The City of WESTMINSTER.92


Edw. Sanger. May 12, 1693. And Francis his Son. Aug. 11, 1693.

Alexander Boshier. Dec. 20, 1679.

North Side.

Besides Katharin Sutton, and Elizabeth Franklin, mention'd before, Walter Roberry, dyed Sept. 29, 1680. Margery his Wife, Mar. 11, 1684. And Mary the Wife of Walter Rowbery, Son of Walter and Margerie, Nov. 20, 1700.

Joannes Clendon, de Parochia S. Martini in Campis, hic situs est, simul cum Maria filia, geminarum una. Quam ille heu! nimium adeo adamavit, ut vel morte eam amore prosecutus est: Illâ 7mo Augusti moriente, illo decimo 1665. Unicum in vivis reliquit filium, filiasq; quatuor, Patris chariss. Sublationem condolere.

On the Wall.

Besides Frances Smith, and William Painter, above mentioned, John Freeman, Apr. 23, 1660. And Edward his Son, 1653.

Elizabeth Brew, Wife of William Brew, Apr. 9, 1670, after she had added great Patience to other Christian Vertues.

Katharine Angel, Wife of David, June 22, 1667.

Eliz. Hanbury, Jan. 10, 1700/1. With her Husband Philip, and 5 Children.

Samuel Eales, July 28, 1700.

Within Iron Rails. Elizab. Browne, one of the Daughters and Coheirs of Tho. Browne, of Walcot in the County of Northampton, Bart. Departed Oct. 8, 1689.

Tho. Burman, Sculptor, of St. Martins, Mar. 17, 1673/4.

Christian the Wife of Tho. Dutton, Apr. 25, 1702.

South Side.

Hic jacet Gulielmus Turner, de Civitate Eboracensi, Generosus. Qui è vita migravit 14 Januarii, A. Dom. 1679. R. I. Q.

Three Son and two Daughters of Tho. and Anne Cherret, 1686.

Basil Wood, Gent. Jan. 6, 1696.

Mary, Wife of Nic. Strubridge, Dec. 11, 1689.

Anna Uxor charissima & fidelissima Francisci Colley Generosi; neq; non pientissima Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ filia. Ob. 21 Apr. 1692. Hic etiam deinde requiescit idem Franciscus Colley, inopinatâ ab amicis morte ablatus lugentibus antecessit, Aug. 1, 1692.

Upon a Gravestone on the North Side of the Chancel.

Here lyeth the Body of Essex Cheek, eldest Daughter of Thomas Cheek * of Purgo in the County of Essex, Esq. She departed this Life May the 20. 1709.

*He was a Descendant of Sir Joh. Cheek, Kt. Schoolmaster, and after Secretary to K. Edw. 6.

A Stone at the South Side of the Communion Rails, over Anne Kinnesley, late Wife of Joh. Kinnesley of Badger in the County of Salop, Esq; May 27, 1709.

A mural Monument in the North Ile.

In Memory of Elizabeth Wilks, late Wife of Rob. Wilks of this Parish, Gent.

The Purity of her Mind, (which appeared in all the Duties of a vertuous Life) made her a good Wife, Daughter, Mother, and Friend. Her Affection was like her Piety, constant and unfeigned to her last Moment.

In Memory of her Vertues, this was erected by her Husband. She dyed 21 Mar. 1713, in the 42. Year of her Age.

Another Gravestone in the Middle Ile, for Mrs. Mary Widdrington. Jan. 14, 1711.

Another over Grace Davis, and Anne her Daughter.

In a Vault in the Church-yard is interred Nathaniel Edwards of Furnival's Inn. Departed 18 Febr. 1711.

Upon a raised Tomb in the Church-yard, an Inscription for Captain William Thompson of Wetherby in the County of York. Departed Feb. 18, 1678. Aged 67. And Mrs. Olynda Thomson, his Wife. Apr. 5, 1702. Aged 74.

Another Tomb for Richard Baroy and Margaret his Wife, who lived in Wedlock above 55 Years. He departed the 19. Mar. 1696/7, in the 81st Year of his Age. She Nov. 22, 1704, in the 90th Year of her Age.

Under a Gravestone in the same Church-yard, Basil Wood, Gent. Jan. 6, 1696.

At the upper End of the larger South-west Enclosure.

M.S. Within this Vault lyes the Body of Rich. Petty of the County of Bedford, Esq; He married Elizab. of Tho. Moody, Jun. By whom he had Issue 6 Sons and 5 Daughters. Eight he buried with her, &c. Dyed 29 Apr. MDCCXI. In the 67th Year of his Age.

There is a Table hanging up in the Vestry of this Church of Covent Garden; Being Part of a Will of William Shelton of St. Giles's in the Fields. Dated 1. July, 1672.

Wherein he devised all his Houses, Tenements, &c. in Parker's Lane in the County of Middelsex, to the Minister and Church-wardens of St. Giles, for the Time being; and to their Successors, upon this Trust, viz Out of the Rents of the same to lay out 15l yearly, upon Michaelmas-day, for buying twenty Gowns, for twenty old Men and Women of the same Parish; 7l. 10s. for buying ten Gowns for ten poor Men and Women of St. Martins in the Fields: 3l. 15s. for buying five Gowns for five poor old Men and Women of St. Paul's Covent Garden. Also, for ever to hire and provide a fit Schoolmaster to teach School in the School and Room he hath appointed, now used in Parker's Lane, fifty Children of the poorest Sort. Thirty five to be of the Parish of St. Giles's; ten of the Parish of St. Martin's; five of Covent Garden: And out of the said Rent to pay and give to the said Schoolmaster yearly 20l. And to buy him a Gown yearly at 20s. Value, provided he wear the same. And also a Coat yearly, for every one of the said fifty Scholars, of the Value of 6s. And to provide yearly in the Summer, two Chaldron of Coals, for a Fire for the said Children in Winter. All the foresaid Coats and Gowns to be of a Green Colour, &c. The Surplusage of all the said Rents, to be employ'd to the binding forth of some of the said Scholars Apprentices, &c. With Respect that if there shall chance to be any of my Kindred or Relation to me or my Wife, the same to be preferred.

Besides all the former Interrments in this Parish of St. Paul's Covent Garden, I add one more of late, of great Remark, and a little Wonder. It was the Corps of Marmaduke Conwey, Esq; buried here Dec. 23, 1717; who dyed at the Age of 108, and some Months. He had been ever in the Service of the Royal Family, from the three last Months of the Reign of King James the First, to his dying Day. He attended at the Coronation of King Charles the First, in a Military Employment, and bore Arms for the King during the whole Civil War. In which his Father and himself lost an Estate of a Thousand Pounds a Year. After the Restauration he had several

Marmaduke Conwey, 108 Years of Age.