[Acts of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Common Council.]413

[Acts of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Common Council.]

first Offence 20s. Sterling. For the second Offence 40s. Sterling. For the third Offence Four Pounds. For the fourth Offence Eight Pounds. And so the Penalty to be doubled for every Offence from time to time, so often as he or she shall offend against the true Meaning of this Act. Nor any Person dwelling or inhabiting in or near Cheapside, Newgate Market, Gracechurch-street, or Leadenhall-street, take, require or exact any Sums of Money, or other thing of any Person or Persons, for or in respect of their standing or sitting in their several Places, or any of them, upon the like Forfeitures, as aforesaid; but that all and every Person and Persons resorting to the said Markets, or any of them, with their Victuals, shall and may sit, stand and put to Sale their Victuals in the common and open Markets, there freely, without paying any thing therefore, other than the ancient known Duties. Provided always, That such as keep Stues, or Places of Store for Pike and Carp, shall and may lawfully sit and abide in the Streets and Markets of this City and Suburbs, during the Hours appointed for Market, to utter their Fish; any thing in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding.

Also, be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That no Person or Persons resorting to this City, or the Suburbs thereof, with any Victuals, shall open his, her or their Dorsers, or make shew of the said Victuals, to sell the same, until he, she or they bring the same to the common Market-place, and until Morning Market-Bell begin to ring; nor shall stay longer in the said Market than One in the Afternoon, upon pain for each Offence to forfeit, viz. for the first Offence 20s. for the second Offence 40s. and so from time to time, so often as he or she shall offend against the true Intent of this Act; the Penalty to be doubled as the Offence shall be multiplied. Provided always, That it shall and may be lawful for such as by themselves, their Wives, Children or Servants, shall bring Pease, Beans, Strawberries, Rasberries, or Milk, to the Markets or Streets of this City, to sell, being of their own Growth or Milking, to stay and tarry there so long as he or they shall see cause; any Thing or Clause in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding.

And be it further Enacted, That every several common Market of this City, and Liberties thereof, where want is, shall have a Market-Bell set up in a convenient Place therein, at the Charge of the Chamber; and that the Market-Bell in every several Market within this City and the Liberties thereof, shall be rung twice in every Market-Day, viz. the first ringing thereof from Lady-day to Michaelmas, to be at Seven a Clock in the Morning, and not before; and from Michaelmas to Lady-day to be at Eight a Clock in the Morning, and not before. Before which Times and Hours, by the true meaning of this Act, it shall not be lawful for any Person or Persons to open their Dorsers, or, set their Victuals or Provisions to Sale. And after the said Bell begins to ring, it shall not be lawful for any to hide, shadow or conceal their Victuals brought to Market, but shall openly shew the same. The second ringing of the said Bell shall begin at every several Market within this City and Liberties, half an hour after Eleven in the Forenoon, and so shall continue ringing for half an hour, until Twelve of the Clock. At which Hour, by the true meaning of this Act, the Retailers and Traders of this City and Liberties, may lawfully enter to make their Provisions, and buy up the remainder of the Markets, and carry the same to their Houses or Shops, and not before, upon such Pains and Penalties as in this present Act is set forth and expressed.

A Market Bell to be set up in every Market, to be rung twice a Day.

And lastly, It is Ordered, That all his Majesty's Officers, Ministers, and loving Subjects within this City and Liberties thereof, shall be aiding and assisting to any Person or Persons who shall labour and endeavour in the due Execution of the Premises. All which Pains, Penalties, Forfeitures, and Sums of Money to be forfeited by vertue of this Act or Ordinance, shall be recovered by Action of Debt, Bill or Plaint, to be commenced and prosecuted in the Name of the Chamberlain of the City of London for the time being, in the King's Majesty's Court to be holden in the Chamber of the Guild-Hall of the City of London, before the Maior and Aldermen of the same City, wherein no Essoin or Wager of Law shall be admitted or allowed for the Defendant. And that the Chamberlain of the same City, shall, for the time being, in all Suits to be prosecuted (by vertue of this Act or Ordinance against any Offender) recover the ordinary Costs of Suit to be expended in and about the Prosecution thereof. And if the Suit pass for the Defendant, to recover his Costs. And further, That one Moiety of all Forfeitures to be recovered by vertue hereof, (the Costs of the Suit for the Recovery thereof being deducted and allowed) shall be, after the Recovery and Receipt thereof, paid and delivered to the Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, to be employed towards the Relief of the poor Children, to be brought up and maintained in the said Hospital. And the other Moiety to him or them which shall first give Information of the Offences for which such Forfeitures shall grow, and prosecute Suit in the Name of the Chamberlain of the said City, for Recovery of the same; any thing in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding.



BY an Act of Common Council made the 17th of September 1674, it is Ordered, That the Market-Bell in each Market shall be rung thrice every Market Day: The first ringing to begin at Six a Clock in the Morning, for the beginning of the Market: The second ringing at Ten in the Forenoon, for Retailers then, and not before, to enter into the Market, to buy and carry away what Victuals they need. And if any Retailer shall obtain or get into his or their Hands, any Victuals brought into the Markets to be sold, before the ringing of the Bell at Ten of the Clock, as aforesaid, and shall sell the same again in any of the Markets within this City or Liberties, he or they shall for every such Offence forfeit and pay the Sum of 40s. one Moiety to the Prosecutor, and the other to Christ's Hospital. The third ringing of the Bell to be at Eight a Clock in the Evening every Market Day, except Saturday, and then at Ten a Clock at Night, for raising the said Markets.

Market Bell to be rung thrice every Market Day.

WHereas contrary to the Laws of this Kingdom, and By-Laws of the City of London, great numbers of Porters within the said City and Liberties, have entered into Combinations, Covenants and Confederacies, and have taken upon them to set up, keep and exercise common Beams, Scales, Weights and Tackle, for the weighing of Goods and Merchandizes between Buyers and Sellers: By which means Merchants and others, are imposed upon in the Prices of Labour and otherwise: And great numbers of Ticket Porters, who cannot raise forty or fifty Pounds each, to pay for their Admission into some Confederate Gang, are kept out of Work, and reduced to extream Poverty: And the said City is defeated thereby of its ancient Rights and Franchises in the Office of TRONAGE; One of these Gangs, of about twenty Men, having set up, and exercising above Thirty Beams, as appears by their own shewing: Now for the better Information of all whom it

An Abuse practised by Porters.

Ri. Bromley.