The City of WESTMINSTER.36


A prima juventute Militiæ nomen dedit: Et sub Regibus CAROLO & JACOBO, terrâ mariq; multa cum Laude, meruit. Serenissimo Principi GEORGIO de Dania, per Viginti plus annos a Cubiculis; Fide, Obsequio, Moribus, gratum se reddidit & charum Regnante GULIELMO, quo die Classis Gallica ab Anglis ad oras Neustriæ fugata & combusta est, (die semper memorabili) eo animi vigore & fortitudine pugnavit, quo Ducem Anglum decuit. Mox ab eodem Rege, æquissimo meritorum Judice, Unus è Commissariis Constitutus, res maritimas, quarum erat peritissimus, Curavit diu & ornavit. Sub felicissimo demum ANNÆ Imperio, instaurato iterum Bello contra Gallos, Infestissimos Hostes Britanni Nominis, ex Admirallis unus; & Celsissimo Principi Daniæ, Magno totius Britanniæ Admirallo, factus è Consiliis, Curarum omnium & Laborum Particeps, Domino suo felicissimam navabat operam: Donec fractæ Gallorum Vires, toto mari cesserant. Inde Principis optimi Lateri adhærens, ad extremum usq; diem, omnia grati piiq; animi officia persolvit. Laboribus tandem & morbis confectus, inter amplexus & Lachrymas Amicorum, Clientum, & Servorum, Quos humanus, officiosus, liberalis, gratos, devinctos & fideles habuit, Pius, tranquillus, animosus, cœlebs, Obiit viii Maii, Ætat. LVIII, M.DCC.X.

A Grave-stone over him at the South Side of the West Entrance into the Choir.

A Grave Stone in the said South Ile for Henry Cornwall of Bredwardine Castle in the County of Hereford Esq; Whose first Wife was Marita Laurentia Huyssen of Middleburgh in Zeeland. By whom he had Issue Henry his eldest Son and Heir, now living. To his second Wife he had Susanna, one of the Daughters of Sir John Williams, Bart. And by her he left Issue two Sons, Velters and James, and one Daughter named Mary; married to the Honourable Henry Berkeley, Esq; Brother of the Right Honourable James now Earl of Berkeley. He departed this Life the 22d of February 1716. Aged 64.

And another Grave Stone over Sir Joseph Tredenham, Kt. Dyed April 25, 1707, in the 65th Year of his Age.

A Monument in the North Ile for Dr. Blow, the famous Organist.

Here lyes the Body of JOHN BLOW, Doctor in Music. Who was Organist, Composer, and Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal, for the Space of 35 Years: In the Reigns of K. Charles II. K. James II. K. William and Q. Mary and her present Majesty Q. Anne. And also Organist of this Collegiate Church about 15 Years. He was Schollar to the excellent Musician Dr. Christopher Gibbons, and Master to the famous Mr. H. Purcell, and most of the eminent Masters in Musick since. He dyed Oct. 1, 1708, in the 60th Year of his Age. His own musical Compositions (especially his Church Music) are a far nobler Monument to his Memory, than any other can be raisd for him.

In the same Ile, a Monument ofr Robert Lord Constable, Viscount Dunbar. Dyed Nov. 23, A. D. 1714. Aged 64.

Thomas Viscount Teviot. Ob. 14 Jan. 1710. Ætat. 60.

M. S.
THOMÆ LIVINGSTON Militis Baronetti, Vicecomitis de Teviot, Baronis Livingston de Peebles. Qui in Batavia natis, e perantiquâ Livingstonotum Gente in Scotia ortus, a primâ Adolescentiâ inter Arma versatus, & ad varios Militiæ Titulos cum gloria evectus. Regnante tandem WILLIELMO III, (sub quo adhuc Principe AURIACO, diu & fortiter militasset, & quem in Britanniam Tribunus Militum comitatus fuerat) Exercituum Locum tenens Generalis, Copiarum in Scotia Imperator, Tormentorum Belli Præfectus Generalis, & a Sanctioribus Regni Consiliis, Constitutus. Dum motibus civilibus ardebat Scotia, prælio cum Hostibus ad Speam fluvium feliciter commisso, Regno Pacem, & Regi Regnum, stabilivit. Ob quæ præclara faciniora, a grato Principe inter Regni Proceres adscitus est. Viro, de Patriâ tam benè merito, hoc Monumentum ALEXANDER LIVINGSTON Miles Baronettus, Frater unicus & Hæres extrui jussit.
Obiit Londini, Januar. 14, 1710. Ætat. 60.

Philip Carteret, youngest Son of Lord George Cartaret, Baron de Hawnes, a Scholar of this College. Ob. March 19, 1710. Aged 19.

Henry Priestman, Esq; Commander in chief of a Squadron of Ships of War in the Reign of King Charles II. A Commissioner of the Navy, and one of the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of England, in the Reign of King William III. Ob. 20. Aug. 1712. Ætat. 65. Heu! prisca Fides!

Edward Herbert of Swanzey in the County of Glamorgan, Esq; Dyed Sept. 18, 1715. Aged 23.

Mrs. Mary Beaufoy, only Daughter of Sir Hen. Beaufoy of Guyscliffe near Warwick, by the Honourable Charlotte Lane, eldest Daughter of George Lord Viscount Lansborough. Obiit July 12, 1705.

Robert Killigrew of Arwenak in the County of Cornwall, Esq; Son of Thomas and Charlotte, Page of Honour to King Charles II. Brigadier General of her Majestys Forces. Killed in Spain in the Battle of Almanza, the 14th Day of April, A. D. 1707. Ætat. 47. Militavit annis 24.

Monuments in the North Ile.

To the Memory of the Worthily Honoured Colonel JAMES BRINGFIELD, born in Abingdon on the County of Berks; Equerry to his Royal Highness Prince George of Denmark, Aide de Camp, and Gentleman of the Horse to his Grace the Duke of MARLBOROUGH, ( the victorious General of her Majestys Forces beyond the Sea.) Who while he was remounting his Lord upon a fresh Horse, his former failing under him, had his Head fatally shot by a Canon Ball in the Battle of Ramellies, on Whitsunday the 12th Day of May, in the Year of our Lord 1706, and of his Age 50. And so having gloriously ended his Days in the Bed of Honour, lyes interrd at Bavachem, in the Province of Brabant, a principal Part of the English Guards attending his Obsequies. Where may his valiant Remains rest in Peace, and the surviving Fame of his Courage, Virtue, and true Piety, (of which this Church was often a Witness) live, grow, and spread, both here and abroad for ever.
This Monument was erected by his mournful, and equally loving and beloved Widow CLEMENCE BRINGFIELD, 1706.

M. S.
HENEAGII TWYSDEN, Gulielmi Twysden, Baronetti, & Franciscæ Uxoris, filii natu septimi. Qui in acerrimo illo prope Blazenniam Hannoniensem prælio, dum celsissimo, fortissimóq; Principi JOHANNO Argatheliæ Duci, Fœderatorum primam aciem dirigenti, Legatus Ca-