The Monastery of St. PETER.35

The Monastery of St. PETER.

der this Monument, which his Royal Mistress had caused to be erected, to commemorate his steady Loyalty, and extrarodinary Virtues.

He lyes under a Canopy, the Curtains turned aside: Two rich Marble Pillars support two Boys, having a Trumpet in one Hand, and his Coat of Arms in the other, which is, Gules, a Cheveron Ermin between two Crescents Argent; and a Flower de Lys in the Base.

Next to Sir Cl. Shovel, Westward, is another fair Monument of STEPNEYs, representing two naked Boys weeping, and holding Handkerchiefs at their Eyes. Between them the Coat of Arms. Gules, a Fesse checky, Or and Azure, between three Owls Argent; a Crescent for Distinction. The Crest, a Talbots Head erazed Gules, holding in his Mouth a Book Or.

Underneath, this Inscription:

H. S. E.
GEORGIUS STEPNEIUS, Armig. Vir ob ingenii Acumen, Literarum Scientiam, Morum suavitatem, rerum Usum, Virorum Amplissimorum Consuetudinem, Linguæ, Styli, ac Vitæ Elegantiam, Præclara Officia, cum Britanniæ, tum Europæ præstita, suâ ætate multum celebratus, apud Posteros semper celebrandus.
Plurimus Legationes obiit, eâ Fide, Diligentiâ ac Felicitate, ut Augustissimorum Principum, GULIELMI & ANNÆ, Spem in illo repositam nunquam fefellerit, haud rarò superavit. Post longam Honorum Cursum, brevi temporis spatio confectum, cum Naturæ parum, famæ satis vixerat, Animam, ad altiora aspirantem, placidè effavit.

On the right Hand, upon a Basis, this Inscription.

G. S.
Ex Equestri Familia STEPNEIORUM de Prendergast in Comitat. Pembrochien. oriudus: Westmonasterii natus est A. D. 1663. Electus in Collegium S. Petri Westmonast. An. 1676, Stæ. Trinitat. Cantabr. 1682. Consiliariorum, quibus Commercii Cura commissa est, 1697. Chelseiæ Mortuus, & comitante magna Procerum Frequentia, huc elatus, 1707.

On a Basis on the left Side.

G. S. Legatus est ad
Brandeburgiæ Electorem, Anno 1692.
Germaniæ Imperatorem, Anno 1693.
Saxoniæ Electorem, An. 1694, 1695.
Moguntiæ Trevirorum, }
Coloniæ PalatinatÛs Electores, }
Hassiæ Lantgravium, } An. 1696, 1697.
Congresssum Francofurtanum, }
Brandeburg. Elect. iterum, }
Poloniæ Regem, } An. 1698, 1699.
German. Imperat. iterum, An. 1701.
FÅ“derates Belgii Ordines, An. 1706.

At the Top, his Bust under a Canopy.

Over against these Monuments, against a Pillar, a Coat of Arms, Argent, a Cheveron Sable, between 3 Snakes of the same. The Crest, On a Wreath a Lion passant, Gules. The Bearer whereof the Inscription shews, viz.

Near this Place lyes the Body of JAMES KENDAL, Esq; He was first chosen a Member of Parliament in the Year 1684, and served in most of the succeeding Parliaments. He was five Years Governour of Barbados; and soon after his Return to England, was appointed by his Majesty King William one of the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral. Some Years before his Death, he retired from all publick Business, excepting only his Service in Parliament. He dyed at Casehalton in Surrey, the 10th Day of July 1708, in the 61st Year of his Age.

On the aforesaid South Wall, between that of Sir Palmes Fairborn, and Bridget Radby, on an Oval is a Coat of Arms, A Cheveron between three Swans.

To the Memory of the Honoured Major RICHARD CREED: Who attended his late Majesty King William III, in all his Wars, during his Reign; every where signalizing himself, and never more himself than when he looked an Enemy in the Face. At that glorious Battle of Blenheim, A. D. 1704, he commanded one of those Squadrons that began the Attack. In two several Charges he remaind unhurt, but in the third, after many Wounds received, still valiantly fighting, he was shot through the Head. His dead Body was brought off by his Brother, at the Hazard of his own Life, and buried there.

To his Memory his sorrowful Mother erected this Monument; placing it near another, which her Son, when living, used to look upon with Pleasure, for the worthy mention it maketh of that great Man, EDWARD, Earl of SANDWICH: to whom he had the Honour to be related, and whose heroic Virtues he was ambitious to imitate.

He was the eldest Son of John Creed of Oundle, Esq; and Elizabeth his Wife, only Daughter of Sir Gilbert Pickring, Bart. of Tichmarch in Northamptonshire.

Behind the Coat are engraven Swords, Guns, Pistols, Trumpets, Standards, and such like Instruments of War, handsomely disposed.

Here in the same Ile is a Monument erected for Dr. Knipe, Master of Westminster School.

Hujusce Ecclesiæ Præbendartius, in Claustrorum parte huic Marmori oppositâ, Reliquias suas jacere voluit. Ubi uxorem ANNAM cum quinq; ex eadem liberis tumulaverat. In Scholâ Regiâ Wesmonasteriensi, per quinquaginta annos, Promovendo Pietati, bonisq; Literis, elaboravit. Per sedecim eidem Archidicascalus præfuit. Quam Provinciam & egregiis Doctrinæ subsidiis instructus, & indefessa Industria usus, & humanissima suavitate conditus, felicissimè administravit: Et juvenes optimis disciplinis institutos, in utrámque Academiam emisit; Multos, qui Ecclesiæ & Reip. ornamenta jam sunt. Plures, qui in eandem indies spem succrescunt. His insuper laudibus, cæteras, quæ Virum bonum commendant, Virtutem, Sanctimoniam, Liberalitatem, Comitatem, Benevolentiam, Candorem, Fidem, & propensani in egenos Benignitatem, addiderat. Firmam valetudinem, provectámq; ætatem, alienis omnine commodis impendit. Donec ingruenti Morbo paulatim cederat. Quo pertinacius tandem urgente, Pauperibus, Discipulis, Amicis, Nepotibus, Conjugi, Desideratissimus obiit 8o Idus August. Anno Dom. 1711. Ætatis 73.

Marito charissimo ALICIA lectissima Fæmina, secundis illi Nuptiis conjuncta, hoc Monumentum mÅ“stissima posuit: In eodem Tumulo & suos aliquando Cineres depositura.

In the same Ile.

GEORGIUS CHURCHILL Winstonii Equitis Aurati, ex Agro Dorcestriensi, Filius natu secundus; Invictissimi Ducis MARLBURII Frater non indignus.

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