[Acts of Com. Coun.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [for Tackle Porters.]415

[Acts of Com. Coun.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [for Tackle Porters.]

"fraud them of Part of the Money they have laboured for; and they do very often employ great numbers of Unfreemen under them, whilst your Petitioners, with other Ticket Porters, stand idle, and are not permitted to work."

"Which Practices are not only injurious to the Publick, by advancing the Prices of Labour, but a great Oppression upon your Petitioners and their poor Families, who are ready to starve by reason thereof."

"All which your Petitioners humbly lay before this Worshipful Committee, desiring that they may be admitted to manifest the Truth of their Complaints, and may have such Relief in the Premises as to your Worhsips shall seem reasonable."
And your Petitioners shall ever pray, &c.

And for the further Knowledge concerning the Tackle-House, and Ticket Porters, and publick Beams, these Acts of Common Council, one made Anno 1607, and another Anno 1646, and the third Anno 1712, were set forth the said Year, viz.

Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guihald' Civitat' London, vicesimo sexto die Martii 1607, Annoq; Regni Regis JACOBI, Angliæ, &c. quinto. Coram Johanne Watts Mil', Majore Civitatis London, Johanne Garrard Mil', Thoma Bennet Mil', Leonardo Halliday Mil', Henrico Rowe Mil', Johanne Swinerton Mil', ac Thoma Hayes Mil', ac Aldermannis, Galfrido Ellwayes Aldermanno, & Willielmo Walthall, ac Johanne Leman Aldermannis & Vicecom' ac majore parte Communiarior' de Communi Concilio ejusdem Civitat' adtunc & ibidem præsen' existen'.

WHere divers Complaints have at sundry times heretofore been made to the Court of Lord Maior and Aldermen of this City, by Fréemen Porters of the Tackle-houses of the said City, against other Stréet Porters working in the said City, for interdealing with Work and Business, touching shipping and unshipping of Goods and Merchandizes, as well of Merchants frée of this City, as of others not frée, with which Business the said Stréet-Porters have not presumed to deal, until of late time.

Concerning Tacklehouse Porters, and Street Porters , and Porter-Packers. Regulation of them.

And where the said Stréet Porters have likwise complained of the said Tackle-house Porters, for that by ancient Laws and Orders procured, as they alledge, by the said Tackle-house Porters, the Stréet Porters are restrained to interdeal in the Labour of lading and unlading, shipping and unshipping of sundry sorts and kinds of Goods and Merchandizes, which they pretend heretofore to have done.

And where the Fréemen Tackle-house Porters, and the Stréet Porters vehemently complained against the Porters under the Packer of the said City, for that they of late time have, contrary to Usage, intruded into the Labour and Business of packing, shipping and unshipping, lading and taking up, as well of the Goods of English Merchants as of Strangers, where they have béen accustomed to deal only in the Labour of packing, shipping, unshipping, lading and taking up the Goods and Merchandizes of Merchant Strangers only.

And where there hath also Complaint béen made to the said Court, that the Packers of the Goods of English Merchants are most of them no Fréemen of the said City.

And where the Stréet Porters and others, as well Fréemen as Foreigners, have many times used, and yet daily use in the said City and Liberties thereof, a Triangle with Beam, Scales and Weights, as well at the Water-side as at Inns, Warehouses, and at other Places of the said City, for weighing of Woad, and other Goods and Merchandizes of sundry Merchants and others, to the very great Hindrance of the Benefit growing to the Hospitals in the said City, by weighing at the Great Beam at the Weigh-house, commonly called the King's Beam.

And where by Toleration of Foreigners without Restraint or Order, as well to work under the Packer for the said City in the Business of Merchant Strangers, as to be Stréet Porters, as also to be Porters-packers of the Goods of English Merchants in the said City, many People of bad and lewd Condition daily resort from the most part of this Realm to the said City, Suburbs and Places adjoining, procuring themselves small Habitations, namely, one Chamber-Room for a poor Foreigner and his Family, in a small Cottage with some other as poor as himself, in the City, Suburbs, or Places adjacent, to the great increase and pestering of this City with poor People; many of them proving Shifters, living by cozening, stealing and imbezzeling of Mens Goods, as Opportunity may serve them, removing from place to place accordingly; many times running away, forsaking their Wives and Children, leaving them to the Charge of the said City, and the Hospitals of the same.

For Redress of all which Complaints and Enormities, It is Enacted, Ordained and Established by the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, the Aldermen his Brethren, and the Commons in this Common Council assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That no person or persons whatsoever shall at any time hereafter be admitted or allowed in any of the Tackle-houses in the said City, as a Master or Fellow Porter, unless he be a Frée man of the said City, and shall be thereunto admitted and allowed by the Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants of such Worshipful Company of this City as shall have a Tackle-house, or hath had usual Porters appertaining to a Tackle-house in the said City.

And that no person or persons be henceforth admitted or allowed to be a Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants, or Stréet Porters to work and labour within this City and Liberties thereof, unless he be, or shall be frée of the said City, and allowed and thought fit to be such a Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants, or such a Stréet Porter, by the Alderman and four of the Common Council at the least, of the Ward where such Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants, or such a Stréet Porter, shall reside and dwell.

And if such person or persons so to be admitted to use the Feat either of a Porter-packer or Strée Porter, shall not be dwelling in any Ward of this City, then he or they to receive his or their Allowance to use the Feat of a Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants, or to be a Stréet Porter within the said City and Liberties thereof, from time to time, by the Alderman, or his Deputy, and four of the Common Council at the least, of the Ward wherein such Porter-packer or Stréet Porter shall happen to be found most emnployed in Work, four of the Master Porters of the said Tackle-houses being always called to the presenting, allowance and admittance of every such Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants or Stréet Porter.

Provided always, that every person so to be admitted to be a Porter-packer of the Goods of English Merchants or Stréet Porter, shall from time to time bring good Certificate in writing to the said Alderman or his Deputy, and four Commoners, under the Hands of his honest Neighbours, of his good Behaviour, and of his certain place of Abode; to the end that every person, so as aforesaid to be admitted a Porter, his Name and place of abiding may be Registred in a Book from time to time, to remain with