[Antient Orders] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [and Appointments.]432

[Antient Orders] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [and Appointments.]

not occupied at the Gates, to continue in walking the Circuite whereunto they are appointed.

Item, In walking their Circuites before mencioned, that they fail not to go once every Daie to the Collectours Houses, in every Parish within the Circuit; to understand of them or some of their Neighbours, if either Vacabonnde, Beggers, Children, or Masterles Men or Women be in the Streates of their Parishes; that by them they may be Apprehended.

Item, That one of the said Beadles twyse everie Daie (that is to saie at vij a Cloke in the Morninge, and at one in the Afternone) shall repaire to the Treasurar of the Howse wheare he serveth, to knowe his Pleasure.

Item, For London Bridge, the Barges of Gravesende and other Tide Boates coming up in the Daie tyme, the better to apprehend the Vagabonds, Beggers, Children, and Masterlesse Men and Women, and the Bringers of them, Whereuppon there is iiij of the same xvj Beadells appoynted to attend every Day; that is to saie, ij of them from vij of the Clocke in the Morninge, untill one at Afternone; and th'other twaine for to be ij of St. Thomas Hospitall onlie, for that it is in their owne Circuite; and they to remaine from one of the Clocke until vij at Night; and one of the twaine (when the Tyde happeneth in tyme of theire Attendance, either in the Forenone or Afternene) shall repaire to Billingegate, and to the Lyon Key, to the Purpose before declared: Provided alwayes that one of the same ij Beadles thear appointed, be one of them last admitted: to th'intent he may growe the more perfect in his Dewtie, by th'Instruction of his Fellowe. And the Appoyntment of the Forenones Attendannce shall be as followeth;

 { Mondaie, one of Christes Hospital and one of St. Bartholomewes.
 { Twesdaie, one of St. Thomas Hospital and one of Bridewell.
 { Wednesdaie, one of Christes Hospital and one of St. Bartholomews.
Uppon{ Thursdaie, one of St. Thomas Hospital and one of Bridewell.
 { Fridaie, one of Christes Hospital and one of St. Bartholomewes.
 { Satterdaie, one of St. Thomas Hospital and one of Bridewell.
 { Sondaie, one of Christes Hospital and one of St. Bartholomewes.

Item, Those Beadles which serve the said Place fower tymes on one Weke, shall serve but iij tymes the next Weke followinge.

Item, When the Vagabonds be set on Work abroade, then iiij Beadells that shall attend dailie uppon them, shall be appoynted in the like Ordre as the Appoyntment is for London Bridge, saving that those which serve the Bridge one Daie, shall serve in the Attendaunce of the Vagabonds the Daie next followinge, and to be one of every Howse. And they shall conduct them from their Lodginge to their Worke, whearesoever it shall happen to be, and very diligentlie attend that they Loyter not; and at Night also conduct them to their appoynted Lodginge.

Item, That all the Vagabonds and sturdie Beggers, with all the Masterless Men or Women by them apprehended, shall be caried to Bridewell, and to none other Place, of what Howse soever the Beadles be that take them.

Item, That all the Aged, Impotent, Sick, Sore, Lame and Blind Persons taken by anie of the saide Beadles, shall by them be apprehended and caried to St. Bartholomews and St. Thomas Hospital.

Item, That all the Children taken by them, (being under th'Age of xvj Yeares) be brought to Christs Hospital.

Forthermore, it is agrede by the saide Courte, That yf anie of the saide xvj Beadles neglect anie parte of their Dutie which to them is appointed, either by theise foresaid Ordres prescribed, or other for them appoynted, or hereafter to be appoynted, or at anie tyme they take any manner of Bribes, or the poore Peoples Monie from them; the Governoures of that House wheare they serve, (by an Ordre taken before the Lorde Maior and Courte of Aldermen) shall not onlie deprive the saide Persone of his Office, Stafe and Lyverie, and place another at their Discression, but further ponishe the said Offender accordinge to his deserts in that behalfe. And here ends these Orders.

The Recorder (tho' not this Year, but divers Years after) gave this Advice for the finding out Felons in London. "I take this Course, as I think, to be the best and surest way to find out Felons, Thieves, and such like: Viz. That my Lords direct their special Letters of Commandment to my Lord Maior, that he give Order to every Alderman, and to their several Deputies, to cause several Constables and Beadles of each Ward, each Man within his Precinct, to take every Night an account of every Guest that lodgeth in their House, and to enter the same into a Book, and to present the same unto their Alderman; and so the Aldermen over to my Lord Maior. The which thing is even as easy to be done as it was at Calais, being English. For the Charge and Precinct of every Constable in Calais, was as big as the Precinct of any Constable in London. And this being duly executed, it would be an Example to the whole Realm to do the like. And by this means (which is but the due Execution of the ancient Laws of the Realm) should be avoided great Whoredoms, Murthers, Thefts, unlawful Assemblies, Conspiracies, Confederacies and such like; and in the end, save numbers from Tybourn."

The Recorder's Advice for the discovery of Felons.

J. S.

But notwithstanding the former Order, and the Charges committed to the Beadles of the Hospitals to clear the City of Vagabonds and Beggars, it had not its full Effect. For in the Year 1570, or thereabouts, the City swarmed again with Beggars; many whereof were valiant and sturdy Rogues, and Masterless Men and Vagrants, and maimed Soldiers. For the preventing the Mischief occasioned by some of these, and the great Annoyance they gave the City, the City took a more regular Course; and appointed a Committee to treat with some fit Persons to be Marshals of the City; who should take some good Course with these wandering People, for the clearing of the Streets of them, and appointing them to their several Places and Punishments, if they deserved it. And these were to be armed and well assisted with Servants for the safer Execution of their Office. These Committees chose two able Persons. Viz. William Sympson and John Read, to take upon them this Office, to be the City Marhsals, for the Consideration of six Shillings and eight Pence a day, for ther of them and their Horses, and six Persons apiece to attend on each every Day, at 12d. apiece; which is twelve Shillings the Day for either of them. The Appointment of those Men to be left unto the Marshals themselves, to make the better Choice of fit Men for their Purpose. They required moreover, that one Month's Pay, amounting to 35l. 9s. 4d. at 28 Days to the Month, for them and their Attendance, might be paid them aforehand, the better to furnish them in their Preparation and Wants. And to help forward this Work, tending to so notable a Purpose, with all speed to be expedited, the Committees

Two City Marshals appointed.