The City of WESTMINSTER.72


mitat. Wigorn. quondam magni Angliæ Sigilli Custodis, Filius ex secundis nuptiis tertius, &c. Decessit 1686. He had been sent in Embassies by King Charles the Second.

Susanna Frontine, Wife of James Frontine, Esq; 1694. And William Frontine, their Son, 1677.

Elizabeth, Daughter and Coheir of Henry Goodere of Polesworth, in the County of Warwick, Kt. and Wife of Samuel Rooper of Heanor in the County of Derby, 1669. And Samuel Rooper their Son and Heir, 1678.

Nathaniel Hardi, S. T. D. Dean of Rochester, and Rector of this Parish of St. Martin's, 1670.

Sir Tho. Woodcock, 1679. And Barbara his Wife, 1673. And three Sons, Charles, Edward and John.

Qui nunc cinis est hoc marmore conditus, nuper fuit ingens ille Theodorus Maiernius, magnum Nomen, alter Hypocrates, Orbi Salutifer, sui Sæculi Decus, ante-actorum pudor, futurorum Exemplar, &c.

Captain Francis Vernon, Esq; of the Vernons in Cheshire, dyed in the Parish of Stone in Kent, and there was buried.

Elizabeth Sandys, 1682, only Daughter to Sir Richard Sandys of Northburn in Kent.

Elizabeth Selena, 1700.

On an oval Brass-plate within the Rails.

Guilielmus Colins Generosus, honarum literarum studiosus & Oriental. Linguarum Scientia imbutus, &c. 1648.

Utricia Tompson, 1684. and Frances Utricia Tompson, 1686. Daughters of John Tompson, Neeces to Dr. John Troutbeck.

Anno Christi 1663. obiit Francisca Filia Francisci Gaudy Norfolciensis, Generosi, Uxor Johannis Troutbeck, &c. Medicinæ Doctoris, &c. Ipse ob. 1684.

Robert Clayton, Fellow of the Inner Temple, 1676.

Joanna, eldest Daughter of John Milner of Nether Wallop in the County of Northampton, Esq; 1673.

Thomas Bilson Esq; Son and Heir of Thomas Bilson of Mapledurham in the County of Southampton, Kt. 1652.

Edith Bilson, Daughter and Heir to Peter Bettesworth of Finning in the County of Sussex, Esq. Her Husband T.B. erected this Monument.

Frances Jones, Daughter of Arthur L. Vicount of Ranelagh, 1672.

Benajamin Colinge, Esq; 1700. Assistant Secretary to his Brother, to all the Lords Chamberlains of the Royal Houshold, from the Restoration to the Year 1697.

John Throgmorton, of Magdalen Laver in the County of Essex, Esq; 1664.

South Ile. A very handsomely wrought and rich Monument for George Coppin, Kt. of Dunwich in Norfolk. He was Clerk of the Crown in Chancery.

Johann. Steward, Arm. Reginis Annæ & Mariæ à nobiliore Anteambulonum Ordine. Sacrabat Richardus Steward LL. Dr. Decanus Cicestren. Ob. 1633.

John Thorp, Gent. 1703.

John Hemming, Apothecary, 1701.

On the West Wall.

Nicholas Stone, Sculptor & Architectus. He was Master Mason to his Majesty. Ob. 1647.

North Side.

Catharine, the Daughter of Thomas Wyngfield of Letheringham in the County of Suffolk, Kt. the Wife of Francis Bacon, Esq; 1660.

Johann. Finet. miles in Aula Regis Caroli Ceremoniarum Magister, 1641.

Hoc loco reponuntur ossa quorundam dignitate & pietate præstantium, quæ ex ruinis Capellæ S. Mariæ de Rouncesvallibus in hac Parochia, cura & impensa, D. Henrici Howard Comitis Northamtoniensis in hanc Ecclesiam translata, &c. Anno Dom. 1608.

Henrici Savil. [The rest not legible.] I suppose that learned Knight Sir Henry Savil.

Sir John Fenwick, Kt. and Bart. of the County of Northumberland, beheaded Jan. 28, 1696/7. And also hereby three of his Sons.

Elizabeth Lady Morland, ob. 1681/2.

Elizabeth, Wife to William tney, Esq; of this Parish.

John Hay, 1703. John Stiff, 1691.

Humfrey Spiccot, 1688.

In the Body of the Church.

In Memory of Mr. Edward Fane, fifth Son of Sir Francis Fane, Knight of the Bath, by Elizabeth, Relict of John L. Darcie and Mennel. He married Jane, Daughter Mr. James Stanier, Merchant of London, 1679.

John Rose, Gent. late chief Gardiner to his most excellent Majesty King Charles the Second, 1677.

On Earth he truly liv'd old Adam's Heir,
In tilling it with sweating Pains and Care.
And by God's Blessing such Encrease did find,
As serv'd to please his gracious Master's Mind.
Till from those Royal Gardens he did rise,
Transplanted to the happy Paradise.

Judith Darel, one of the Daughters of Nicholas Darel, Dr. of Civil Law, 1647.

William Wattes, Esq; Tailer to his Majesty, 1678.

D.O.M.S. Johannes Davys, Equestris Ordinis, quondam Attornati Regii Generalis amplissima Provincia on regno Hib. functus. Inde in patriam revocatus inter Servientes Domini Regis ad Regem primum locum sustinuit, ob. 1626.

Accubat dignissimo marito incomparabilis Uxor, &c. 1652. She was the Lady Eleonaora, the only Daughter of the Earl of Castlehaven, Baron Audley.

Jane Jackson. She was Servant to the Countess Dowager of the Right Honourable Robert Earl of Lindsey, 1670.

Elizabeth Macdowal, Daughter of David Jolly, Gent. Wife of Andrew Mackdowel of this Parish, 1670.

In the Belfrey:

Birkhead, Daughter and Heir of John Palmer; afterward matched to Stephen Knight, Esq.

In the Church-yard against the South West Wall:

Sibyl Davis, Wife of Jenkyn Davis of this Parish, 1675.

Elizabeth, Daughter of Charles Lufton of the County of Worcester, Gen. 1680.

John Maydman, who married the Widow of Lee of this Parish, 1681.

Henry Lidgould, 1659, with his two Wives, Rebecca and Alice. The said Henry left 5l. a Year for ever to the Use of the Poor of this Parish, to be paid on the Thursday before Easter-day; and settled the same out of a House in the Backside of Round Court.

Susan, late Wife of Captain John Biddle of Longacre, 1702.

The lamented Mariamne Briarly, only Daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Briarly, born on Passion Sunday, 1688; departed in the eleveth Year of her Age. And her Brother Mark, born on St. Mark's day, 1690. Dyed 1694.

Th'are gone before our Ways to make;
Remove them not for Jesus Sake.