[Character of London] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [by Sir T. Chaloner.]459

[Character of London] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [by Sir T. Chaloner.]

The Outside of the Walls be made of either hard Flint, or of Plaister, or else of Brick; and the Innersides be well strengthned with Timber-Work.

The Walls.

The Roofs be plain and flat, covered with a certain kind of Plaister, that is of no Cost; and yet so tempered, that no Fire can hurt or perish it; and withstandeth the Violence of the Weather, better than any Lead.

The Roofs.

They keep the Wind out of their Windows with Glass for it is there much used. And some were also with fine Linnen dipped in Oyl, or Amber; and that for two Commodities: For by this means more Light cometh in, and the Wind is better kept out.

Glass Windows.

To which I will subjoyn the Charcter of the same City, described in elegant Latin Verse, by another Person of Quality and Learning; and by Birth also a Citizen, living not long after the former; namely, Sir Tho. Chaloner, written upon occasion of the burning St. Paul's Church, Ann. 1561.

Description of London by Sir Tho. Chaloner.

URBS antiqua situ, domibus, populóq; superba,
LONDINUM, Thamesis præterlabentis & Undis:
Tot Regum longo variorum Regia Tractu:
An quòd amæna tibi facies hinc, inde viretis
Clauditur? Arboribúsq; frequens quod villa sub ipsis
Mænibus erigitur, patulis umbrosior Hortis?
An, quia navigero refluum tibi flumen in alveo
Innumeras toto merces conducit ab Orbe?
An, quia nubiferis tibi tanta Palatia surgunt
Turribus? An, potius tibi quòd numerosa caterva
Itq; reditq; vias, atq; ipsa undæntia complet
Compita? sive alio tandem te nomine jactas.