[Office of Insurance] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [against Fire.]405

[Office of Insurance] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [against Fire.]

A TABLE shewing the Rates of Insuring Houses from One Year to Seven; at the FIRE OFFICE, kept against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill; and at the Rainbow Coffee-house by the Inner Temple Gate in Fleet-street.


ONE Hundred Pounds on a Brick House, is Six Shillings for a Year; and Twelve Shillings for Two Years; Eighteen Shillings for Three Years; (and double for Timber;) and so in Proportion for a greater or lesser Sum: But if any Insure for Four Years, the Discount for paying down the Money, is Three Years and A Quarter; and Five for Seven Years Insurance. The Money Insured on the House, is to be paid as often as the House is burnt or demolished by reason of Fire, within the Term Insured. But if damaged, then to be repaired at the Charge of the Office.

Money.Insured for 1 Year.Insured for 2 Years.Insured for 3 Years.Insured for 4 Years.Insured for 7 Years.
Lib.l.s.d.l. s.d.l.s.d.l.s.d.l.s.d.
10007 1/4112 1/2019 1/40111 1/2030
20012 1/2125037 1/20311060
30013 3/4137 1/2055 1/40510 1/2090
50030160090099 3/40150
60037 1/4072 1/20109 1/401190180
900550101001630177 1/2170

This Office having a Fund to the Value of Sixty Thousand Pounds in Ground Rents, of Inheritance, to answer Losses and Damages; and settled on several Gentlemen, Trustees, by many of the eminentest Council at Law.

The NAMES of the INSURERS are,


Sir Edward Northey, The Queen's Atturny General.
Sir James Butler, Knight.
Sir John Parsons, Knight.
Sir Wiliam Stapleton, Knight.
Richard Alie, Esq;
John Pery, Esq;
Edward Noell, Esq;
Sebastian Lyford, Esq;
William Calvert, Esq;
Nathaniel Herne, Esq;
Mr. Edward Buckley.
Mr. Felix Feast.
Mr. Thomas Turnor.
Mr. Thomas Deakins.
Mr. George Hudson.

Attendance is given at the Exchange Office, from Ten in the Forenoon till Two in the Afternoon; and at the Temple Office, from Four till Seven in the Evening.

OR, if any chuseth rather to Insure by mutual Contribution, it may be done at the same Office, by the same Insurers, upon the same Security. And then the Rates are according to this Table.