[Orders for safe keeping] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [of the City.]452

[Orders for safe keeping] The MILITARY GOVERNMENT. [of the City.]

themselves Scarfs and Feathers, and such like. This Training, no question, was ordered to prepare for any Attempt of the Queen's Enemies from Abroad, or at Home by secret Insurrections.

Thus were the Freemen of each Mystery charged. But besides this Charge upon the Freemen, the Strangers-born, and Foreigners, that is Unfreemen, that inhabited in the City or Suburbs, were also taxed in their several Wards, towards this Muster. As for Example,

In Cripplegate Ward0080608
In Limestreet Ward0030800
In Aldersgate within0041702
In Aldersgate without0041510
In these, and the rest of the Wards the Sum collected amounted to2890302
The several Companies stood charged with47350101
The whole Sum of the Charge of these Musters by the several Companies, besides some private Charges which could not be reduced to any Certainty, was50230403

Upon the dangerous Threatning from the Conspiracies by Papists carrying on, in September 1586, the City thought of putting themselves into a posture of Defence. And there was for that End drawn up, (to be considered by the Lords) a Book intituled, The Manner of ordering the Citizens of London, to the safe Keeping and Defence of that her Majesty's City, against the Traiterous and sudden Attempts of all Conspirators and Traitors whatsoever. Which, being so remarkable a Matter, and shewing the Vigilancy and Courage of the City at this Time, may deserve to be here exemplified:

The Citizens think of defending the City.

1. THat everie Alderman of his Warde, assisted with the gravest Inhabitants there, doe gather and register the Names of all suche Howse-howlders, their Children and Servants, as dwell in the same Warde, who openlye professe and shewe themselves to love the Gospel, and hate Poperie, being of sufficient Wealthe to mayneteyne their owne State, and able to beare Armes.

A Book drawn up for that purpose.

2. Item, That of the most apte of those Citizens, there be chosen out for special Leaders (everye of them to lead xxv of his Neighbours dwelling next him.) And that there be so manye of those Leaders, as after that rate shalbe sufficient to leade iiij. or v. thousand Men, or more or lesse, as shalbe thought meete: And that the sayd Nomber of Men chosen out of those, to be registred as aforesayd.

3. Item, That of the most valiante, grave and wise amonge the said registred Citizens, there be chosen Captaynes of Bandes, everie of them under severall Ensignes; to receave tenne of the sayd speciall Leaders, with everie of them his xxv Men. So shall there be two hundred and fifty Men under an Ensigne: And that they have their several Ensignes accordinglye.

4. Item, That of the said Citizens there be chosen to serve under everie suche of their Captaynes, their several Lyvetenantes, Ensigne-Bearers and Sergeantes, with a fit Drumster: And that there be assigned a Place certen to everye Captayen, whereunto he shall resorte upon any sudden Alarme. And that he know all his Officers, and those petty Leaders speciallie appointed, to bring his Men thither to him. And likewise that those Officers and Leaders know the same Place, and their Captayne.

5. Item, That after suche Election and Appointment as aforesaid, everie one applye himself to learne and knowe, howe to Exercise their several Offices and Romes, as apperteyneth. And that everie Householder, have readie in his Howse all Weapons and Furniture necessarie for himself and those of his Howse, to be appointed in this Service.

6. Item, That the Watches for the Nighte be kepte according to the former Order. But the same to be of more sufficient Persons; and that speciallie, there be at everie Gate a Watche from ix of the Clocke at Nighte, till vj in the Morning for the Wynter, and from x. to v. in the Sommer; and that the Portcullises at everie Gate be surveyed and made readie to use at any suddeyn, yf any nede be.

7. Item, That inasmuche as that syde of the Cytie, next the Ryver, lyeth open, That therefore from the Tower to Brydewell, they do appointe all alongest a sufficient Nomber of Watche Howses. And therein Nightlie to be good Watches to come and contyinue as at the Gate. And that all pryvate Kayes, Alleys and Wharfes during, the Howers aforesayd, be close shut upp in.

8. Item, That at thendes of Streetes be prepared Chaynes, as shalbe thought needfull, for interrupting thentrie and Passage of anye Adversarie.

9. Item, For quenching of sudden Fiers, yt wilbe necessarie to have a thowsand trustie Persons to carrie Leather Bucketts and Ladders. And that to them of the graver Cyttyzens, there be appointed Leaders, to lead them as nede may be, by hundreds and fiftyes, for to be readie to releve anye fiered Place. And that likewise, under like leading, there be appointed v hundred Pyoners with Mattockes and Shovells, ready to make Trenches and Rampyers at all Occasions.

10. Item, That the whole ordring and disposing of the Premisses, be at the Direction of the Lord Maior, Sheriffes and Aldermen, and suche grave Persons, as they shall take and chuse of the sayde Cyttye to assiste them; and soe from tyme to tyme, and not otherwise.

11. Item, Upon anye Alarme to be geven, everye Captayne forthwith to repayre to his appointed Place, and all his Officers, and the several Leaders, with their xxv Men a peece, forthwith to resorte to that Place to their special appointed Captaine. And two of those Captaines being placed next to the Lord Maiors Howse for the time being, with bothe their Bandes, to repayre ymmediatly to his Lordship. And to either of the Sheriffes in like sorte, to repayre one severall Captayne, with his severall Bande. And all other Captaines and their Companies to remayne at their appointed Places, till they receave Order from the Maior. And that in such case one general Watch Word be geven to everye Soldyer: And that they have some special Token, whereby everye of them may be knowen one to another.

12. Item, That upon any shewe, or suspicion of any dangerous Attempte discryed or perceyved by any of the Watches, that then forthwith they shall geve knowledge thereof to the Lord Maior, and Sheriffe, and to everye Alderman or his Deputie, in the several Wardes; that they maye call so manye to Armes, as in case by them shalbe thought convenient and sufficient.

13. Item,