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and the same to put into Bags severally, wrtiting thereon the County, the Forest, and the Number of Rolls, and how many Leaves every Roll containeth: That this would be a great Preservation of them, and a ready Help to find any Thing upon Commandment of the Court of Exchequer, or otherwise upon Occasion. The same Person advised, that the old Records remaining in the Palace Treasury, being a Place subject to Danger of Fire, might be removed thence into the old Treasury within the Palace of Westminster, a Place designed for the Custody of the same, and where they might be more secure, being vaulted with Stone.

The Orginal Paper, wherein the foresaid Motion was made to the Treasurer, (which was Anno 1573) may deserve to be here inserted, viz.

MATTERS moost necessary to move the Right Honourable, my Lorde Theasarour, and the Chamberleynes of Theschequier in, for the reducynge of her Majesties RECORDS, being in theire Custodie, into much bettre Suretie, and speedier Redynes in Search, upon Commaundment, &c.


Imprimis, That the Records of Leagues with the Realmes of Arragon, Flaunders, Germanie, some of Fraunce, with others now remeyinge in the Theasaurie within the Pallaice of Westminster, (where the Courte of Wardes was) beinge subjecte to the Daunger of Fyre, maye be removed into th'olde Theasaurye within the Abbaye of Westminster: a Place alwayes designed for the Custodie of the same Leagues, and vaulted with Stone; whereby yt semithe (yf it so please God) that theye be without Daunger of Fire, and where there is Rome enough for them in Chests and Presses that be now emptye.

Records of Leagues.

Also, there are in the same Theasaurie in the Pallaice, sundrye Records, mentyoninge the Deposinge of the Bushop of Rome; and Bookes of Subscripcion of the mooste Part of the Preestes thoroughe the Realme to the Kinges Supremacye, &c. Also Books of the Order of St. George, and St. Michael: The Covenauntes of Mariage betwixt Kinge Philip and Q. Marie; with other Mattres of States. Which weere very needfull to be calendred, and to be layed up in the Thesaurye amonge the Leagues, for theire bettre Suertye.

Records touching deposing the Bishop of Rome, and of Subscriptions to the Supremacy, &c.

Also, there are certyne olde Fynes in the Custodie of the Cirographer at Bridewel Church, there kept secreatlie. Where in Righte the same Fynes ought to be in the Keaping of the Lorde Thesarour, and the Chamberlynes of Theschequier. In which Respect yt might please your Lordship to call the said Cirographer before you; and to know by what Righte he keapeth the same: And thereupon to geve Order for their Removinge, if it shal so seme convenient and lawfull.

Old Fines.

Also, it appeareth by Indentures, and Writtes, remeyninge in the Custodie of the said Lord Thesaurour and Chamberleynes Deputies, that the Records of the Kinges Bench, and Common Place, Fynes, Wryttes and Assyzes, ought to be in the Custodie of the said L. Thesaurour and Chamberleynes. And according to the same, are all, or the mooste Parte of the last said Records of all the Kings since the Conquest, untill the moost Part of the Reigne of Henry the Seventh, in the Keaping aforesaid, in another Thesaurie, within the Abbaye of Westminster; faire arrayed up in Chestes for that Purpose, where there is Rome enough in Chestes provyded for the reste, if they might be brought in. The same Thesaurie is also vaulted with Stone, whereby the said Records should be in gretter Salfetie. It wanteth Reparatyons bothe in Glasse and Leade. It may please your Lordship to have spedie Regarde thereunto.

Records of King's Bench, &c.

Also, where the Recordes of Pleas, Perambulations, and Inquisicyons of Forrestes, are presentlie put al up together into Bagges, confusedlie; whereby when a Searche is made amongste them, it is an easy Thing for a Straunger, fynding a Role or Leaf, inconvenyent, and agaynst him, to conveye yt awaye, (as yt semethe the lyke hath bene done) which cannot be missed, bacause there is no certen Note how many Roles there bee, &c.

Records of Pleas and Perambulations of Forests.

And furthermore, the often tossing, rufflyinge, searchinge, and lappinge up of the same Roles, hath, in effect, so obfusked and worne many of them, as they cannot be well red: For avoyding of which Inconveniencies, if yt please your Lordship to appoynte one to peruse the same Roles, and to arraye them into Shires and certen Forrestes; and the same to put into Baggs severallye, wrytinge thereon the Countye, the Forreste, and Nombre of the Roles, and how manye Leaves every Role conteyneth: This (we saye) would not onely bee a greate Preservacyon of the same Records, when no mo Roles should bee opened than concerned the Forrest, which should be searched; but also would be a redye Helpe to fynde any Thinge upon Commaundemente of the Courte of the Eschequier, or otherwyse upon Occacyon.

Also, there are soundrye Records of many Mens Lands in the Realme of England and Wales, as namelye, Court Roles, Auditors, Accompts, and Parcos, Mises, Accomptes of soundrye Frenche Counties; and also Deeds of Purchase, made by soundrye the Quenes Majestie Progenitowrs, for soundrye their Honours, Manours and Landes. Which were very convenyent to be perused, and a Repertorie thereof to be made, for the spedie fynding thereof, upon Commaundement.

Records of Mens Lands.

The lyke to be donne with soundrye Books of Forreyne Accompts, remeyninge in the foresaid Thesaurie in the Pallayce.

Also, it appearethe by soundrye Recordes, remeyninge in the said Thesaurie, that there hathe bene geuen Allowance unto the Clerkes and Deputyes of the said L. Thesaurour and Chamberleynes, for the arrayinge and removinge of the Recoordes of the Tower, and now latelye in Quene Maries Tyme, the olde Lord Stafforde (beyng one of the Chamberleynes of Th'eschequier) complayned unto the Councell, that in Mr. Boyers Time certen of the same Records in the Tower were imbecelled; alledginge, how daungerous a Thing it is to the Quene, and to the Realme, that the same were under one Kaye. Whereupon the said L. Stafforde had a Kaye appointed him with Mr. Boyer; which he kept a longe Tyme.

Records of the Tower.

Within this Palace also, towards the South West Side of it, is the Augmentation Office, occasioned by a Court of Augmentations, which was set up by Act of Parliament, upon the Dissolution of Monasteries; whereby those religious Houses, and the Revenues of them were granted to the King. In this Office, being an ancient capacious Place, are kept all the Deeds, Instruments and orginal Writings belonging to the Abbies, Priories, &c. and the several Surrenders and Resignations of the respective Abbots and Priors, with the Values of the Lands and Rents of those Foundations: Whence much Light may be given into Church-Lands, Vicarages, and such like.

The Augmentation Office.

This Court of Augmentations was erected by Authority of Parliament, 27 H.8, consisting of a Chancellor, Treasurer, Atturney and Solicitor; and all Lands, &c belonging to Monasteries,

Court of Augmentations.

Cok. Instit. Pt. 4.


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