St. Martin's in the Fields. Monuments.71

St. Martin's in the Fields. Monuments.

To the permanent Honour and Remembrance of the Pious and All-vertuous Gentlewoman, Mistresse Susan Price, Daughter to the Honourable Baronet, Sir Paul Tracy, of Stanway in Glocester; and the late dearly beloved Wife of the religious, learned, and truly vertuous Gentleman, William Price, of Winchester, Esquire,one of his Majesties most honourable Privy Chamber. She died the 13. of March, 1632.

Ye holy Angels, and ye Powers of Light,
The glad injoyers of God's glorious Sight;
You that in faithful Abraham's Bosome rest,
You have receiv'd your sanctified Guest.
Faire Susan Price hath blessed Heaven obtain'd,
And for well run Race, God's Glory gain'd,
Shining in her Robes of Immortality,
Contemnes the Earth and Worldly Vanity.
True Christian Faith indued her constant Minde,
And unto her the Promise was assign'd.
Most honour'd be her Memory, outwasting
All Genealogies, and everlasting.
Whilst there be Elements, Stars, Orbes, or Spheares,
Day's Sunne, or Night's Moone, to direct the Yeeres,
The Heavens possesse her Soule, the World her Fame,
And faire Example, her Vertues, Worth, and Name:
What Nature, Goodness, Institution, Fact,
Could heape to a Perfection, was her Act.
The Angels sing her Glory, who did call
Her sweet Soul home to its Original,
And now shees gone hence for to pass the Time
She ought her Husband, in a better Clime.
There shall her Harvest and her Summer be,
Where she shall never any Winter see.
Then, Price, grieve you no more, she lives in Joy,
Wipe you your Teares, her Teares are wip'd away.



S tay e'er you passe, lament, and fix your Eyes
U pon a worthy Consort's Obsequies.
S usan here lies, for Beauty, Worth, and Life,
A dmir'd, the worthy William Price's Wife.
N ever was after Death one more desir'd,
N or ever living was one more admir'd.
A File of lasting Praises crownes her Name,
P erpetual Glories do attend her Fame:
R ich in all Joyes, she now hath chang'd her Bed,
I oyned in Marryage unto Christ her Head.
C ome, whoseover would enjoy like State,
E ndeavour all her Worth to imitate.

Over the Figure of Death:

Ibimus omnes.
Ladies, when you your purest Beauties see,
Think them but Tenants to Mortalitie:
There's no Content on Earth, Joyes soon are fled,
Healthful to Day we live, to Morrow dead:
I was as you are now, young, faire, and cleere,
And you shall once be as you see me heere.
Mors mihi lucrum.
Moriendo Nascimur.

Upon her Tomb stone, at the Foot of this Monument.

Mistresse Susanna Price, the Wife of William Price, Esquire, one of the Groomes of his Majesties Most Honourable Privy Chamber, Daughter of Sir Paul Tracy, Baronet, departed this Life the 13. of March, 1632, before shee had beene married full 14. Weekes.
She was so full of Vertue and of Goodness, few might compare with her, none could excell her.
Her Body is here interred. Here is her Body, her Soule is in Heaven with her Saviour.

A fair Tomb-stone in the Chancel, with this Inscription.

Here lieth buried the Body of Mistresse Dorothy Hervy; that honourable matchlesse Virgin, the Daughter of the Right Honourable, William Lord Harvey, Baron of Kidbrooke, and of the religious Lady his Wife, the Lady Cordelia Hervy, Daughter and Heire to Master Brian Ansley, Esquire, of Lee in Kent. Who departed this transitory Life the 19. of February, Anno 1632.

Glorious Dorothy here intombed lies,
Lord Hervie's Daughter, and fair Vertues Prize.
Modell of honour, Graces Paragon,
In whose great Losse her Parents Joyes are gone.
Her Life was such as well may be deny'd,
That she did ever ill, but when she dy'd:
Pity so soone so rare a Virgin must,
Stoop to Corruption, and be cloath'd in Dust.
Heaven and the World being Sutors who should have her,
To end the Strife, she went to him that gave her.
Nascendo Morimur.

A very faire Table, with a rich Coat of Arms hanging on the North Side of the Chancell, with this Inscription:

Hæc sunt Antiqua Moraviorum Insginia, in memoriam Patricii Moravii, Domino Carolo Regi à poculis, nuper defuncti, hîc posita.

On a flat Stone in the Church.

Hem! viator,
Infans te paucis vult,
CAROLUS BLOWNT, Honoratiss. Dom. MOUNTJOY, Comitis de Newport, & lectissmæ Dominæ Annæ è nobili BOTTELORUM in Agro Herfordiensi familia oriundæ, Filius natu secundus, bimlus hic præmaturæ posuit Mortalitatis Exuvias. Tantum est.
Vivus nil poteram fari, quin mortuus Infans Ecce loquar, mortis sis memor, atq;]     

To these add also,

Henry Jones de Langodye, in the County of Anglesey, and his Wife Elizabeth, Daughter of Thomas Houghton of Houghton in the County of Chester. By her he had Issue, Thomas, Henry, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret, Frances.

J. S.

Francis Berty, born at Antwerp, patre Florentino; and Katharine his Wife, Daughter of Henry Leake of Southwark, Gent. Had Issue by her, Francis Berty who marryed Anne, Daughter of George Fitz Geffey; Lucia Berty Wife of Arnold Oldisworth. This Berty bore Or, a Griffin Rampant, Sable.

Thomas de Hengham of Denbigh, Sergeant at Law.

Judith, Wife of Edward Norgate, obiit 1617.

Margaret Lady Norris, Wife of Henry Lord Norris of Ricot, obiit 1600.

Anne, Wife of Edward King, Scrivener, [Sciptoris] Daughter of John Dautree of Sussex. Obiit 1617. Issue by her, John, Anne, Edward, Henry.

Edmund, one of the Sons of John Bruse of Wenham in Suffolk, Kt. obiit 1617. Ætat. suæ 64.]

Persons, who have of later Times been buried in this Church of St. Martin's in the Fields, and recommended to future Memory by Monuments and Epitaphs, are these;

Later Monuments.

First, In the Chancel, against the North Wall.

H.S. E. Henricus Coventrie, Honorabilis Domini Thomæ Baronis Coventrie de Ailsborow in Co-