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The City of WESTMINSTER.90


his Hand, his Crown and Scepter lying by, with an Inscription.

M.S. Sanctissimi Regi & Martyris CAROLI Anno Sal. humanæ 1648. Siste,Viator, Luge, obmutesce, mirare, memento CAROLI illius nominis pariter & Pietatis insignissimæ PRIMI Magnæ Britanniæ Regis. Qui Rebellium per fidia primo deceptus, dein perfidorum rabie perculsus inconcussus tamen legum & Fidei Defensor, Schismaticorum Tyrannidi succubuit, Anno
Servitutis nostræ }
Felicitatis suæ } primo.

Corona terrestri spoliatus, c┼ôlesti donatus. Sileant autem perituræ Tabellæ Perlege Reliquias, verè Sacras, Carolinas. In queis sui Mnenosynen, ære perenniorem, vivacius exprimit     
Illa, Illa Eicon Basilice

M. S.
Richard Delves, Esq; (Son of George Delves; which George was Son of Henry Delves, Esq; and Brother unto Sir Tho. Delves of Doddington in the County of Chester, Kt. and Bart.) Born the 30. of Aug. 1624. and dyed the 5. of Apr. 1670. By his first Wife Elizabeth, Daughter of Tho. Holbech of Cosel in Warwickshire, he had 2 Sons and 2 Daughters: Of which, only Elizabeth now surviveth. By his second Wife Elizabeth, Daughter of Reginald, second Son of Peter Corbet of Edgemond in the County of Salop, Esq; he had 2 Daughters, Honora, who lies buried with him, and Mary now living. The said Elizabeth, (at whose Charge this Monument was erected) being with Child at the Death of her Husband, was, on the 22. of June following, delivered of a Son, named Henry, now surviving, An. 1670.

Sir John Baber, Kt. 1658. Elizabeth Baber his first Wife, Daughter of Sir John Richards, Kt. 1652. And Elizabeth their Daughter, 1691 And Mary Baber, eldest Daughter of Will. Baber, Esq;

Against the West Wall.

Sir Tho. Smith of Hough in Cheshire, dyed Apr. 5. 1688. Who bore the Misfortunes of the Civil War, by adhereing to the Royal Interest of K. Charles I. with Christian Fortitude. Aged 78.

Dame Mary his Wife, Daughter of Sir Hugh Smith of Long Ashton, near Bristol, in the County of Somerset, Kt. who bore her Husband 8 Sons and 14 Daughters. She finished her Course the 2d of February, 1664/5. Aged 67.

This Monument (appointed by the Will of the deceased) but omitted hitherto by the Neglect of their Trustees, is now erected by the pious Care of his two Daughters Anne, (Wife of Peter Wilbraham, Esq;) and Lettice (Wife of Will. Jackson, Dr. in Physick) his Executrices, in January 1690/1

In the Body of the Church.

Maria Norbourne de Calne in Agro Wilton, Vidua cum ipsius Filio Johann. Norbourne, Arm. natu secundo, hic miscens cineres. Obiit illa, Augusti nono, 1689. Ille mense Febr. 1681. Ad pedes hujus marmoris jacet Gualterus Norbourne, Arm. prædict Mariæ Filius natu maximus. Qui fato suo cessit Sept. 1684. Anno ætatis 29.

Richard Bently, 20. of June, 1697. And Katharine his Wife, and two Children, Daubeny and Thomas, (mournful Examples of this frail Life) successively within three Years after him.

Mary Hooper, third Daughter of Edward Hooper of Hurn Court in the County of Southampton, Esq; March 30. 1696.

With her lie interrred two Daughters of Catharine her eldest Sister, by John Venables of Woodcot in Hampshire, Esq; Mary and Elizabeth Venables.

Elizabeth and Philip, and other Children of Philip her second Sister, by Mr. John Martin of Covent Garden.

The religious and vertuous Elizabeth Effington, formerly the Wife of Thomas Williams of the City of Gloucester, Esq; dyed 1. of Aug. 1684, in the 53d Year of her Age.

John Morris, 1695. Anthony Morris, 1702.

Priscilla Dumoulin, July 18, 1687. Aged 69.

Henry Negus, Jan. 18. 1687.

Mary, the Wife of Gilbert Pepper, Novemb. 20. 1694.

John Negus, Decemb. 18. 1695.

Cecilia Leigh, Daughter to Peter Leigh, Jan 25. 1694. And Peter Leigh, Feb. 8. 1698.

Richard Terrick of Clayton Griffith in the County of Stafford, Esq; March 2. 1687. And Thomasin his Wife, Feb. 11. 1637.

Ruth, sometimes Wife of Tho. Morison, Gent. ob. 14 Dec. 1681.

Margaret and Rebecca Villiers, Daughter of Sir George Villiers of Brookesby, Bart. of the County of Leicester, 1684. And Mary Villiers, June 3. 1683.

Dame Elizabeth Digby, late Baroness of Gratshall in Ireland. She dyed the Wife of Sir Rob. Bernard, Kt. and Bart. and Serjeant at Law, on the 3d of Jan. 1662.

The Honourable Dame Margerie Fortescue, Relict of Sir Edmond Fortescue of Valiput in the County of Devon, Kt. and Bart. departed the 10th of May, 1687. Ætat. suæ 46.

Richard Jesson, third Son of Will. Jesson of Coventry, Esq; deceased June 20. 1647.

In the Church-yard likewise are many Tombs and Gravestones with Inscriptions.

On the North Side.

Frances Smith, Wife of Samuel Smith, and Daughter of Simon Chadwel of Great Rissington in Gloucestershire, Decemb. 3. 1643. Buried in a Vault with four Children.

'Tis Goodness makes immortal, not the Tomb:
'Tis Grace makes glorious, not the noble Womb.
If thou'lt live ever blest, then Reader, be
As was the Pattern here inclos'd you see.

Elizabeth Franklin, Wife of William Franklin, died 13 July, 1692. And four Children, buried 1700, and 1702.

Katharine Sutton, Wife of Robert Sutton of Averham in the County of Nottingham, Esq; Aug. 30. 1691.

John Brown of St. Martin's in the Fields, dyed July 24, 1676.

Ellenor Maplesden, late Wife of Peter Maplesden of Westminster, 1673.

William Painter of this Parish, Octob. 23, 1647. He had 10 Children by Anne his Wife. He was a faithful Servant of God, and an obedient Son of the Church, a loyal Subject, a tender Husband, a careful Father, a loving Neighbour, charitable to the Poor, and affable to all.

Elizabeth, the most deservedly beloved Wife of John Cambet; by whom she had Issue 3 Sons and 5 Daughters, dyed Novemb. 11. aged 25. Also his second Son John, 1699.

Anglia te genuit, tu Scoto nupta marito:     
Gens sua quæq; suo funere fata dolet.


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