Covent Garden Parish. Monuments.91

Covent Garden Parish. Monuments.

Vir tuus infelix viduus te Conjuge casta:     
Infelix seboles, cui pia mater eras.
Juno puerperium passæ tibi sæpe ferebat,     
Octavum pariens, mens sine labe, cadis.

On the West Side of the Monument:

O Passer by.
Thou, thou must dy,
As well as I.
My Soul's at rest,
But thine's opprest:
My State is best.     
Then let thy Care and Pleasure be,     
To serve thy God, and rest with me.

In the Church-yard West.

Martha Tatnal, Widow of R. Tatnal, 1687/8.

Captain William Thomson of Wetherly in the County of York, Feb. 18, 1687/8. And Olinda Thomson, his Wife, of the Parish of St. James, 1702, Apr. 5.

William Heatherly, Son of Samuel and Faith Heatherly, dyed Nov. 2, 1689. Aged 6 Years and 10 Months.

What Vertue was there lodg'd in this small World?
Whose Soul grew faster than his Body could.
O! happy Growth, that on so short a Time,
This earthly Blossom thus to Heav'n could clime.

Richard Rawbone, Mar. 19, 1696/7. Aged 81.

Jane Bickerstaff, of pious Memory, Wife of John Bickerstaff, Dec. 24, 1684. And John her said Husband, July 18, 1685.

Frances Whittock, Wife of Joseph Whittock, Gent. Jan. 10, 1697/8. All these on the right Hand, entering the West Door. These that follow, all Altar Monuments on the Left.

Seven Children of John Brown, and Mary his Wife, of this Parish. And John Brown the Father, Nov. 19. 1701.

John Minchin, Aug. 1, 1681, and Mary his Wife, Nov. 11, 1659. And Dr. John Minchin, their eldest Son, Apr. 23, 1700.

John Stacy, Son of Thomas Stacy of Cokain Hatley of Cambridgeshire, Gent. Oct. 5, 1673. Aged 72.

Tho. Blake, and Ellen his Wife, of Easen Townhouse in Hampshire.

A Monument this inscribed:

I follow daily, &c. To whose Memory, Peter Sayer dedicateth this Tomb, October, 1695. So, Reader, thou seest,
'Tis not a single Corps alone doth ly
Under this Stone, but a whole Family.
Let them have Rest for all Eternity.

Alcibiades Morelli, Son of Dr. Henry Morelli, March 30, 1697.

Elizabeth Holmes, Wife of Ellis Holmes, and Daughter of Will. Westrope, Esq; of Brompton in Yorkshire, Mar. 14, 1672.

Then the Monument of Elinor Maplesden, taken Notice of before.

Edmund Pele, May 11, 1682. Will. Peel, his Father, 1678. Aged 80.

Upon a Stone in the Passage to the Church, at the West Door.

Good Friend, for Jesus Sake, forbear,
To dig the Dust enclosed here.
Blest be the Man that spares these Stones,
And curst he be that moves my Bones.

Virginea optima vita, E. C. Aged 21 Years. Ob. Feb. 18, 1700.

Elizabeth Hanbury, 1701/2. And her Husband Philip Hanbury.

In the Portico at the East End.

On the Wall.

Requiem. per omnes ferè Europæ Regiones diu sed frustra quæsitam, tandem heic invenit, Nov. 28, 1678. Archibaldus Aerskinus, Scotus P.M. Ludovic. Burnet, Amicus & Popularis.

On the Ground.

The Body of Mr. Tho. Stacey, late Curate Assistant of this Parish. Departed 28 Febr. 1690. Aged 44.

Here also ly interred on the North and South Sides, under Altar Monuments, or flat or upright Stones inscribed, or near Memorials of them against the Walls, many more, viz.

North-west End.

Will. Long: Dyed 1661. Mary Long his Wife, 1673. Born between them 24 Children.

Tho. Revel July 20, 1692.

Sydney, Daughter of Will. Calow and Syney his Wife, Apr. 29, 1696. And William the only Son, 1696.

Tho. Rugg, March 13, 1669.

Margaret Caldwel, Daughter of Andrew Caldwel, Apr. 21, 1661. Aged 21. Also his Daughter Elizabeth, married to Rob. Selbey. Dyed Oct. 26, 1666. And also 5 Grandchildren of the said Elizabeth. Also Margaret Caldwel his Wife, Mar. 7, 1668. And Alice his second Wife, May 16, 1678.

Jehova dedit, Jehova recepit, sit nomen Jehovæ benedictum.

Andrew Caldwel, Gent. Ob. Jan. 26, 1687/8. Aged 78.

Tho. Balis of Broadway in Worcestershire, Gent. Apr. 28, 1677.

Lydia, late Wife of Edw. Curle, Mar. 14, 1684.

Samuel and William Cunningham, Children of Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct. 20 1696. Aged 5 Days.

Life's Taper thou present'st to me:
Death's Emblem I present to thee, &c.

Mary, Wife of Francis Creswel. May 22, 1693.

Margery, late Wife of Rob. Alleayn. Oct. 18, 1695.

Anne, the Wife of John Wykes. Jan. 17, 1682.

And the said John Wykes.

George Brede. Dec. 27, 1697.

Isabel Paswater. Aug. 2, 1693.

Elizabeth Lisseman, 1694. Mary Kinton, 1695.

John Bancroft. Rebeca, Edward, and Isabel Bancroft.

South-west End.

Charles Morgan, Grocer to their Majesties. July 26, 1682. And Sarah his Wife, January following.

Charles Dronfield, and Mary his Wife.

Peter Guerin, 1680.

Mary Hodges, Widow, Nov. 6, 1694. George Alexander, her first Husband. And also Dan. Hodges, her second Husband.

Tacy Moody, 1683/4. And Tho. Moody, Senior, her Husband, 1686.

Dorothy Rutter, Wife of Ralph Rutter. Dyed Apr. 27, 1679.

William Noble. Mar. 15, 1700.

William, Son of James and Mary Bush; Servant to the L. Andover, Earl of Barkshire. May 30, 1670.

George Negus. Apr. 9, 1686.

Michael Fuller. Nov. 3, 1686.