Epistle Dedicatory to the Third Edition. xi

Epistle Dedicatory to the Third Edition.

in more Maturity of Judgment, Gravity of Years, Experience and Person. And therefore the fitter for serious Employment in the States Affairs, by apt Correspondency of their Trust and Fidelity. Which Name of Dignity, declaring the most eminent Degree of Magistracy, as heretofore it hath, and still doth extend it self throughout all England, in Cities, Towns, and Corporations: and in some, the Alderman only is the Chief Commander. Even so is it much more Majestical here in the Supreme City of the whole Land, LONDON, the Metropolis of Great Britain, the Mother of Authentick Memory, the antient and modern Seat of our Kings; Yea, the very Chamber Royal for Majesty it self, and the open Haven for all Merchandize and Commerce, as being the rich Storehouse of Peace and Plenty.

In divers incorporate Towns Northward.

It shall be needless here to trouble your Honour, and the rest of my most worthy Masters, with Repetition of those Officers and Governors, that ruled this great City in those elder Times; because you shall find them sufficiently set down in their apt and distinct Places: until this higher Degree of Honour came to full Perfection; I mean the MAIORALTY, which some hold to be in King JOHN's Time; but most maintain and avouch it to be in the first Year of King Richard I. whose Virtue and Courage won him the Name of Coæur de Lion. From which gracious Beginning, it hath neither been mine, nor my most industrious and helpful Friends good Fortune, to rank down in formal Order, the successive Lines of the Sheriffs, Maiors and Aldermen, according to my former intended Purpose, concerning their Countries of Birth, the Parent or Father of whom they came, nor how many of them this most Honorable City it self then yield- ed; as challenging them to be her own native Children; and She both Mother to breed them in her own Bowels, and careful Nurse afterwards to bring them up.

For being a City Child my self, I hold it an Attribute of Credit for me to record it, though much more Honour to you (being of the same worthy Rank) to read it, and eternal Comfort to Posterity, to remember and acknowledge it: That this ancient, famous and renowned Mother City of London, never wanted, from Time to Time, honourable Sons of her own Bearing and Breeding, to undergo all Offices of Credit and Authority; yea, even to the Maioralty, from Father to Son in the Third Generation; and they to boast their Grandfathers, and great Grandfathers, born and bred in this worthy City; some to the Fourth, others to the Third, but many to the second Generation, as in the Repertory following, of Temporal Governors, will more at large appear. I forbear to speak of such as have been Aldermen and Sheriffs; First, the Fathers, then the Sons; yet neither of them living, to enjoy the Maioralties Dignity.

A perpetual Glory to London, to produce her own native Sons to be her Magistrates. Witness the Gerards, (one yet living) the Barnes, the Rowes, Branche, &c. The Barnhams, Father and Son.

As also, what fluent Plenty of Magistrates in the same high Office, the several Sheriffs of England have yielded, wherewith the said Discourse will more familiarly acquaint you.

Therefore beseech your Honour and Worships to allow this Survey of London your gracious Entertainment; and by your benign and bountiful Kindness thereto extended (considering what hath been said) give Life and Encouragement to your willing Servant, hereafter to present you with the whole Work, in more compleat Perfection;
By him that remaineth always ready at your Service, A. M.

A.M. His Epistle to the Fourth Edition, Ann. 1633. (which was in Folio) was much to the same tenor with this former; only the Dedication was to Ralph Freeman then Lord Maior, and Sir Edward Barkham, Sir Martin Lumley, Sir John Gore, Sir Hugh Hamersley, Sir Richard Dean, Sir James Cambel, Sir Robert Ducy, Sir George Whitmore, Sir Nicolas Rainton, Knights, and the rest of the Aldermen; and Edward Littleton, Recorder.