[Sun Fire Office.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Union Fire Office.]408

[Sun Fire Office.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Union Fire Office.]

If any Member die, his Interest shall go to his Executors. Art. 34.

This Settlement to be binding to all Persons becoming Members of the Contributionship (as well as those who subscribed the same) and to their Executors, Administrators and Assigns respectively. Art. 36.

The SUN Fire Office is of later Date, still for the same End and Purpose, and for Insuring Goods as well as Houses: And their Method is, to give Notice in the Gazette, for such as have suffered any Loss by Fire, to come to their Office, (whosoever have insured there) and shew it; in such a Form:

The Sun Fire Office.

SUN Fire Office, London.


"THE Company give Notice, that their Quarterly Meeting will be held at their Office behind the Royal Exchange, on Monday the 14th of Septemb. 1717 instant, at Nine on the Forenoon. At which Time all Persons, who have sustained any Loss by Fire, are desired to attend to receive their full Monies for the same."

The Company of the Sun Fire Office undertakes the Insuring Houses, moveable Goods, Merchandize, Furniture and Wares, from Loss and Damage by Fire, in any Part of Great Britain; except Plate, Jewels, Pictures, Glass and China Wares, not in Stock; and except Money, Tallies, Books of Accounts, Bills, Notes, Writings, Wainscot, Hearths, and Chimneypieces: and also except the Goods, Wares or Merchandizes, not being the Property of the Persons Insured.

And there are actually employed in the Service of the said Company, thirty lusty able-bodied Fire-Men, cloathed in Blew Liveries, having Silver Badges with the Sun Mark upon their Arms. Who are always ready to assist in quenching Fires, and removing Goods. And have given Bonds to the Company for their Fidelity. And that the Houses of Persons Insured, may be known by the said Fire-Men, the Mark of the Sun is fixed thereon.

All Persons taking out Policies for Insurance, as above, must pay Two Shillings Six Pence per Quarter. And, besides their Insurance, shall have a Book called, The Historical Register, left every Quarter at their Houses.

The Office is kept in Threedneedle-street behind the Royal Exchange.

There is also the Union Fire Office, for Insurance of Goods. The Directors whereof, lately gave Notice in Print, That constant Attendance is given at their Office in Guttur-lane near Cheapside, for Insuring Goods and Merchandizes from Loss by Fire, on the same easy Terms with those of the Hand in Hand Office for Houses. Attendance is given on Tuesday and Friday Afternoon at the Amsterdam Coffee-house behind the Royal Exchange.

Union Fire Office.

N. B. Porters are provided by the said Office, for removing of Goods in case of Danger; who have given Security for their faithful Behaviour.