Legibus, Libertatibus. An antient MS. in the Chamber of Lond.
Rights and Liberties of Lond. Pr. 1682.
Royal Charter of Confirmation, &c. granted by K. Charles II. to the City of London.
Book of Pleadings, &c. upon the Quo Warranto. Pr. 1690
Brief Collection of History, by R. G. Parsons Three Conversions.
Hist. of Rich. III. by Buck.
Course and Practice of all juridical Proceedings in the Hustings. Print. 1647
An Historical Treatise of Cities and Burghs by Dr Brady.
Plea for the Commonalty of London. By Bellamy, Prin. 1644.
Foot out of the Snare by Joh. Gee.
Genealogical History of the House of Mordaunt.
Utopia. By Sir Tho. More, &c.