[Orders for Marshalling] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [the City of Lond.]455

[Orders for Marshalling] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [the City of Lond.]

After the Musters passed, the Major, the Marshall, and the Sargeant Major, shall ride round about the Citie, to see all the Wayes or Avenues that comes unto the Towne, to looke what Places are most fitt to place Gardes upon, what Streetes are most convenient to make places of Armes, or Randeuous general, for Assembly uppon any Alarum in: Which I think wilbe most necessarie in two Places: That is, One place of Assemblye shalbe at Leadenhall, which answeres Algate, Bushopsgate, the Bridge and directly into London: The other shalbe without Newgate, which answers Holbourne, Smithfield, Ludgate, and directly into London: to everie one of these Randeuouses shall, uppon any Alarum, assemble five Companies of five particular Regyments: The other five Companyes of everie one of those five Regyments shalbe thus employed, that is, one Companye shall goe to Algate, another Companye to Bushopsgate, and the other three Companyes of the Regyment shall stand in Armes in theire Quarter, tyll the Marshall or Sargeant Major, shall command them: So as upon any sodeyne Alarum, your Souldiers knowe whither and how to assemble without confusion, which is a matter of greate Weight. By this meanes your Lordships have two whole Companyes at eurye Gate: 20 Companyes at either of the places of Assembly, and one Companye in everye Streete of ymportance in London.

When your Collonells and Captaynes knowe whither to assemble uppon any Alarum (without confusion) which he shalbe shewed by the Marshall or Sargeant Major: Then shall the Sergeant Major, and his Corporalls haue five Companyes everie Day abroade in some private place to teache them to weare theire Furnitures, and to use theire Armes, so as in 20 Days the whole 15000 will knowe how to weare their Furniture, and to carrye theire Armes (which number I esteeme easye to be leavyed of the best and honestest sort) which is asmuche as for this tyme is requisite.

As you have here the Forme, how these Companyes shall enter into Garde, how to divide themselves to their Gardes, how to place there Centenells, and how to make the Ground. (Which Form shall every Night be observed; and when the Drums sounde, to put the Companyes that enter into Garde in Armes.) Then shall the Companyes that are in Garde, put themselves in Armes, and so stand upon theire Cordegard, tyll the Companye that enters into Garde, be possessed of the Cordegard. Then shall they depart, and marche orderlye to Garde home theire Colours: All which is onelye done to teache your Captaynes, Officers, and Souldiers, to know how to enter into Garde, how to place their Gardes, and how to stand upon theire Gardes: which is the most assuredst thinge that ever was devized for the safetie of anye Citie, Towne, Place, Camp, or Armye, which in the open Field without anye Covert in the World, of Wall, Trenche, or Carriage, will be as orderlye and safely performed, as in any Towne, if the Maister of the Campe have Judgement in placinge of the Armye, and the Sargeant Major Discretion in placing of the Gardes.

By this meanes, there is everie Night at 6 of the Clock, 10 Ensignes marching in London, which is drawne out of several Regiments, and severall Quarters, to make the greater Stirring, and greater Showe: And because Townes-Men love Ease and Profit, therefore, there shall onely remayne all Night, 25 at every Gate, and 50 at the Exchange. So as they enter into Garde but once everie 20 Dayes, and stand upon theire Garde but once in 60 Dayes, which is nothinge.

When the Gates, and chief Bodie of the Watche by the Exchange is possessed (for that you must never carrye out your Souldiers, but that you are first possessed of your Gardes for the assurance of your Retreate) Then shall the Sargeant Major have five Companyes every Daye abroade, and the Sargeant Major and every Regiment shall have one Companye abroade; to teach them to use theire Armes, to March, Assayle, Defend. So by this meanes there is everie Day in Armes, 9 particular Companies, with theire Sargeant Maior, and five Companyes with the Sargeant Maior General, and ten Companyes entring into Garde, and in Garde. So as there is 24 Companyes everie Daye in Armes.

Once everie 20 Dayes the Marshall and the Sargeant Major shall have one whole Regyment abroad, to teache them to Marche, and range them in Battell, and to use theire Armes, and once every two Monthes, the Major, the Marshall, the Sargeant Major, and the Provost, shall have all the Armye abroade for two Dayes, (saving the Companyes in Garde, and those that must enter the next Dayes into Garde: For you must never leave the Gardes ungarded, or unprovided of those that shall susteyne the Gardes,) whereby they shall know how to Marche, how to Garde in Camp, how to Range in Battell, and how to Lodge in the Feeld; for on their Marches it were good they should learne how to marche in Covert and Champion, how to attack, a Skyrmise; how to range soddenly in Battell, and how to assayle and defend. So as if her Majestie upon any sodden Occasion shall please to use this Army, they are at all tymes readie to Marche; and know how to Marche, how to Lodge, how to Garde, and how to use theire Armes, and (which is more,) knowe how to Command, and how to Obey. Which is onlye brought unto them by her Majesties great Care, and especiall Favour and Trust, with your Lordships Directions, and not anye wayes to theire Charges; for they onlye are charged with the Enterteynment of three Persons. Synce therefore it pleaseth her Majestie and your Lordship, to laye upon them this especiall Honour and Trust, as to make the Maior Lieftenant in makinge Collonells, Capteyns, Officers and Souldiers, being all Citizens, in suche an Honour, such a Trust, and such a gracious Favour, as never happened unto anye People, neither was the like ever heretofore done unto them, or anye other by anye Prynce.

As your Lordships have provided for the Marshalling of the Citie, so to prevent any Inconvenience that by anye forren Enemy may happen, which no wayes canne annoye London, (in respect of the Multitude of People therein) but by some soodeyne Attempt, which may breede verye greate Amazement and Fright, with most assured Daunger. If therefore to prevent anye soodeyn Furye, either of Horse or Foot, your Lordships shall please to give Directions, that everie end of everie Suburbe, there be 30 or 40 emptye Pipes, which shall be kept in some Place tyll occasion serve, and then to place them in such manner (as I will hereafter shew unto your Lordship, when it shall please you to Command;) so as 100 shall withstand anye 2000, till further ayde shalbe in a readynes.

My Meaning is not, that these Forces continually use this trayning and gardinge, but onlye duringe suche tyme as your Lordships shall best like; and that they be once well and orderly Marshalled, and reduced into good Form, being divided into Regyments and Companyes; that everie Capteyne maye know his Collonell, every Souldier knowe his Capteyne and Officer, whither to assemble upon anye Alarum, and how to as-