The City of WESTMINSTER.14


First, Kings and Queens buried in this Church are these.]

Kings and Queens buried here.

SEBERT, King of the Saxons, with his Wife Athelgode. [His Body lies in an anicent Sepulchre of Stone, arched, situated on the South of the High Altar.]

All this in the first and second Editions set forth by Stow, omitted in the after-Editions.

Harold, sirnamed Herefole, King of the West Saxons.

Edward the Simple, sirnamed Confessor, [and Sainted] sometime richly shrined in a Tomb of Silver and Gold, curiously wrought by Commandment of William the Conqueror.

Egitha [or Editha] his Wife [Daughter to Godwin Earl of Kent] was there buried also Anno 1074.]

King Henry the Third, whose Sepulchre [being a very sumptuous Monument] was richly garnished with precious Stones of Jasper [and others] which his Son Edward the First brought out of France for that Purpose. [Dyed 1272.]

Eleanor, Wife to Henry the Third. [A Daughter of Raymond Earl of Provence.]

Edward the First, who offered to the Shrine of Edward the Confessor the Chair of Marble, wherein the Kings of Scotland were crowned, with the Scepter and Crown also to the same King belonging. He gave also to that Church, Lands to the Value of 100l. by the Year. Twenty Pounds thereof yearly to be distributed to the Poor for ever. [Dyed 1308.]

Then there lyeth Eleanor his Wife, Daughter to Ferdinando the Third, King of Castile. [She dyed 1298.]

Edward the Third, by him Queen Philip of Henault, his Wife. [She dyed 1363.]

Richard the Second, and Anne his Wife, [Daughter to Wenceslaus, King of Bohemia and Emperor of Germany.] with their Images upon them. Which cost more than four hundred Marks for the Guilding. [He dyed 1399, and she 1394.]

Henry the Fifth, with a Royal Image of Silver and gilt, which Katharine his Wife caused to be laid upon him. But the Head of this Image, being of Massy Silver, is broken off, and conveyed away, with the Plates and Gilt that covered his Body.

Katharine de Valois, his Wife, [Daughter of Charles the Fifth King of France] was buried in the old Lady Chapel. But her Corps being taken up in the Reign of Henry the Seventh, (when a new Foundation was to be laid.) She was never since buried, but remaineth above Ground in a Coffin of Boards behind the East End of the Presbytery. [She married for her second Husband Owen Tudor, and dyed 1472.]

Henry the Seventh, in a sumptuous Sepulchre and Chapel before-sepecified, and Elizabeth his Wife.

Edward the Sixth, in the same Chapel, without any Monument.

Queen Mary, without any Monument in the same Chapel.

Matilde, Daughter to Malcolne, King of Scots, Wife to Henry the First, lyeth in the Revestrie. [She dyed 1118.]

[Margaret, Daughter and fifth Child to King Edward the Fourth, not a Year old. Buried 1472.]

Anne, Wife to Richard the Third, [suppos'd to be poisoned, An. 1484.]

Anne of Cleve, Wife to Henry the Eighth: [dyed 1557, in a Tomb of free Stone unfinished; on which are only these two Letters, A. C.]

[Now besides these Kings and Queens, whose Burials honour this Monastery, and whose Monumental Inscriptions will be found in the next Chapter) there be the Bodies of these Nobles and Persons of great Quality, that are deposited here also. And among these, divers of the Royal Blood.]

Nobility and Gentry buried here.

J. S.

Margaret Countess of Richmond and Darby, Mother to Henry the Seventh.

Edmund (sirnamed Crouch-back) second Son to Henry the First, first Earl of Lancaster, Darby, and Leicester; and Avelyne his Wife, Daughter and Heir to William de Fortibus Earl of Albemarle.

In St. Thomas's Chapel lye the Bones of the Children of Henry the Third, and of Edward the First, in Number Nine.

In the Chapter-house, Alianor Countess of Barre, Daughter to Edward the First; William of Windsor, and Blaunch his Sister, Children to Edward the Third.

John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall, Son to Edward the Second.

Eleanor, Wife of Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester.

Thomas of Woodstock, by King Edward the Third, his Father.

Margaret, Daughter to Edward the Fourth.

Elizabeth, Daughter to Henry the Seventh. [An Infant, about a Year old: Dyed in 1493. or 1495.]

William de Valence, Earl of Pembrooke.

Aimer de Valence, Earl of Pembrooke.

Margaret and John Son and Daughter to William de Valence.

John Waltham, * Bishop of Sarum, Treasurer of England. [Dyed 1395.]


Thomas Ruthal, Bishop of Durham, Anno 1522. [Rather 1524.] He was Secretary to King Henry the Seventh. Buried in the Chapel of St. John the Baptist.]

Gyles Lord D'Awbeny, Earl of Bridgewater, Chamberlain to King Henry the Seventh, An. 1508, and his Wife of the Family of the Arundels in Cornwall.

John Vicount Wells, 1498.

The Lady Katharine, Daughter to the Dutchess of Norfolk.

Sir Thomas Hungerford, Knight; Father to Sir John Hungerford of Downampney, Knight.

Hugh de Bohun and Mary his Sister, a Son and Daughter to Hugh de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex; and Elizabeth his Wife. [Daughter to K. Edward the First.]

Philip Dutchess of York, Daughter to the Lord Mohun; thrice married, to the Lord Fitzwalter, Sir John Golofer, and lastly, to the Duke of York. [Named Edward Plantagenet, Son of Edmund of Langley, fifth Son of Edward the Third, who was killed at the Battle of Agincourt. She was buried Anno 1474.]

William Sutton, alias Dudley, Bishop of Durham, [Son of John Lord Dudley. Dyed 1483.]

Nicolas Baron Carew, [who dyed in December 1470, and Margaret his Wife, who dyed the same Month and Year.]

Walter Hungerford, Son to Edmund. Sir John Golophre, [1396.]

Sir John Burley, * Knight, and Anne his Wife.

*Perhaps Beverly.

Humphrey Bouchiere, Lord Cromwel. [Son to Henry Earl of Essex.]

Henry Bouchiere, Son and Heir to John Lord Barons, [Berners] and both slain at Barnet.

Sit William Trussel, Knight. Sir Thomas Vaughan, Knight.

Frances Brandon, Dutchess of Suffolk; Mary her Daughter.

Sir John Hampden, Knight. Sir [Lodowick or] Lewis Vicount Robsart, Knight. Lord Bourchiere of Henalt, and his Wife, Daughter and Heir to the Lord Bourchiere. [He was an Alien, born in the Parts of Hainalt, and succeeeding Sir John Robsert in the Captain Ship of St. Saviour Le Vicount Normandy, was made free Denizen of this