The Preface. viij

The Preface.

to the New View of London; Printed about the Year 1708.

And now after all this Account which I have given of my Pains and best Industry in this great Work, I am sensible in a such spacious Field as this is to walk in, some Things may be omitted; and Room will be left for knowing and curious Citizens to make their Insertions. So that I must use some such Apology for my self, as a very industrious and learned Antiquarian (and Contemporary with our Author) did, for a laborious Work which he set forth in the Beginning of the last Age; and may assume hs very Words, "Thus I have by the Favour of God, brought this Treatise to an End. Wherein if any Things have escaped me unseen, I do not greatly marvel, when I look back and behold the Variety and Multitude of the Matter that I have past through. And it shall not be hard for him that meeteth with such Estrays, to take and lodge them in their right Titles herein. Again, if it shall be thought I have heaped up too many Conceits, borrowed out of others Writings, I make Answer, that I have omitted many; and have made the best Choice that I could."

Eirenarcha, By Will. Lambard of Linc. Jnn. Print. 1602.

And thus, thanking God that hath continued my Life to finish this great Task; and committing all good Citizens, and Natives of this famous City to God's Grace; and wishing and praying, that they may be Ornaments and Blessings to it; and that it may flourish still more and more in Honour, Wealth, Peace, Concord, the Favour of its Princes, and especially in true Religion and Virtue, I end. Dated from Low Leyton in the County of Essex this 16th Day of April, 1720.