[Act for the] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Markets.]430

[Act for the] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Markets.]

hindred and decayed, to the great Prejudice and Damage of the Citizens of the City:

Now for the Effectual preventing and suppressing the said Mischiefs for the Time to come; Be it Enacted and Ordained by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council assembled.

And it is hereby Enacted by the said Court, and by the Authority of the same, That from and after the 25th Day of December, now next Ensuing, no person or persons whatsoever, whether Frée or not Frée of this City, shall Sell or Expose to Sale in the said Publick Markets, called Leaden-Hall Market, the Green-Yard or Herb Market, Stocks Market, Hony-Lane Market, Newgate Market or in any or either of them, or in any other such like Market or Market Grounds thereunto belonging, within this City and Liberties of the same, any Mercery Wares, Lace and Linnen; Grocery or Confectionary Wares. Ironmongers Wares, Braziers Wares, Hosiers Wares, Cutlers Wares, Tin Wares, Drapery Wares, Millenary Wares, Glasses or Earthen Wares, Toys or any such like Commodities or Merchandizes, which are Sold in the open Shops or Ware-Houses of the Frée Men of this City and Liberties thereof; upon pain to forfeit and pay for every such Offence (by him, her or them committed or done to the contrary) the Sum of Three Pounds, of Lawful Money of England; to be Sued for and Recovered, with Reasonable Costs of Suit, by Action or Actions of Debt, to be brought and prosecuted within Fourtéen Days after such Offence or Offences shall be Committed, in the Name of the Chamberlain of this City for the Time being, in the Court holden before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the said City.

Which said Sum or Sums of Money so Forfeited and Recovered from Time to Time, (the Necessary Charges for the Recovery thereof being first deducted) shall be to the Uses, and disposed of as followeth; That is to say, One Moiety thereof to be paid and delivered to the Treasurer of St. Thomas's Hospital, to be Employed towards the Relief of the Poor, Sick and Maimed, provided for and maintained in the said Hospital: And the other Moiety to him or them that shall and doth Prosecute and Sue for the same (in manner as aforesaid) from Time to Time: Any Law, Custom or Usage to the Contrary thereof notwithstanding.

London, April 15, in the 4th Year of Jac. I.

IT was then Enacted by the Common-Council of London, That no Person or Persons whatsoever, not being Free of that City, should at any time after the Feast of St. Michael then next ensuing, by any Colour or Ways whatsoever, directly or indirectly (by themselves, or by any other) shew, sell or put to sale by Retail, any Wares or Merchandizes whatsoever, (Victuals only excepted) within the City of London, or the Liberties or Suburbs thereof, upon pain to forfeit and pay, for every such Offence, the Sum of Five Pounds.

Note, This Act is Recited at large in the 8th Part of Coke's Reports, upon a Case solemnly Argued thereon in Hillary Term 7 Jac. I. call'd The City of London's Case, being between the Chamberlain and one Waggoner.