The City of WESTMINSTER.42


Agnes Varnam left behind,     
his loving Wife most sure;
By her he had foure Sonnes, likewise     
foure Daughters, Virgins pure:     
Who all being dead, and none alive,
but Elizabeth by Name;     
And in Remembrance of his Life,
they have set up this same.

He willingly did yeeld himselfe,     
in God was all his Trust;
And in the last Houre of his Death,     
he shew'd his Faith most just,
To leave this World most cheerefully,     
desirous to depart;
Asking forgivenesse of the World,     
and forgiving with his Heart,

To those which he at any Time     
in Deed or Word offended:
Most joyfully his Soule was then     
unto the Lord commended.
And thus he left his mortal Life,     
in Briefe, to tell you plaine;
Hoping in Heav'n to be receiv'd,     
for ever to remaine.

In the same Ile, in the Body of the Church, is this Inscription.

Cornelius Vandun lieth here, borne at Breda in Brabant, Souldier with King Henry at Turney, Yeoman of the Guard, and Usher to King Henry, King Edward, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth: Of honest and vertuous Life, a careful Man for poore Folke. Who in the End of this Towne did build for poore Widowes twenty Houses of his owne cost.

Round about his Figure, wrought as in his Guards Coat, these Words.

Obiit Anno Dom. 1577. Buried the 4. of September. Ætatis suæ 94.

At the upper End of the South Ile in the Chancel, as followeth.

Frances Haughton, in Token of her Love to her Husband, caused this Monument to be erected.

Here resteth in assured Hope to rise in Christ, the Body of Hugh Haughton, the fourth Son of Thomas Haughton of Haughton, in the County of Chester, Gentleman. Who married Frances, Daughter of William Coothe of Sherbourne, in the County of Dorset, Gentleman, and by her had Issue two Daughters, Elizabeth and Frances. He departed this Life the 17. Day of October, 1616. Aged 50 Years. And Elizabeth departed this Life the 28. of August, 1615, aged seven Years, and lyeth here also interred.

On an ancient Brass Monument, close by the other, is thus written.

Give thankes to God for Edward Courtney, Esquire, Sonne and Heire to Sir Peter Courtney of Devonshire, Knight, who living a Life agreeable to his Estate and Stocke, ended the same like a faithful Christian, the 27. Day of November 1566, and is buried before this Stone.

On another near to that, is thus written.

Here lyeth the Body of Alexander Tomkins, the fifth Sonne to Richard Tomkins of Momington upon Wye, in the County of Hereford, Esquire, who was buried in August, in the Year of our Lord God 1615.

On another near to that is thus written.

Underneath lyeth the Body of James Tomkins, second Sonne to James Tomkins of Momington upon Wye in the County of Hereford, Esquire, buried in December, in the Year of our Lord God 1613.

Close to this a very fair Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel, thus written on.

Hereunder is entombed Blanch Parry, Daughter to Henry Parry of New court within the County of Hereford, Esquire, chief Gentlewoman of Queen Elizabeth's most honourable Privy Chamber, and Keeper of her Majesty's Jewels. Whom she faithfully served from her Highness's Birth; beneficial to her Kinsfolk and Countrymen, charitable to the Poor, insomuch thay she gave to the Poor of Bacton and Newton in Herefordshire seven Score Bushels of Wheat and Rye yearly for ever, with divers Sums of Money to Westminster and other Places for good Uses. She died a Maid in the 82. Year of her Age, the 12. of February 1589.

Another fair Monument in the same Ile in the Chancel, thus written on.

Hereunder resteth in Expectation of a glorious Resurrection, the Body of Thomas Bond, Gentleman, sometime a Burgesse of this City of Westminster; and also the Bodies of Ellin his Wife, of Thomas Bond their Sonne, and of Ellen their Daughter.
To the Memory of whose Christian Vertues, their dutiful Sonne, and loving Brother, John Bond, hath erected this Monument.

A Father, Mother, Sonne, and Daughter deere,
Cover'd with Earth, their Corps be buried here:
Two aged died, and two in Prime of Strength;
To teach that Death will conquer all at Length:
A vertuous Life they liv'd, made Christian Ends,
And now a Crown of Glory them attends.

At the four Corners of this Monument are these Inscriptions.

Thomas Bond, the Father, dyed the 7. of April 1616.
Ellin Bond, the Mother, dyed the 31. of May 1628.
Thomas Bond, the Sonne, dyed the 26. of May 1627.
Ellin Butts, the Daughter, dyed the 12. of August 1625.

On a fair Stone in the Middle of the Chancel, is this written.

Here resteth in God the Body of Anna Ellis, borne in Denmarke; who served our gracious Queen Anna in her Bed-chamber, was married to Master Thomas Seringe, her Majesty's Chaplaine, the 28. of April, in the Yeere of our Lord God 1598, and died at Westminster the 26 of February 1608, Unto whom God Almighty give a joyful Resurrection.

Mœrentis musa Mariti.
Astra tuam foveant Animam, bona fama sepulta Restet in his terris, capiat tandem omnia Cœlum.     
Johannes Seringius, Thuringius.

A fair