The Monastery of St. PETER.21

The Monastery of St. PETER.

Sir Edward Rogers, Kt. Comptroller of the Household to Queen Elizabeth, 1568.

William Rogers, his Grandson, 1593.

Sir James Crofts, Kt. Comptroller likewise of the Household to the said Queen. Dyed 1590.

Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir John Fortescue, Kt. 1597.

Sir Edward Spragg, Kt. a brave valiant Sea-Captain, who lost his Life in a Sea Fight against the Hollanders, 1673.

In the Chapel of St. MICHAEL are these Monuments, and Interments.

St. Michael's Chapel.

Lady Katharine St. John, Daughter of Sir William Dormer, Kt. and Widow of John Lord St. John of Bletso: She dyed 1614. The rest that follow without any Monuments, viz.

Sir Hugh Vaughan, Kt. with Anne his Wife; who was Daughter of Henry Earl of Northumberland, and Widow of Thomas Hungerford.

Sir Thomas Wharton, Kt. afterwards Lord Wharton; who married the Daughter of Robert Earl of Sussex. Buried 1572.

Elizabeth, Wife of Sir John Boorn, Kt. Secretary to Queen Mary, 1576.

Sir William Trussel, Kt. Speaker to the House of Commons, at the Deposing of King Edward the Second.

This Chapel, with Part of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, and St. Andrew, are now taken up, and the Monuments almost covered by the Scaffolds set up here, made use of for the lower Convocation House, as that of King Henry the Seventh, for the upper House.

In the Chapel of St. Andrew.

St. Andrew's Chapel.

Here Edmund Kirton, Abbot of this Church, lyes under a Tomb of grey Marble. He was mention'd before. This Abbot (who lived about the Time of King Edward the Fourth) added much Beauty and Comeliness to this Chapel: The Skreen whereof hath curious Carvings, and Engravings, and other Imagery Work of Birds, Flowers, Cherubims, Devices, Motto's, and Coats of Arms of many of the chiefest Nobility painted thereon; done at the said Abbot's Charge.

Sir John Burgh, Kt. Son to William Lord Burgh, by the Lady Katharine, Daughter of Edward Clinton Earl of Lincoln, Lord High Admiral of England: A righ valiant Gentleman in Queen Elizabeth's Time, twice knighted in the Field, once by the Earl of Leicester, Captain General, and Governour of the United Provinces, and again by Henry King of France and Navarr, in the Battle of St. Andrew's. He boarded the great rich Spanish Caract, and was slain in the Action, Anno 1594. The Monument which is said to be set up for him is but slight, being of Alabaster and black Marble, against the East Wall. But there is one that affirms, the true Monument for Sir John Burgh is lost; and that this that goes for his, is indeed set up for

Anne, the Wife of James Kirton.

Thomas Lord Burroughs, Knight of the Garter, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; dyed 1597.

Henry Noel, Gentleman Pensioner to Queen Elizabeth, 1596. These two last without Monuments.

Sir Francis Norris, Kt. afterwards Baron Norris of Ricot. Memorable for his warlike Actions in the Spanish Netherlands. He hath a most magnificent and noble Monument, but without any Inscription. His Effigies is there of white Marble, curiously engraven, and richly gilt.

In the Ile or Passage between the Chapels where the Monuments are, several Persons of Quality lye also interred with Monuments and Epitaphs.

Near the going up to Henry the Seventh's Chapel, is a very fair Monument against the Wall, being the Figure of a Woman lying upon a Bed as dead, and another Lady weeping at her Head. The Inscription is on the two Columns on each Side, the one in Latin, and the other of the same Import in English, which is as follows:

Esther de la Tour de Governet.

Esther de la Tour de Governet.
A Name renowned in France, and which her excellent Endowments of Mind and Body rendered much more illustrious, was the Best of Wives, and soon the Widow of the Most Noble Lord Eland, Eldest Son of the Marquess of Hallifax. Her extraordinary Goodness towards all, her singular Dutifulness towards her Parents, made her beloved of all, but by her Mother above all. Her Soul thus adorned with Heavenly Graces she early resign'd to Heaven, and her Body to this Tomb; which her Mother, (herself almost buried in Sorrows) as the least Mark of her unspeakable Grief, made for her. She dyed the 28th of her Age, of the Christian Account 1694.

There is a white Stone on the Ground near it, with the same Inscription.

Next this flat Stone is another foreign Lady buried, with this Inscription engraved on her Stone.

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs. Christian Ker, the most deservedly beloved Wife of William Ker of Chatto Esq; in the County of Tiviotdale in Scotland, and eldest Daughter of Sir William Scot of Harden, Bart. in the same County. She dyed the 16th of May, in the 41st Year of her Age, Anno Domini 1694.

Christian Ker.

Near by, a little Monument against the Wall, with the same Inscription.

A fair flat Stone in the same Passage, whereon nothing else is writ, but

Sir Thomas Peyton of the County of Kent, Bart. 11 Feb. 1683-4.

Sir Thomas Peyton.

By this, an old Stone with the Figure of a Man, the Brass thereof taken away, having these old Verses underneath, scarcely legible, upon a Brass Plate yet remaining;

Est his septenus M. Christi C. quater annus,
Vespera Pascalis dum septima lux fit Aprilis,
Transit a mundo JOHN WYNDSORE nomine notus:
Corde gemens, mundo confessus, crimine lotus:
Fecerat Hæredem C. Willielmus avunculus istum
Miles, & Armigerum dignus de nomine dignum.
Dum juvenilis erat bello multos perimebat;
Postea penituit, & eorum vulnera flevit;
Decumbens obiit hic nunc in carne quiescit,
Vivat in æternum Spiritus ante Deum.

John Windsore. 1414.

Another Stone near, thus inscribed;

Depositum honorabilis & admodum insignis viri JOHANNIS CREWE de Crewe in Comitat. Cestriæ, Armigeri, Primogeniti Clippesby Crewe militis. Qui piissimè in Domino obdormivit 13 die Februarii, Annoque Domini 1683-4.

Joh. Crewe.

Near this, a vast Marble Stone, both in Bredth and Length, covering the Body of Walton, sometime Bishop of Chester, and this short Inscription, with his Coat of Arms engraven:

Hic jacet Brianus Walton.