[Acts of Com. Coun.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [agst Hawkers, &c.]429

[Acts of Com. Coun.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [agst Hawkers, &c.]

and Statutes of this Realm, a good and sufficient pair of Stocks, at, or before the said first day of August shall be made, provided and set up (if not already done) in some convenient and publick place in every respective Ward within this City, and shall be from time to time kept in good and sufficient repair at the Costs and Charges of the several and respective Wards of this City.

And it is hereby further Enacted and Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That all, and every the Forfeitures, Penalties, Sum and Sums of Money so forfeited, and to be paid by force and virtue of this present Act aforesaid, shall, and may be sued for and recovered by Action or Actions of Debt, to be brought and presented in the Name of the Chamberlain of this City, for the time being, in any of their Majesties Courts of Record within this City, where Actions of Debt may be brought, and that the Sum or Sums so recovered (the Costs of such Suit being first deducted) shall be disposed of as followeth, viz. one Moiety to the use of the Mayor and Commonalty, and Citizens of this City, and the other Moiety to him or them that shall or will first discover and sue for the same, according to the Ancient Custom of this City in that behalf.

Provided always nevertheless, that this present Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to, or be construed, or taken to hinder or prevent any Maker or Makers of any Stuffs, Silks, Wares or Goods whatsoever, from carrying or causing to be carried abroad any such Goods by him or them so made, to Sell or expose to Sale to any the Inhabitants, Fréemen of this City or Liberties thereof, Exercising the Trade of Selling and Uttering by Retail or Wholesale such respective Goods and Wares, who shall or may buy the same to sell again, any thing in this present Act contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

And Whereas also divers Good Acts have béen heretofore made and are still in force to prevent the Irregular and Disorderly Selling or exposing to Sale, out of the Lawful Markets, Fish, Fruits, Roots, Herbs, and Plants under several Penalties; Therefore it is hereby declared and provided, That no new or further penalty imposed by this present Act shall extend to any person or persons inhabiting in this City or the Liberties thereof, for Selling or exposing to Sale any of the said Goods, or to prohibit any person or persons from buying the same, nor to any person or persons whatsoever, who shall at any time hereafter Sell or expose to Sale any unbound Books, Almanacks, or Gazettes, licensed Pamphlets, or Papers whatsoever.

Provided also, that no person shall be Sued or Prosecuted for any Penalty imposed by this Act, unless such Suit or Prosecution shall be Commenced within the space of one Month next after such Offence committed, any thing in this Act to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' Civit' LONDON, die Veneris, Vicesimo quinto die Octobr', Anno Dom. 1695; Annoque Regni Domini WILLIELMI Tertii, Regis Angliæ, &c. Septimo: Coram Thoman Lane Mil', Major' dictæ Civitat', Thoma Stampe, Mil' Alderman. Salathiel Lovell, Mil' Servien' ad Legem ac Recordator' dictæ Civitat; Ricardo Levit, Mil'; Willielmo Hedges, Mil'; & Thoma Smart Armig', Alderman'; Necnon major' parte Communiar' dictæ Civitat' in eodem Com' Concil' tunc & ibidem Assemblat'.

An Act of Common Council, for the prevention of Hawkers, Pedlers, Petty Chapmen and Others therein mentioned, from exposing to Sale, vending or selling several Wares and Merchandizes in the Publick Markets within the City of London, and the Liberties thereof.


WHEREAS by the Laws, Customs and Ancient usages of the City of London, Confirmed by Parliament, every Shop and Warehouse within the said City, and Liberties of the same, having open Shew into any of the Streets and Lanes thereof, have Time out of Mind béen known and accustomed to be, and in very déed is an Open and Publick Market Place for persons Frée of the said City, for every Day of the Wéek, except Sundays, for Shew and Sale of Wares and Merchandizes within the said City and the Liberties thereof:

And whereas all other Publick Markets, within this City and the Liberties of the same; That is to say, Leaden-Hall Market, the Green Yard or Herb Market, Stocks Market, Hony-Lane Market, Newgate Market, and all other such like Markets, were and are Appointed and Ordained by the Laws and Constitutions of this City, to be held and used upon particular and certain Days only in the Wéek, and on certain Hours of such Days, as Open Markets for all Foreigners and Free Men and Women to use and resort unto for Sale of Flesh, Fish, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Fruit, Herbs, Roots, and such like Victuals and Food, for the Support and Sustenance of the Citizens and other Inhabitants of the said City and Liberties of the same; And were not appointed for any other use or purpose whatsoever, save for the Sale of Raw Hides, Tann'd Leather, Tallow and Wool, as appears by the Laws and Orders of the Court of Aldermen and Common Council, for Regulating the same:

But nevertheless, for want of due Encouragement in the Execution thereof, several Hawkers, Pedlars, and Petty Chapmen and Others, contrary to the said Constitution and proper Use and Intention of the said Markets, do now come to the said Markets, and there Sell and expose to Sale Mercery Wares, Lace and Linnen; Grocery Wares, Confectionary Wares, Drapery Ware, Millenary Wares, Glasses and Earthen Wares; Ironmongers Wares, Braziers Wares, Turners Wares, Hosiers Wares, Cutlers Wares, Tin Wares, Toys and other Wares and Merchandizes, and such like Commodities, which by the Usage and Customs of the City ought only to be sold in the Shops and Warehouses of the Free Men of this City, and Liberties of the same; By Reason whereof the Publick Markets and Market Places appointed only for the Sale of Victuals, Food, Herbs, Roots, Raw Hides, Tann'd Leather, Tallow and Wool, as before-mentioned, are become Incombred and made Inconvenient for the Exposing the same to Sale, and the Prices of Victuals much Enhanced thereby, and the Trades used to be Exercised in the Shops and Warehouses in the said City and Liberties thereof are much