STOW'S Epistle Dedicatory. ix

STOW'S Epistle Dedicatory.
Mr. STOW's own Epistle Dedicatory to the First Edition of his SURVEY of London, omitted in the After-Editions, restored.

To the Right Honorable, the Lord Maior of the City of LONDON, to the Communalty, and Citizens of the same, JOHN STOW Citizen wisheth long Health and Felicity.

SINCE the first publishing of the Perambulation of KENT by that learned Gentleman Mr. Will. Lambard, Esq; I have heard of sundry other able Persons to have (according to the desire of that Author) assayed to do somewhat for the particular Shires and Counties, where they were born, or dwelt; Of which none that I know (saving Mr. Morden for the Counties of Middlesex and Hertford) have vouchsafed their Labours to the common good in that Behalf. And therefore concurring with the first, in the same Desire to have drawn together such special Descriptions of each Place, as might not only make up an whole Body of the English Chronographie * amongst our selves; but also might give Occasion and Courage to Mr. Camden to increase and beautify his singular Work of the whole, to the View of the Learned that be abroad;

STOW's Epistle to his Second Edition is the same; excepting only the Dedication, being to ROBERT LEE Maior, and the Commonalty, &c. And a short Addition in the last Paragraph, which ran thus; "I confess I lacked by Desire to the Accomplishment of some special Parts, which some others of better Ability promised to perform. But as I then promised, have since out of mine old Storehouse added to this Work many rare Notes of Antiquity, as may appear to the Reader, Which I do afford in all Duty, and recommend to your View, &c."

I have attempted the Discovery of London, my native Soil and Country, at the Desire and Persuasion of some, my good Friends; as well because I have seen sundry Antiquities my self touching that Place, as also for that through Search of Records to other Purposes, divers written Helps are come to my Hands, which few others have fortuned to meet withal. It is a Service that most agreeth with my professed Travails. It is a Duty that I willingly owe to my native Mother and Country: and an Office that of right I hold my self bound in Love to bestow upon the Politick Body and Members of the same.

What LONDON hath been of antient Time, Men may here see; as what it is now every Man doth behold. I know that the Argument, being of the chief and principal City of the Land, required the Pen of some excellent Artizan: but fearing that none would attempt, and finish it, as few have assayed any, I chose rather (among other my Labours) to handle it after my plain manner, than to leave it unperformed.

Touching the Dedication, I am not doubtful where to seek my Patron, since you be a Politick Estate of the City; as the Walls and Buildings be the Material Parts of the same. To you therefore do I address this my whole Labour, as well that by your Authority I may be protected, as warranted by your own Skill and Understanding of that which I have written. I confess that I lacked my desire to the Accomplishment of some special Parts: but I trust hereafter that shall be supplyed; and I profess (if more touching this Work come unto me) to afford it in all Duty. In the mean time I recommend this to your View, my Labours to your Consideration, and my self to your Service (as I have professed during Life) in this or any other.