The City of WESTMINSTER.58


another, in which the Dean sits as High Steward, till the Election be over. The Deputy Steward, or Under Steward of Westminster, is likewise an Officer of great Note, chosen by the High Steward, and confirmed by the Dean and Chapter. He holds this honourable Office, durante Vita, and, a it were, supplies the Place of a Sheriff. For he keeps the Court Leet, or Town Court, with the other Magistrates, and is always Chairman at the Quarter- Sessions: Next to him is the High Bailiff, an Officer of Honour, named by the Dean, and confirmed by the High Steward, holding likewise for Life. He summons the Juries, manages in chief the Election of Members of Parliament for the City, and has all the Bailiffs of Westminster subordinate to him. In the Court Leet he sits next to the Stewards. All Fines, Forfeitures and Strays belonging to him, which makes his Place beneficial; but is commonly managed by a Deputy Bailiff, a Person well versed in the Law.

Deputy Steward.

High Bailiff.

There are also sixteen Burgesses for the City, and nine for the Liberty, and each of them has an Assistant. Whose Office is much like that of the Aldermen of the City of London, every one having a proper Ward under his Jurisdiction: Out of their Number, two are elected by the Title of Head Burgesses, one for the City, and the other for the Liberties, who take Place, in the Court Leet, next to the head Bailiff: Then there is a High Constable, chosen as the said Burgesses, by the Court Leet, who has all the other Constables under his Direction, and usually continues two Years in his Office.


High Constable.

For Ecclesiastical Causes and Probat of Wills there is a Royal Jurisdiction, under a Commissary, from whom no Appeal must be, only to the Queen in her High Court of Chancery.

For Ecclesiastical Causes.

DEAN and PREBENDARIES of Westminster.


Dr. Tho. Sprat, Dean, and Lord Bishop of Rochester. Dr. South. Dr. Only. Dr. Breval. Mr. De Sartre. Dr. Birch. Mr. Upman. Dr. Dent. Dr. Barton. Dr. Lucas. Dr. Linford. Dr. Gee. Mr. Evans.

In Q. Anne's Time.

Civil Government.


His Grace James Duke of Ormond, Lord High Steward. Thomas Medlycott, Esq; Deputy Steward. John Huggins, Esq; High Bailiff.

And now to gather up a few Things relating to this City in former Times: Certain Orders were taken at a Leet Court holden at Westminster the 8th Day of October, in the25th Year of Q. Elizabeth, by the Right Honourable William Cecil, of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight, Baron of Burghley, Lord High Treasurer of England, and High Steward of the City and Liberties of Westminster; and the Right Worshiful Mr. Gabriel Goodman, D.D. and Dean of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, with the Assents and Consents of Richard Gybbes, Thomas Fowler, John Colbrand, &c. Headboroughs of the same City and Liberties to be observed, perfomed and kept by the Butchers and Poulters, as well inhabiting within the said City and Liberties, as all others that should at any Time hereafter utter or sell any Flesh-Meat or Poultry Wares within the said City.

Orders for the Butchers and Poulters of Westminster.

J. S.

First, That there should be chosen, at the Court holden for the said City, yearly, and every Year hereafter, two or more discreet and honest Inhabitants, being Resiants within the said City and Liberties, Butchers or others, as should be thought most meet, by the Advice, Consent, and Agreeement of the said Court; which being elect and sworn, should well and duly, every Market Day, and oftner, as Need should require, search, view, oversee, and peruse all the Butchers and Poulters, and others, that should put to Sale any Flesh-Meat, [or Poultry-Ware] as well in their several Shops, as also in the Markets: To the Intent that they might not sell any Flesh or Poultry-Ware, but only such as should be wholsome and good for Man's Body: And if they should find any corrupt or unwholsome Flesh, or Fish-Meat, or Poultry-Ware to be sold or put to Sale, then it should be lawful for them to take it away, and to give it presently among the poor Inhabitants of that Parish where the said Offence should happen to be committed; to be done by the Advice of the Bailiff of the said City or his Deputy, or one of the Headboroughs.

Item, No Butcher, Poulter, or Fishmonger should hang or lay forth upon any their Stalls, any of their Flesh, Fish or Poultry upon any Sunday, or other usual Holiday; nor upon any other Day not usually accustomed within the City of London; nor to let their Shop Windows stand open after the Hour of Eight of the Clock in the Forenoon, upon any Sunday or other usual Holiday, upon Pain to forfeit 3s. 4d.

Item, No Butcher to kill any Bull, to the Intent to sell the same, except every such Bull were first chaced and baited, presently before the Killing, upon Pain of 3s. 4d.

Item, No Butcher to sell or put to Sale any Pieces of Flesh-Meat upon the Saturday, which happened to be left upon the Thursday before, only except the same be a whole Quarter of Beef; upon Pain for every such Piece sold or put to Sale, to pay 2s.

Item, No Butcher or Poulter, nor any other Person, to put to Sale their Meat or Poultry-Ware, but only in their open Shops, and in the common and usual Market Place, and upon the usual Market Day, viz. Saturday, upon Pain to forfeit all such Meat and Ware, and the same to be employed to the Use of the Poor. Notwithstanding this Article, it might be lawful for any Butcher inhabiting within the Parish of St. Margaret's, and not having any Shop in the King's street, to keep a Standing in the Market-place in Kings-street, every Monday, and there put to Sale their Flesh-Meat.

Item, No Butcher nor Poulter, during such Time as they have any Shops in the King's Street, not to keep any Standing, nor put to Sale any Flesh or Poultry in the Market-Place, but only in their Shops. No Butcher to kill any Flesh-Meat out of their Slaughter-house or Shop, in the common Street, nor to scald any Hoggs in any of the common Streets and Queen's High-ways; nor to kill and put to Sale any Pork before the Feast of All Saints. And if any should do the contrary in any of the said Premises, to forfeit for every such Offence 3s. 4d.

Item, No Butcher to pelt or propt any Veal, or cut up the Lean of the Veal with the Kidney, upon Pain to forfeit every Time 12d.

Item, No Butcher, to kill any Yow after the Feast Day of St. Andrew, until the Week next before the Feast of Easter, upon Pain to forfeit, for every Yow so killed, 12d.

Item, No Butcher, nor any other, to kill and put to Sale any Lamb, after the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, before the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, nor blow nor stopte the Kidney of any Lamb, upon Pain to forfeit 12d.

Item, If any Butcher or Poulter, their Wives, Families, or Servants shall hereafter disobey or misuse those Persons now authorized, or hereafter to be authorized, for the Search and Survey, as aforesaid, in the executing of their said Office, every such Person, so offending, to forfeit for every Time, 10s.