[Orders set forth] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [by the Lord Maior.]437

[Orders set forth] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [by the Lord Maior.]

In the same Year 1580, Sir John Branch entring Lord Maior, when he came to the Court of Exchequer to take his Oath, the Lord Treasurer declared himself, for the neerness of his Place about the Queen's most excellent Majesty, to understand her Pleasure; and delivered unto him several Advertisements of certain Matters, to be had in remembrance, and dilgently lookt into.

Lord Treasurer's Directions to the new L. Maior.

First, For Execution of the Queen's late Proclamation, namely, against the Encrease of new Buildings, and Multiplication of Families within the City of London, and three Miles Compass of the same. Which Proclamation his Lordship said to have proceeded from Information given from the Maior himself: Who had Advertised the Council, that the Multitude in and about the City did so overgrow, that there was some Fear and Peril of ruling them. And further he alledged Three Considerations as Grounds of that Proclamation, viz. The overpeopling for Governance; especially of the worst and basest Sort: The Excess of Prizes of Vicutals and Fewel: And the Danger of the Plague and Infection. From which her Majesties Person could not be insured to be free.

Secondly, For Provisions of Hospitals, and other good Means to be thought of, in time of Health against time of Sickness.

Thirdly, The Conservation of the River of Thames. Wherein his Lordhsip made mention of the Cities Jurisdiction from London Bridge to Stanes. And therein did remember that Hatches, Stops and Wayres, wherewith Her Majesty was grieved, and found fault in the Passage of Her own Barge; beside the Multitude of Fry of Fish destroyed thereby, and made Meat for Swine. He also made mention of the Commodity of the River for bringing of Fewel, Victual and Carriages that way to the City: And concluded, That Order had been given for Redress thereof; but he heard not of the executing. It was answered, that it was done. And then he further said, that her Majesty did find fault with a great Enormity about the Bridge, by certain Things which she called Trinkers. Which her Pleasure was, that the Lord Maior should cause to be redressed.

Fourthly, His Lordship did remember certain leud Persons, Fugitives come from beyond the Seas, and especially from Rome; mislikers of the Religion, State and Government; and Practisers of Sedition; Persons dangerous to the Realm, and of whom the City of London being the greatest and wealthiest place of the Realm, had chief cause to beware; and where the greatest number of them lurked. And therefore he willed, that such should be diligently sought.

These Admonitions of so grave and wise a Counsellor, and delivered as the express Pleasure of the Queen, had this Success; that at the very first Court of this Maior, which was held November 3, 1580, it was ordered, that the Lord Maior and Aldermen should both in their own Persons, and with their earnest Travail, and by their inferior Officers see and cause the said Admonitions to be most carefully and vigilently lookt unto, and the said Disorders reformed, to the uttermost of their Power. And that therefore the Orders following should be forthwith put in Execution.

Orders of the Maior, Ann. 1580.

First, For the matter of new Building and Multiplication of Families, Precepts shall be directed to the several Aldermen of the Wards of this City, to call their several Inquests of Wardmote, upon their Oaths to enquire and present all Offences against the said Proclamation; both in erecting of new Buildings, and in letting out, or converting of former Houses to greater number of Habitations than heretofore have been: And also of the pestring of the City and Places adjoyning with Inmates, and with Encrease of Allies, and with Strangers; such as either come not hither for their Conscience in true Religion; or be of such Places as they may safely return: And also to enquire so neer as they can by credible Information, all Offences against the said Proclamation in places pretended exempt, and within three Miles without the Walls of the said City.

For new Buildings.

To the Intent, that for such Things as are in the Jursidiction of this City, speedy Remedy be given: And for the rest, Petition be made to the most Honourable Council. And that Precepts be sent to the Wardens of the several Companies of the Carpenters and Bricklayers, that none of their Companies do work in any such New Buildings, or severance of former Houses, on pain of Imprisonment, during the Councils Pleasure, or Disfranchisement for ever.

Secondly, For the matter of Plague and Infection, the Ministers of this Court shall be commanded to seek out the Orders heretofore sent by the Lords of the most Honourable Council, and also those that have been considered by the Common Council of this City, and allowed by the said Lords in this behalf. And certain grave Persons, both Aldermen and Commoners, shall be appointed in Commission eftsones to consider thereof, and of all Places convenient; and for further Orders, both in clean keeping of Streets, Lanes and Houses, and otherwise requisite in that behalf. And thereof inform this Court: That Order may be taken accordingly with the good liking of the most Honourable Lords.

For the Plague.

Thirdly, For the matter of Conservation of the River of Thamise. And first for Weyers and Stops about the Bridge, it is ordered that the Water-Bailiff shall be called, and commanded to deliver in Writing a true, distinct and particular Report of the State of the River, and how Her Majesties late Commandment hath been executed according to the Laws of this Realm, and Right of the City. And for the matter of Trinkers, he shall likewise enquire by all lawful means; and certify this Court of the Quality of those Trinkers, their Number, their Places and manner of Fishing; what harm they do and how and in what sort they may and ought to be reformed. And for all other Matters pertaining to this City to redress touching the River, and the Navigableness and Fishing thereof, he shall truly inform. That for such Things as lie within the Power of this City to amend, Remedy be given speedily. And for the rest, Suit be made to Her Majesty and Her Council; and Refomation sought by order of Her Majesties Laws.

For conserving the Thames.

For the Trinkers.

And this Service, for the more speedy doing thereof, it is ordered that Anthony Hall be required to be assistant to the said Water Bailiff with his Travail and Diligence: And that at such times yearly as the Water-Bailiff goeth up with Citizens for view of the Thamise, the said Anthony Hall shall always be one of the said Citizens.

Fourthly, And lastly, for the matter of Popish and Seditious Rumour-spreaders, it is ordered, that special Precepts be directed to all the Aldermen by all means to make diligent Enquiry and Search for such Persons; and specially for such as come to the City by Water: And that there be special Persons, known well affected in Religion, appointed to examine such Suspects as shall be for those Causes brought unto them, and thereupon Her Majesties Council be speedily Advertised.

And for Rumour-Spreaders.

Near about this time, divers good Orders were appointed to be executed in the City of London for setting Rogues and idle Persons to work, and for relief of the Poor. Arts, Occupations, Works

Orders for the Poor.