St. Martin's in the Fields. The Church.69

St. Martin's in the Fields. The Church.

stone Pavement, secured from Carts and Coaches by handsome Posts set up, it hath much added to the Beauty of the Street, and the Conveniency of the Inhabitants. In this Street are a great many Courts and Alleys, for the describing of which I shall first begin at the End next to Newport-street, and so run down to the Strand. And there begin with those on the East Side.

First St. Martin's Court, a large handsome Court, with good new built Houses, and a Free-stone Pavement, having a Passage into Castle-street; and in the Midst it hath an open Square, at the End of which there is another Passage into Castle-street. Cecil-Court, also a new built Court, with very good Houses, fit for good Inhabitants, and hath a large Passage, with a Freestone Pavement, into Castle-street, and out of this Court is a Passage into St. Martin's Court. Peters Court, a very handsome and gentile Place, with good Houses, well contrived, with little Gardens to them. Heming's Rents, opposite to Shandois-street, hath a great Passage into Leicester Fields, both for Foot and Horse: Its Buildings are on the North Side, the other Side having the Wall of St. Martin's Church Yard; and the Trouble that the Carts and Coaches make in their frequent Passage occasions it not to be over well inhabited. Duke's Court, already treated of, between which and this Heming's Rents are three small and ordinary Courts, viz. Ellis Court, Grant's Court, and Red Lyon Court. Then near unto the Strand is the Checker Inn, or Court, having a Passage into the Strand; in which Part there are some Houses, the best of which is a Tavern.

St. Martin's Court.

Cecil Court.

Peters Court.

Heming's Rents.

Duke's Court.

Ellis Court.

Grant's Court.

Red Lyon Court.

Now for the East Side towards the Strand, and so up unto Long Acre, the first is Hunt's Court, a pretty handsome square Court, with five or six good built and inhabited Houses, having a good Air from a Garden on the East Side, and hath a Free-stone Pavement, with a Door at the Entrance, to shut up a-Nights, for the Security of its Inhabitants. Next to this Court is

Hunt's Court.

St. Martin's Church.

St. MARTIN'S Church and Church-Yard.


Which lyeth open for Passengers to the Street, from which it is severed by Freestones, set in the Ground Breast high, and handsomely sharpned Taper wise. The Church is but low and ordinary, much wanting new building, and to be enlarged, as being too little by far to contain the Inhabitants. But its Steeple is well enough; on which,as being the Parish where the King's Palace of Whitehall is, there is always set up a Standard Flag upon Days of Triumph of Joy.



In St. Martin's Church in the Fields, are these ensuing.


On the South Side is a fair Monument, with this Inscription.

 Arthur Gregory married Christian. 
Otho Maudit married Elizabeth.Here lyes buried William Downes, whom God hath taken to his Mercy; who believed that he should rise at the last Day, and see the glorious Majesty of God, and receive Life everlasting. Who while he lived here had two Wives, Margaret Ward, and Elizabeth Rolfe. Who had by his first Wife one Son and one Daughter, and by the second Wife two Sons and four Daughters. Who died the 26. of September 1589.John Thorp married Margaret.
 William Bret married Mary. 

Another Monument there also, with this Inscription.

Here lieth the Body of Thomas Fouler, Esquire, borne in Wicam, in the County of Lancaster; who was Controuler and Paymaster of the Works to Queene Mary, and to our soveraigne Lady Queene Elizabaeth, by the Space of ten Yeeres. He was very charitable to the Poore in his Life Time, and at this Death he gave by Will out of his Dwelling House, a perpetual Annuity of 40s. by the Yeere, to be given to 20 poore Housholders of this Parish at Christmas for ever. He had in Marriage three Wives, Ellen, Margaret, and Elizabeth, which also lye here intombed. He surviving them, having no Child at his Death, made three of his old Servants, namely, Henry Bludder, Matthew Switzer, and William Humphrey, his Executors. Who, in Remembrance of him, have caused this Monument to be made.

Another on the South Side thus inscribed.

Expectans Gloriam.
Juxta hoc requiescit John Bembow, Arm. deputatus clerici Coronæ in curia Cancellaria D. Regis. In quo officio, per spatium 40. An. Industriam præstitit, -- expiravit die Veneris 7. Octob. An. 1625. Termino sexaginta Annor. Ætatis suæ finito. Tres habuit Uxores, Dorotheam Prowde, & Katherinam Sparkes, eodem tumulo sepultas. Per quas genuit liberos etiam perfunctos, * & Elizabetham Hodges modo extantem, quæ sibi duos peperit filios, Gulielmum Bembowe, Ætatis 4. & 6. Mensium: Et Johannem Bembowe posthumum, tres tantum Hebdomadas viventem, cum patre humatum.


This Monument is near unto the other, and hath this Inscription.

Here lieth the Corpes of John Worsley, [born in Whitchurch in Salop] Gentleman, who was Messenger to Queene Elizabeth, by 20 Yeeres Space. He died the 25. of March, 1595. in the 37. Yeere of her Raigne, being aged 40 Yeeres. He gave to be paid yeerely upon each Christmas Day, during the Space of 21 Yeeres, as well 15 Shillings to the Poor of Saint Martin's Parish in the Fields, where he was a Parishioner, as also 10 Shillings to the Poor of the Parish of Whitchurch in Salop.

In the same Ile, on the South Side, is this Inscription.

To the Memory of Sir Carew Keynell, Knight, late Gentleman Pensioner to Queene Elizabeth, and Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber to King James. Hee died the 7. of December 1624, in the 61. Yeere of his Age.

Another Monument on the same Side, with this Inscription.

Hic jacet Thomas Heron, Armiger, Filius Thomæ Heronis de Edgecombe, in provincia Surrey, Armigeri, scaccarii Mareschallus. Uxorem cepit Olivam, Thomæ Britton generosi de Felmingham Norfolciæ filiam. Cum qui viginti novem annos vixit; atque ex ea unico dotatus Filio Edwardo. Diem objit Martii 1590. Marito plurimum dilecto, prædicta conjux Amantissima, M┼ôrore, & lachrymis perfusa, Monumentum hoc Amoris & Fidei Conjugalis Ergo, Posuit & sacravit.