[Orders and Appointments] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [for the City.]431

[Orders and Appointments] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [for the City.]

A Collection of divers Orders and Appointments made for the City: With divers remarkable Matters happening in Queen Elizabeth's Reign. Proclamations and Orders. The present State of London as to its Wealth; And Health. Weekly Bills of Mortality. Plagues in London. Number of Souls: And the Increase of the Inhabitants.

TO all this I subjoin a Collection of particular Orders and Appointments, by way of Journal, made according as Matters occurring gave occasion, through the best part of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

J. S.

Anno 1563, the Infection of the Plague beginning to threaten the City, July the 5th, Commandment came from the Queen to the Maior. And the Maior sent for the Master and Wardens of the Company of Clarks; and commanded them, That they should inquire within their respective Parishes, whether any died of the Plague, and to make a Certificate thereof. And that the Curates and Churchwardens shall give them Warning of any House, when the Plague shall happen in it. And they shall command, that they shall not come to the Church for the space of a Month next following, after that the Plague hath been in the House. And so to have a Cross on the Door of every House, of Blue; and a Writing under the Cross, [signifying the Infection to be there, and to avoid it.]

Orders about the Plague.

Four Days after, a Commandment was issued out, That every Man, in every Street and Lane, should make Bonefires three times in the Week, in order to the ceasing of the Plague, if it so pleased God. And so to continue these Fires every where, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

For making Fires.

There came forth another Proclamation in the beginning of August, from the Lord Maior, against Dogs running about the Streets: And Notice given that a Man was hired to kill Dogs, as many as he could find in the Streets; and that he had a Fee to look every Day and Night for them.

Anno 1569. For the preventing of all idle Persons and begging People, whether Men, Women or Children, or other masterless Vagrants, an effectual Order was made in April the said Year, to take them all up, and to dispose of them in some of the four Hospitals of London, by the sixteen Beadles belonging to the same. Who had their several Standings and Walks in every Ward. Those that were Vagabonds and sturdy Beggars, they were to carry to Bridewel. Those that were aged, impotent, sick, sore, lame or blind, to St. Bartholomew's, or St. Thomas's Hopsital. And all Children under the Age of sixteen, to Christ's Hospital. And this Order was made at a Meeting of the Governours of all the Hospitals. The true Copy of which is as followeth.

Order for taking up Vagabonds.

J. S.

Anno Domini 1569. April.

ORDERS to be observed by the xvj. Beadles appointed at a Courte holden in Christ's Hospital, in Presence of the Governours of all the iiij Houses, Viz.


The Circuite appoynted to the 4 Beadles of Christs Hospital.{ Cheape Ward.
{ Cripplegate Within and Without.
{ Aldrichegate Warde.
{ Farringtonne Within, and so moche of Farrington Without under the Deputie of Saincte Sepulchres.
The Circuite appoynted to the 4 Beadles of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.{ Cornhill Warde.
{ Colmanstreate Warde.
{ Byshopesgate Warde.
{ Broadstreate Warde.
{ Bassingshall Warde.
{ Allgate Warde.
{ Lymestreate Warde.
{ Portstoken Warde.
The Circuite appoynted to the 4 Beadles of St. Thomas's Hospital.{ Towre Warde.
{ Dowgate Warde.
{ Candellwekestrete Warde.
{ Bridge Warde.
{ Byllingsgate Warde.
{ Walbroke Warde.
{ Langbourne Warde.
The Circuite appoynted to the 4 Beadles of Bridewell.{ Castell Baynard Warde.
{ Quenehith Warde.
{ Breadstreate Warde.
{ Vintrie Warde.
{ Cordwayner Warde.
{ Farrington Without, except the Precinct of the Deputie of St. Sepulchres.

All which are to be diligently attended, over and above these Orders hereunder prescribed; that is to saie,

Fyrste, That there do attend at all the Gates of this Cittie everie Morninge from three of the Clocke, untill seven in the Forenone, and from seven in the Eveninge, untill eleven at Nyght; And also at the Tyde tymes fallinge in the Night, as well at Byllingsgate, as at Lyon's Keye, one of the sayde xvj Beadles; thear to watche the coming of all Vagabonnds, Beggers, Children, and Masterles Men and Women: To the intent they may by them be apprehended. Provided allwaies, That the saide Beadles so agree and accord together, that they indifferentlie appoynt themsellves for the accomplishment of their Attendance in this behalf, so that one attend as moch, and as often as another.

Item, That the Beadelle, (in whose Circuite standeth anie of the Gates of this Cittie) faile not to see the same Gates continually attended all the Daie long, from vij of the Clock in the Forenone, untill vij at Night: and soche other of them as be